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Test Bed Safety 101:

                        Maintaining Standards,

                          Reducing Liability Risk

                                 by Christi G. Chambers, Chant Engineering Co. Inc.

         In the wire rope and rigging  industry, liability risks exist  in all areas  of your
         company -  from design and development activities, testing and compliance,
         manufacturing and quality control, to product literature, contracts, supply chain
         operations, marketing, warranties, and customer contact/field performance. Test
         bed manufacturers such as Chant Engineering Co. Inc. can help manage those risks.

               nfortunately, litigation is inevi-  Safety Matters in Product Testing  sociated Wire Rope Fabricators Asso-
               table. How your company is pre-  Safety should  always be considered   ciation (AWRF) has issued a complete
         Upared to defend against it will   the  first  priority  in  every  aspect  of   set of comprehensive guidelines for test
         have a major impact on  your  bottom   the wire rope and rigging industry. It   bed operation, rigging shop safety and
         line and overall longevity.        is extremely important to establish a   many others  to help  with  all aspects
           With proper product testing, and best   solid safety plan. Every plan should be-  of  rigging and safety. Every company
         practice procedures,  you can take a   gin with educating and training team   involved in the lifting and rigging in-
         proactive approach to mitigate liability   members on proper safety measures   dustry  should  join  AWRF as  part of
         risks. That will put your company in a   and taking every step possible to pro-  their best practices. The knowledge
         better position to defend against litiga-  tect your  business  and the  end  user   and contacts  from  AWRF are  invalu-
         tion when it occurs.               from harm, risk and liability. The As-              continued on page 10

                                                   Dan Laqreca & Calvin Young; Chant Welders in Safety Gear. Photo courtesy of Chant.

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