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the specialized transportation or crane   portant  moves over the course of his
                                            and rigging industry over a consistent   career, which included moving the Lib-
                                            and significant period of time. “George   erty Bell three times, and moving Rob-
                                            Young was a consummate professional   ert Indiana’s iconic LOVE Statue, the
                                            who  was  dedicated  to  his  family,  the   Rocky Sculpture and many other price-
                                            industry, and SC&RA,” said Joel Dan-  less treasures.
                                            drea, SC&RA’s Chief Executive Officer.   The Golden Achievement Award was
                                            “He made countless contributions to the   presented to Mr. Young’s wife, Karin,
                                            Association and the award was well de-  by James A. Vitez, of KMX  Interna-
                                            served. He will be greatly missed.”  tional, one of Mr. Young’s longtime
                                              Mr. Young died suddenly on March 6,   friends. “You have a friend in Pennsyl-
                                            2018,  while  on  vacation  with  his  wife,   vania is something we say often in the
                                            Karin. Mr. Young and his company have   Keystone state,” he said. “Well, we all
                                            been a member of SC&RA since 1964,   had a friend in George Young, one who
                                            and his experience with the Association   was deeply and genuinely committed to
                                            is extensive. Mr. Young served on the   the industry.”
                                            Crane  &  Rigging  Group, the  Allied  In-  In 2017, Mr. Young and his family
                                            dustries Group, the Crane & Rigging   sold The George Young Company  to
                                            Tower Crane Committee, the Editorial   Mammoet, one of the largest rigging
                                            Advisory Committee, and the Magazine   and heavy haul companies in the world.
                                            Task Force. Mr. Young also  served on
                                                                               AISI Elects Newport as New
           L-R Tim Whiteman IPAF greeted by Ross
          Moloney at LEEA’s office in Huntingdon UK.                           Chairman
                                                                                 The  American  Iron  and  Steel  Insti-
         IPAF, to discuss shared approaches for                                tute’s (AISI) Board of Directors elected
         supporting members as well as exploring                               Roger  Newport,  chief  executive  officer
         opportunities to work closely together in                             and member of the board of directors,
         the future across the sector.                                         AK Steel Corporation, to serve as chair-
           “It  was a pleasure to welcome Tim                                  man of the Institute, through May 2020.
         and  Richard  to  LEEA’s  office.  This                                 “Roger  Newport  is  one  of  the  global
         meeting  is  part of  our  determination                              steel industry’s most respected and in-
         at LEEA to  work  across  the  sector  to                             fluential  leaders,  and  is  a  tireless  ad-
         deliver more benefit for our members,”                                vocate for the North American steel
         says Dr Moloney. “We see this as the                                  industry. Whether it be meeting with
         start of an exciting period of coopera-                               executive  branch  officials  or  testifying
         tion between our two organizations.”                                  on Capitol Hill, Roger always represents
           IPAF promotes the safe and effective                                the  best  interests  of  the  industry  and
         use of powered access equipment world-                                its employees,” said Thomas J. Gibson,
         wide through technical advice and in-                                 President and CEO of AISI. “I am confi-
         formation, influencing and interpreting                               dent that under his leadership AISI will
         legislation and standards, and safety                                 continue  to  see  tremendous  advocacy
         initiatives and training programs.
           The  not-for-profit  organization  is      George S. Young
         owned by its members, which include
         manufacturers, rental companies, dis-  numerous SC&R Foundation Commit-
         tributors, contractors and users. IPAF   tees and was elected to both the SC&RA
         members operate a majority of the Mo-  and SC&R  Foundation  Board of  Direc-
         bile Elevating Work Platfrorms (MEWP)   tors, where he served as Treasurer.
         rental fleet worldwide and manufacture   Mr. Young was elected to the SC&RA
         about 85% of platforms on the market.  Executive Committee and ultimately
                                            reached the highest volunteer position
         SC&RA Recognizes George            at SC&RA, serving as Chairman of the
         S. Young with Golden               Board of Directors from 2004-2005. By
         Achievement Award                  way  of  his  chairmanship,  Mr.  Young
           George S.  Young,  Senior  Advisor at   served on the Association’s Nominating
         George Young Mammoet, Swedesboro,   Committee and Strategic Planning Com-
         NJ, was posthumously named the 13th   mittee. At the time of his  passing, Mr.
         recipient of the Specialized Carriers &   Young was serving on the Board of Di-  Roger Newport
         Rigging Association’s Golden Achieve-  rectors as a Past Chair, as well as on the
         ment Award during closing night cer-  Past Chairman’s Council, and was the   successes on behalf of our members as
         emonies at the SC&RA Annual Confer-  current Chair of the Association’s Insur-  we build on the legislative and regula-
         ence,  April 17-21, at the Boca Raton   ance and Risk Management Committee.  tory accomplishments of the past year.”
         Resort in Boca Raton, FL.            Mr. Young was known as a man who   The election and announcement
           This prestigious award, last presented   followed in  his  father’s footsteps and   took place at AISI’s joint 2018 General
         in 2014, goes to an individual who has   exhibited  a passion for moving works   Meeting with the Steel Manufacturers
         made an outstanding contribution to   of fine art. He orchestrated many im-           continued on next page

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