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staff training, HR and IT. I have been
         very lucky to have been involved in all
         aspects of running  the business,  not
         just the finance function.”
           Hutin lauded Varney’s technical
         knowledge and credited him for a num-
         ber of processes and procedures that
         have recently been put in place. Of
         Holmes,  he  said  her  accounts  knowl-
         edge, particularly related to Sage
         software, has been instrumental in re-
         alizing growth potential while honour-
         ing the commitments of a busy lifting
         equipment house on a daily basis.
           He added: “Whether it’s been Alan’s
         dedication  to  DNV  and  ISO  certifi-
         cation—I know  he  points to these as
         career highlights—or  Angela’s com-
         mitment to overseeing migration from
         Sage 50 to Sage 200, both have con-            Mike Briand                        Ross Benner
         ducted themselves with  consummate                                    positions  of  Purchasing  Manager  and
         professionalism  and have always put                                  Customer Service Representative  at
         our end goal, customer service, at the                                Alps Wire Rope Corporation.
         forefront of their endeavours.”                                         Bill Lee is appointed Regional Man-
           And continued:  “Alan started as  a                                 ager for South  Central area. Bill Lee
         manager working on the hire and sales                                 has been with Alps Wire Rope for over
         desk, while Angela was a bookkeeper.                                  11 years as a Sales Representative.
         They have since  seen  us  build four                                 Bill previously worked for NOV, Mac-
         websites, expand staff from eight to 50,                              White and a few others while racking
         move our  headquarters,  achieve  a se-                               up a total of 36 years in the gas and oil
         ries of the industry’s most coveted ac-                               industry.
         creditations, and more. Such successes                                  Congratulations to Mike, Bill, and Ross!
         wouldn’t have been possible without
         them. It shows what is possible through                               WireCo WorldGroup
         hard work, commitment to a cause and                                  appoints James O’Leary as
         an unwavering customer service ethic.”
                                                                               Executive Chairman and
         Alps Wire Rope Corporation                                            Chief Executive Officer
         management changes                                                      WireCo WorldGroup (“WireCo”) to-
           Alps Wire Rope Corporation announc-            Bill Lee             day announced that Interim Chairman
         es the following changes in Management:                               and  Interim  Chief  Executive  Officer,
           Effective April 3rd, Mike Briand has   has officially resigned as National Sales   James (“Jim”) O’Leary,  has  assumed
         been promoted to National Sales Man-  Manager  for  Alps  Wire  Rope  Corpora-  the  role  of  Executive Chairman and
         ager. Mike Briand has been with Alps   tion. We wish Jeff the best with his fu-  Chief  Executive  Officer.  Mr.  O’Leary
         for 5 years and in the wire rope indus-  ture endeavors, he will be greatly missed.  will continue to serve as a member of
         try for over 30 years. Previous to Alps,   Ross Benner has been appointed Re-  the WireCo Board of Directors,  as its
         Mike was the Vice President Yoke   gional Manager for the North Central   Chairman, and his appointment  con-
         North America.                     area. Ross has been with Alps for more   cludes the Board’s search for a perma-
           Effective March 30th, Jeff Marterella   than 21 years and previously held the       continued on next page

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