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Sims Crane appoints Rick                                              U.S. Secret Service Multi-Agency Iden-
         DeCarlo Senior Manager of                                             tity Fraud Task Force.
         Business Affairs                                                        DeCarlo received his bachelor’s degree

           Sims Crane, Florida’s premier crane                                 in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic
         and equipment provider, has appointed                                 University and is a Vietnam Veteran,
         Richard “Rick” DeCarlo as Senior Man-                                 having served in the U.S. Air Force.
         ager of Business Affairs. DeCarlo’s re-                                 “We are thrilled to have Rick spear-
         sponsibilities include strengthening and                              heading new business development
         growing existing customer relationships                               and client retention for us,” said Dean
         and developing new customer opportu-                                  Sims II, Sims Crane Vice President of
         nities throughout the state. DeCarlo is                               Marketing.  “His  wealth  of  experience
         based in Sims Crane’s Orlando office.                                 is a tremendous asset for Sims Crane.”
           DeCarlo  brings  to his  new  position                                Sims Crane enjoyed a banner year in
         a  strong  background  in  corporate  se-                             2016, experiencing a 28 percent growth
         curity, especially in the utilities sec-                              in  rental  revenue.  The  company also
         tor. He previously held the position of                               opened a new office on the Space Coast,
         Lead Corporate Security  Coordinator                                  added 35 new  staff members and ex-
         for Duke Energy. Prior to that, he was                                pended  $37 million on equipment ac-
         Lead Corporate Security Specialist and                                quisitions including 32 new cranes.
         Senior  Corporate Security  Specialist                                The leading crane and rigging company
         with Progress Energy from 2001-2012.           Rick DeCarlo           in Florida, Sims Crane now has 12 of-
         Before moving to corporate security,                                  fices,  and  more  than  400  employees,
         DeCarlo built a career in law enforce-  Law Enforcement. He also served as   including  159 crane  operators,  53 ap-
         ment, including serving as a Special   a Lead Special Agent assigned to the   prentices, 20 transport drivers and 40
         Agent with the Florida Department of   Governor’s  Protection  Detail and the   maintenance personnel.

         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

         Across                                                   19  One direction of a strand or wire helix (2 words)
           1  Made of several materials                           20  Beam of sun
           6  Iron, just out of the furnace                       22  Symbol for Einsteinium
           8  Passing a rope through a hole                       23  Permanent bend or kink, goes with 36 down
           9  Trick or ____                                       25  Veteran who knows the ropes!
           10  French for gold                                    29  Deftness
           11  ____ line, used in well drilling                   30  Cover the surface of a wire rope or strand with a
           14  Rush job acronym                                      fiber cord
           16  Black ____, used as a conversion coating for ferrous     31  Medical expert
               materials (plural)                                 32  Small wire rope used to prevent rotation of a load,
           18  Sheaves or rollers used to guide or support ropes     ____ line
           21  Galvanized, e.g.                                   33  Night before
           24  Environmental watchdogs, for short                 35  Fastener
           26  Therefore                                          36  See 23 down
           27  Informal word for unusual but clever
           28  Flanged spools
           31  You’ll be rewarded if you ____ good job (2 words)
           32  ____ rope cable, very flexible operating rope
           34  Helical
           37  Famous architect born in China
           38  Hot spring
           39  Subject for a bridge builder, abbr.
           1  Slow deterioration by being eaten or worn away
           2  Intersects
           3  Burger vegetable
           4  Common verb ending
           5  Word used to describe the main upper curved span of
               a bridge (alternate spelling)
           6  Word describing concrete sections manufactured and
               set before being put in place
           7  It allows access
           12  Capable
           13  Spanish for two
           15  Last word of “America the Beautiful”
           17  Integrated circuit, abbr.
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