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The company has opened a US based   for Petersen, who aim to become a truly
                                            subsidiary in order to grow its pres-  global company, providing high qual-
                                            ence in North America and appointed   ity stainless steel to customers from
                                            a General Manager of US operations.   around the world. n
                                            Vernon Hultzer will take on the new
                                            role, hoping to continue the company’s
                                            growth  and  better  position  it  for  fu-  ICHABOD WASHBURN
                                            ture expansion.                    continued from page 24
                                              Vernon is making the move to Peters-  establish  a  school  which  would  train
                                            en Stainless after 15 years as General   young people for mechanical trades.
                                            Manager of Wichard Inc. He brings a   Boynton’s offer was made on the con-
                                            wealth  of  sales  and marketing  man-  dition that the people of Worcester
                                            agement experience  to the company,   provide the land and buildings for
                                            gained from working in various indus-  a  school.  Seth  Sweetser  and  Emory
                                            trial,  aerospace and marine  markets.   Washburn, who Boynton approached,
                                            Vernon has a degree in Mechanical   broadened the aim of the school to pro-
                                            Engineering and a strong background   vide an “industrial education.”
                                            in  product  design  and  development,   It was Ichabod Washburn,  who re-
                                            which  will serve him well in his  new   ceived  a  letter  from  the  original  com-
                                            position at Petersen.              mittee set up to solicit money and land
                                              “I’m extremely excited about this   to build the school, who insisted that
                     Chris Wilson           position,” said Vernon Hultzer. “Giv-  this industrial education have a strong
         Manager  and  then  finally  appointed   en Petersen’s high level of technical   practical component. To that end, he
         to Director of Engineering for a global                               offered to build and equip a machine
         leader in  the  material testing  equip-                              shop for the school. Mr. Washburn died
         ment industry. He provides 23 years of                                December  30, 1868, before  the shops
         senior leadership in all aspects of tech-                             were completed, but his will provided
         nical and manufacturing operations.                                   for their completion.
           With  deep  experience  as  a  technical                              Unique in having perhaps the world’s
         and manufacturing manager, Mr. Wil-                                   only mascot called “The Ichabod,” Wash-
         son will complement G.W. Becker, Inc.’s                               burn University, in Kansas, was origi-
         existing executive team as the compa-                                 nally established as Lincoln College, in
         ny continues to focus on expanding its                                1865. After Ichabod Washburn made a
         North America customer base and strive                                $25,000 gift to the struggling college, in
         to improve its excellent customer service                             1868, trustees voted to change the name
         by streamlining processes. “My goal is to                             to Washburn College. “The Ichabod,”
         provide  leadership  to  the  G.W.  Becker                            the school’s mascot, existed in name
         Operation’s  team  as  we  establish  the                             only until 1938 when alumnus (and lat-
         processes and controls needed to main-                                er prominent graphic artist) Bradbury
         tain our excellent quality and customer                               Thompson, created the studious-look-
         service  while  experiencing  significant                             ing,  tailcoat-clad  figure  the  university
         sales growth.” states Mr. Wilson.             Vernon Hultzer          uses today. The athletic teams use “the
           Mr. Wilson will work closely with most                              Ichabods” nickname. WRN
         departments at G.W. Becker, Inc. to con-  know-how and the strength gained
         sistently address and promote efficiency,   through  its  internal  product  quality/
         safety and quality within production.   proof load certification, it provides an   In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’
           Mr. Wilson’s primary role is to sup-  excellent  base for growth  in  several   celebrated its 50th Anniversary. By the time of this
                                                                                 occasion, the company had designed and built the
         port the overall company goal of great   key industries within the North Amer-  world’s record holding wire ropeways: Longest and
         customer service and quality. His   ica market. – I know we will do great   highest elevation (Argentina); Length of system over
         business  acumen,  proven  track  re-  things  at  Petersen  Stainless  Rigging   water (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest
                                                                                 capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway); and,
         cord in solving complex business and   & Aerospace.”                    Southernmost (Chile).
         end-user problems, and ability to lead   Petersen Stainless Rigging & Aero-  Written by the great-great grandson of the
         product  technical  direction,  product   space, will set up its subsidiary, ware-  company’s founder, this book includes over 100
         quality and safety makes him a per-  house and offices in the State of Mary-  pictures and detailed engineering drawings that
         fect match for G.W. Becker, Inc. and   land, which  is a central location for           explore the legendary
                                                                                                 company’s history,
         our valued customers.              effective product distribution.                      and several of its
                                              Petersen Stainless Rigging & Aero-                 record-holding
         UK Industry Growth -               space manufacture stainless steel for                systems.
         Petersen Stainless Rigging         use in the marine, lifting, architectural                Available at
         expand into the American           and aerospace industries.  Their  main               your Kindle or in paperback.
         Market                             office and factory is located in Blaydon                  Available at
           UK  based stainless  steel manufac-  on Tyne in the North East of England,                 in paperback.
                                            with other offices operating in Sweden,
         turer Petersen Stainless Rigging &   The Netherlands,  and Malaysia. The                    ‘Like’ it on Facebook
                                                                                                     for relevant
         Aerospace is broadening its horizons by   company’s expansion into the US mar-          information and news.
         expanding into the US market.
                                            ket marks an integral and exciting step
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