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Loos and Company continues         our newest employees will allow us to   ine Bledsoe will be overseeing the daily
         expansion of sales team            continue  offering  the  comprehensive   activities in support of our focused mar-
         Loos & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce   support our customers have come to   kets, including government and military
         the  expansion of  our  sales  team with   expect. As a leading domestic manufac-  sales. With years of sales knowledge, she
         the addition of three new members. As   turer of stainless steel and specialty al-  will be helping expand our growth in tar-
         Loos and Company’s sales team grows,   loy wire and wire rope, Loos and Com-  geted specialty markets.
                                            pany is always looking to ensure we are   “These newest team members repre-
                                            exceeding customer expectations.   sent continued growth of sales and cus-
                                              The new hires include:           tomer service capabilities within Loos
                                              Melissa Colli, Inside Sales Repre-  and Company,” says Robert Davis, Vice
                                            sentative                          President of Sales and Marketing.
                                              In her role as Inside Sales Representa-  “We are excited about the drive and
                                            tive, Melissa will be serving customers in   potential our  newest  employees bring
                                            the Northeastern United States as well   to the company and anticipate that
                                            as customers in the Midwest and Chesa-  they will  contribute  to the  continued
                                            peake Bay area. Melissa has a strong   success of Loos and Company.”
                                            background in sales in a variety of roles   These changes will be extremely im-
                                            and offers expertise in providing custom-  portant as Loos and Company contin-
                                            ers with comprehensive solutions.  ues to expand their customer base and
                                              Jennifer Duprey, Sales Assistant  product scope.
                                              In her role as Sales Assistant, Jen-
                                            nifer will be working with our internal  Generation change at Lebus
                                            and external sales representatives to   International Engineers in
                                            ensure our global territorial coverage   Germany
                                            runs smoothly. She joins Loos and Com-
                     Melissa Colli                                               Management of Lebus International
                                            pany  with  a  strong  customer  service   Engineers GmbH (Lebus Germany)
                                            background to support the customers in   moves on to the third generation on
                                            our wire and wire rope markets.    March 1, 2017.
                                              Katherine Bledsoe, Sales Assistant  Cristof  F.  Seidenather,  72,  who
                                              In her role as Sales Assistant, Kather-          continued on next page

                                                            Ben Modica, former partner at
                                                     Metro Wire Rope Corporation passes away
                                               It is with great sadness that we an-  edith, Matthew, Christopher, Anne
                                              nounce  the  passing  of  Benjamin  P.   Modica, Carina and Giana Fichera;
                                              Modica. Benjamin was born on May   great-granddaughter Olivia Modica.
                                              11, 1934, in Brooklyn, New York, a son   In lieu of flowers, memorial contribu-
                                              of the late Rose and Joseph Modica.  tions in Benjamin’s name may be made
                                               Benjamin worked in the wire rope   to “St. Mary’s Tuition Angel Fund”, 40
                                              industry for most of his career, start-
                                              ing  as a splicer  for  Rochester Wire
                                              Rope. He then worked for Theodore
                                              J. Burke and Sons in sales where he
                    Jennifer Duprey
                                              met his eventual business partner,
                                              John  F.  Gibbons.  He  next  worked
                                              for  Disco  International.  He  finished
                                              his wire rope career at Metro Wire
                                              Rope Corporation that he  and John
                                              F. Gibbons founded in 1977. He was
                                              Vice President of Sales of Metro Wire
                                              Rope for over 25 years.
                                               He was an avid softball player and
                                              devoted  NY  Rangers  and  NY  Mets
                                              fan. Benjamin also had a brief stint
                                              in  the  baseball minor  leagues with
                                              the Marion Marauders (1953).             Benjamin P. Modica
                                               He is survived by three children:
                                              Joseph Modica and his wife Mari-  Spring  Mount  Road,  Schwenksville,
                                              anne,  Steven Modica and his wife   PA, 19473 to benefit families struggling
                                              Lorrie,  Maria  Fichera  and her  hus-  to finance their children’s education or
                                              band Michael;  grandchildren  Benja-  to the National Multiple Sclerosis Soci-
                                              min Modica and his wife Molly, Mer-  ety, Upstate NY Chapter.
                   Katherine Bledsoe,
                                                                Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017  71
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