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Handling Systems
         International announces
         the addition of Bret Lussow
         as Director of Business
           Handlings Systems International (La
         Grange, IL) recently announced the addi-
         tion of Bret Lussow as Director of Busi-
         ness Development (
         Lussow has 25+ years of combined hoist,
         crane  and  rigging  experience;  most  re-
         cently with Harrington Hoists, Inc. Bret’s
         new position as Director of Business De-
         velopment will provide leadership in all   Chris Hess            Jason Said            Ken Woidill
         aspects of sales, sales training and mar-  Americas corporate structure.  tor of Operations to Managing Director
         keting, and product development.     Marc Premont, COO of Kito Ameri-  of Harrington Hoists, Inc. He will control
           “Bret has a tremendous background   cas, Inc. and Executive Officer of KITO   and oversee business operations and will
         in sales, distribution management and   Corporation, who currently leads sub-  guide and monitor overall workflow and
         product  training”  commented Mark   sidiary operations in Canada and Bra-  processes to ensure they meet the compa-
         Rehor, President of Handling Systems   zil, will assume a number of additional   ny’s short-term and long-term objectives.
         International. “He brings a level of pro-  responsibilities related to business de-  He will also lead Harrington’s Custom-
                                            velopment. He will now take on a se-  er Service, Engineering, Supply Chain
                                            nior leadership role for business devel-  and Production teams in this new role.
                                            opment for the KITO Americas group.  Ken  was  hired  in  2013 as  Har-
                                              Chris Hess has been promoted to VP   rington’s Director of Operations where
                                            of Quality and Product Development   he  was  responsible  for  the  manage-
                                            Engineering for KITO Americas, Inc.   ment of both strategic and day-to-day
                                            In this position, Hess will assume re-  production, facilities planning, manu-
                                            sponsibility for advancing the capabili-  facturing and supply chain.
                                            ties of both Harrington Hoists, Inc. and   Kito  Americas,  Inc.  consists  of  Har-
                                            Peerless  Industrial Group in identify-  rington Hoists, Inc., Peerless Industrial
                                            ing technological  product innovations   Group, Kito Canada, Inc. and Kito Do
                                            and unifying quality processes.    Brasil and is the largest division within
                                              Hess was hired as Manager of Engi-  the  Kito  Group  companies.  They  are
                                            neering & Quality Control in 1995 and   leading manufacturers and suppliers
                                            was later named Director of Engineer-  of electric chain and wire rope hoists,
                                            ing  where  he  led  the  engineering  de-  air powered  hoists, lever  hoists, man-
                                            partment for Harrington. He earned his   ual hand chain hoists, trolleys, cranes,
                                            BSME from Lafayette College and is a   crane components, below-the-hook de-
                                            Licensed Professional Engineer. He cur-  vices, material handling equipment,
                     Bret Lussow            rently serves as VP of Hoist Manufactur-  cargo control, hardware chain & acces-
                                            ers Institute (HMI), is a member of ANSE   sories, marine and traction products.
         fessionalism and enthusiasm to our   B30.16 and B30.21 committees on hoists
         customer base as well as product and   and is a Standards Technical Panel mem-  Charla Wise named
         distribution knowledge. We are excited   ber for Underwriters Laboratories.   President of The American
         to have Bret join our growing team.”  Jason Said was promoted to Director   Society of Mechanical
           Lussow holds a BS degree in Market-  Business Development and will oversee   Engineers, ASME
         ing and Communications from North-  marketing and sales strategies for the   Charla K. Wise, a senior executive in
         ern Michigan University.           product development of hoists and lifting   aerospace and aeronautical engineer-
           Headquartered in La Grange, IL.,   and will be responsible to develop and im-  ing who directed programs to develop
         Handling Systems International. (www.  plement growth opportunities for hoists,   two of the most complex aircraft in the is a leading manufacturer   cranes and below-the-hook products.  history  of  the  U.S.  Air  Force  (USAF),
         of Jib and Gantry Cranes, Bridge Cranes   Said joined Harrington Hoists, Inc. in   has been named President of The
         and Material Handling Solutions.   1997 in the production department of   American Society of Mechanical Engi-
                                            the Corona CA facility. He later moved   neers (ASME) for a one-year term that
         KITO Americas, Inc.                into Sales and eventually became the   continues to July 2018.
         continues to build their           Western Region Sales Manager. He re-  The  announcement  was  made dur-
         corporate structure                located to Manheim PA in 2014 after   ing  the 2017 ASME  Annual  Meeting
           Carlo Lonardi,  President and CEO   being named Business Development   in Newport Beach, Calif. Wise becomes
         Kito Americas, Inc. and Executive Of-  Sales Manager where he managed   the 136th president of ASME and fifth
         ficer  KITO  Corporation,  announced   Marketing  and the  development pro-  woman to serve in that post.
         the promotions of key personnel as the   cess of new products and services.   As ASME president, Wise will play a
         company continues to build their KITO   Ken Woidill was promoted from Direc-           continued on page 74

         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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