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parent company, Lebus International
         PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                                                    Engineers  Inc.,  said:  “Cris  has  taken
         continued from previous page                                          the company created by his father Karl,
                                                                               together with my own father Frank,
         took over from his father 30 years
         ago, is now handing over to a new                                     and built it up into a success story.”
         team comprising his son Tim Seide-                                      Cris Seidenather was responsible for
         nather,  48,  and  Dipl.  Wirtschafts-                                the relocation of Lebus Germany from
         Ing. Matthias Kunkel, 36.                                             Gilching  near  Munich  to Finning  in
           Tim Seidenather joined the company                                  2002, which has enabled a continuous

                                                       Tim Seidenather
                                            management in 2016.
                                              The new leadership team represents
                                            continuity in the further development
                                            of the world’s leading manufacturer of
                                            multilayer rope spooling systems.
                                              Cris Seidenather joined the company
                                            founded by his father Karl on April 1,
                                            1966 and  took  over  as  managing di-
                                            rector in September 1987.  Under his         Matthias Kunkel
                  Cristof F. Seidenather
                                            direction,  Lebus  has  secured  a stable
         in 1997 and has been a member of the   market position not only in Germany,   expansion of production facilities ever
         management since  2002, responsible   but across mainland Europe, Asia and   since. Just since 2014, it has invested
         for production and quality assurance.   South America. He will continue to   € 4.5 million i n the construction of two
           Matthias Kunkel has been with the   serve  the  company as  a  partner  and   new halls with state-of-the-art produc-
         company since 2008, in charge of pur-  customer liaison consultant.   tion technology, laying the foundation
         chasing and logistics, and joined the   Charles  Lebus,  director  of the US   for further growth.

                                                                   Note from the Editor

                                                                 For those who are following the
                                                               status of the SkyLodge pods (see
                                                               the story in the June 2016 issue),
                                                               we received some photos
                                                               showing how the rigging has
                                                               been corrected. To the left is one
                                                               close-up example.
                                                                 As with any type of risky
                                                               or adventurous endeavor, the staff at Wire
                                                               Rope News hopes our readers will take every
                                                               precautionary measure to ensure your safety.
                                                                 It's always best to contact any establishment
                                                               and get more details before heading out.
                                                                 Meanwhile, remember to check out the new
                                                               offerings from some choice companies in the New
                                                               Products section.
                                                                 If your company has something new to offer,
                                                               we’ll be glad to publish the press release in the
                                                               next issue.
                                                                 Thank you for reading, and please feel free to
                                                               send us an email if you have a suggestion for
                                                               an article. Contact me
                                                               directly at design@

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