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         continued from page 22                  Note from the Editor
         the  entire  Chant  family  and  staff.”    We here at Wire Rope want to express our
         - Jules DiRienzo, Vice President of Op-  sorrow for the passing of L. James Chant.
         erations for Chant Engineering Co. Inc.  He will be missed not only by his family and
           “It  is  with  great  sadness  we  mourn
         the passing of our founding father,     coworkers, but by the industry as a whole.
         Jim  Chant.  He  truly  was  an  ex-    Please read his story on page 16 to get a
         traordinary  man.  I  am  honored  to   glimpse into the life of this inventor and innovator.
         have  known  and  worked  with  him.”    Also in this issue: our cover story about a method of lifting
         - Patrick  Shire,  Vice President Sales   that doesn’t often get it’s fair share of notoriety in the materials
         and Marketing for Chant Engineering     handling industry: Lifting by helicopter. Check it our on page 8.
         Co. Inc.                                There are some amazing photos as well.
           “Mr. Chant was the best boss I ever had.   Finally, on page 24 is St. Pierre Manufacturing, a chain and
         He was patient, honest, smart and genu-  wire rope company that has been serving our industry, as
         inely a great guy. I loved working for him   well as the military, for many years, but also is known for it’s
         and will really miss talking with him.”    manufacturing of horseshoes!
         - Garret Rigler, Chant employee (5+      And of course don’t forget to check out the New Products
         years)                                  section starting on page 68.
           Jim leaves behind his beloved  wife    Go to our website at to read this
         Barbara after 65 years of marriage,     months issue and click on the links available that will take you
         children  Steven  (Kaoru),  Peter,  Mi-  to many of our advertisers’ websites, as well as other online
         chael,  Philip (Lori) Chant and Chris-  resources.
         tine (Rob) Schuyler, ten grandchildren   If you missed last months issue you
         and one great-grandson.                 can download a PDF version to get
           For more information about Chant      caught up. Thanks for reading!
         Engineering, please visit www.chan- WRN
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

         Across                                                   16  Ancient boat built for a flood
           1  The longest road and rail bridge in Europe          17  Single
           6  Trials, to verify strength                          22  Shaft on which a mechanical part turns
           9  Japanese currency                                   23  Large construction company that has implemented
           10  Flemish eye steel _____                               the metric system, for short
           11  Engineered polyester power, trademark of Filtec    26  Top
           12  Single thing or separate part of something larger    28  Wheel edge
           13  Appear, 2 words                                    29  Make a mistake
           16  As well                                            31  T-slot ___
           18  Metal used in alloys                               33  Copper symbol
           19  Mavericks, on a scoreboard
           20  Summer month, abbr.
           21  Longest lasting composite fiber for roundslings
           24  Label
           25  Shade tree
           27  Internet address
           28  Fastening, in a way
           30  Rod ____ (pl.) aka heim joint
           32  Portland’s state
           34  Measurement system used in almost all countries
           35  Tailor-made for a client
           1  Beginning
           2  They are measured by bell diameter, 2 words
           3  Perceive with the eyes
           4  Show off a new product, e.g.
           5  Fine, dry particles
           6  The most powerful dredger in the world, 2 words
           7  Drain of strength
           8  Equipment often used in lifting operations, 2 words
           14  Set-up or flange _____
           15  Key function of wire rope technology: raising
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