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hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group,
                                                                               today introduced its new line of Power-
                                                                               Pivot™ Bolt Cutters. Featuring a com-
                                                           The Larson Electronics
                                                          SPLT-1.5K-750A-30 Solar   pound action  design,  PowerPivot  Bolt
                                                           Power Generator with   Cutters provide more cutting power,
                                                           Pneumatic Tower Mast   but require 30% less force to cut than
                                                          provides operators with   traditionally designed bolt cutters.
                                                          a clean energy alternative
                                                         to fuel generator-powered   PowerPivot Bolt Cutters utilize a
                                                                systems.       double compound action design to
                                                                               achieve  a higher level of cutting ef-
                                                                               ficiency,  delivering  superior  cutting
                                                                               capability with a 30% reduction in
                                                                               effort to cut when cutting 7/16" HRC-
                                                                               31,  3/8"  HRC-42,  and  5/16"  HRC-48.
                                                                               Blades are precisely ground then in-
                                                                               duction hardened for extended edge
                                                                               life and added ability to cut hard ma-
         Larson Electronics LLC                                                terials. Handles are made of tubular
                                                                               steel for extra strength and have du-
         Releases 30’ Trailer                                                  rable rubber grips for added comfort
         Mounted Solar Powered              pneumatic mast can reach 30 feet in   and control.
         Generator with Pneumatic           height with the use of a low voltage   PowerPivot  Bolt Cutters  are  avail-
         Tower Mast                         air  compressor.  A  mounting  bracket   able in five sizes with handle lengths of
           A leader in industrial lighting, Lar-  is included at the top of the mast to   14, 18, 24, 30, and 36 inches. All have
         son Electronics LLC, releases a trailer-  provide a strong, stable platform for   been  designed  for  high  performance
         mounted 480 watt solar powered genera-  standard payloads up to 150 pounds.   cutting capacity, both in diameter and
         tor, with an attached pneumatic tower   The entire assembly is mounted on a   hardness of materials. For example,
         mast that reaches 30 feet. This clean-  trailer for easy hook up to vehicles and   when  cutting  HRC-48, the 18-inch
         energy alternative to fuel-generator pow-  smooth transportation.     model  will  cut  up  to  9/32"  diameter,
         ered systems provides operators with a   “The SPLT-1.5K-750A-30 is a   while the 24-inch model will cut up to
         platform to deploy their own equipment   clean-energy  tower  mast  for  outdoor   5/16" diameter.
         and devices securely in remote locations.  locations,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO   “Industrial users want tools that re-
           The SPLT-1.5K-750A-30  from Lar-  of Larson Electronics LLC. “The unit   quire less effort to get the job done, and
         son  Electronics  is  a solar  tower  that   allows  operators  full  control  over   that’s especially true with bolt cutters,”
         includes: six, 265-watt solar panels, a   what electrical equipment they de-  said Kevin  Burnet,  Product  Manager.
         solar charging system, a battery bank,   ploy,  with  flexibility  in  location  via   “These new PowerPivot bolt cutters
         timers, a battery charging system and   the trailer system.”          from Crescent/H.K. Porter answer that
         a 30 foot pneumatic mast, all mounted                                 need. They’re strong, powerful, and du-
         on  a trailer  for  easy transportation.   Crescent/H.K. Porter®      rable, with the advantage  of needing
         With 5.5 hours  of peak sunlight,  the   Introduces New               30% less effort to cut.”
         1.59KW solar generator system holds   PowerPivot™ Bolt Cutters          Crescent/H.K.Porter  PowerPivot™
         363 amp-hours  of  usable  battery  ca-  Double compound action system   Bolt Cutters are available now from au-
         pacity per day, and delivers 24 volt   delivers more cutting power with   tomotive warehouse distributors, mobile
         electricity for cameras, lights, sensors   30% less effort            dealers, online retailers, and from indus-
         or  other  equipment. The  six  265-watt   Crescent/H.K.  Porter®,  a  premier   trial and commercial distributors. n
         polycrystalline solar panels generate
         a total maximum output of 480 watts
         and are mounted to a rotating axis as-
         sembly. To optimize  sun capture, the
         panels are set at 15 degrees.
           This solar tower uses the Outback
         Extreme maximum power point track-
         ing (MPPT) series charge control-
         ler system which charges a 750-amp
         capacity battery bank consisting of
         six, 12 volt acid glass mat batteries.
         This unit allows operators to plug the
         trailer into 120V or 240V AC, so the
         battery bank can be charged with-
         out removing the  batteries.  A multi-
         stage  charging  algorithm  includes
         safe start, short circuit protection and
         overcharge protection. This solar sys-
         tem also includes voltage sensors and
         relays with an automatic shutoff if ca-
         pacity falls below 50%. The aluminum                Crescent/H.K. Porter ® PowerPivot Bolt Cutters

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