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product lines to offer the most com-  as 40 mph, the system automatically re-  easy to replace in case of damage.”
         prehensive  wire  rope  hoist  and crane   tracts the mast for safe operation.  With  a 4:1  design  factor,  the  new
         component portfolio available, while   “With over a million lumens of bril-  Alloy Sling Hooks meet or exceed the
         simplifying its product offering for ease   liant LED illumination,  this Mega-  requirements  of  ASME  B30.9 and
         of selection and purchase.         tower  light plant is  a viable tempo-  B30.10. The working load limit ranges
           To  learn  more  about  the  Yale  YK,   rary lighting solution for huge outdoor   from 5,700 lbs. to 35,300 lbs.
         Shaw-Box SK or any of the company’s   events and large jobsite lighting,” said   Along with Rated Capacity and Made
         crane solutions products, call Columbus   Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Elec-  in USA markings, a Latch Code is forged
         McKinnon  Channel  Services  at  800-  tronics  LLC. For more information,   into each hook for easy, accurate replace-
         888-0985 or visit  please visit  ment  ordering.  For  more  information
                                                                               about Campbell Sling Hooks, visit www.
         Larson Electronics LLC             CAMPBELL® Introduces     
         Releases 1,296,000 Lumen           New Sling Hooks
         Trailer Mounted Hydraulic          Redesigned latch assembly          TrueLook Integrates Camera
         Megatower Light Plant              features extra-thick steel         Technology with Procore
           Industrial lighting leader, Larson   construction                   National leader in construction
         Electronics  LLC, has  released a new   Campbell®, a premier brand of chain   camera technology unveils
         Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Megatower   and fittings from Apex Tool Group, to-  partnership with Procore
         light plant for heavy-duty  industrial   day announced its new improved Grade   TrueLook, the only company that
         applications. This 7-stage folding tower   100 Alloy Sling Hooks. The new green-  provides construction cameras com-
         hydraulic plant deploys lights or other   painted hooks are available in both   bining  live  jobsite  viewing,  project
         equipment to elevations of 77 feet and   clevis and eye styles and are made for   time-lapsing,  and  HD  security  re-
         features a hydraulic ram and mast, as                                 cording, announced today a new in-
         well as high output LED. The entire as-                               tegration partnership with Procore, a
         sembly is mounted onto a tandem axle                                  leading provider of cloud-based appli-
         trailer and powered by a 20KW Kubota                                  cations for construction.
         diesel generator with a 110-gallon fuel                                 The new integration streamlines
         tank. This trailer has been designed to                               TrueLook’s photo interface with Pro-
         hold steady through extremely rugged                                  core’s project management  software,
         outdoor conditions and harsh winters.                                 allowing  Procore  users  to  view,  store
           The WCDE-20-HLM65-20X500LTL-                                        and share jobsite photos with contacts
         LED-WSM is a versatile self-con-                                      or within their Procore projects.
         tained, towable Megatower light plant.                                  “For example, if an accident occurs
         This unit contains a water-cooled die-                                on a jobsite, a client can look it up by
         sel  engine  powering  a 20KW Kubota                                  date, find the relevant photos, and save
         generator and features twenty 480-                                    them to a Procore  album,” said Ken
         watt LED lights that produce a total of                               Pittman,  Chief  Marketing  Officer  for
         64,800 lumens each, for a grand total of   Campbell® Cat. No. 5746695PL 3/8” Grade 100
         1,296,000 lumens. This light plant can   Quik-Alloy® PL Clevis Sling Hook with Latch.
         run  for 43 continuous  hours  without
         refueling. The hydraulic tower can be   use with Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain
         extended to 77 feet, and collapsed to 30   slings. Latched models feature a new
         feet for a smaller footprint.      heavy-duty latch and spring assembly.
                            An  external  oil   The new latch and spring assembly is
                          pump system is    designed for exceptional durability. The
                          included with this   heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch
                          Megatower, along   with reinforcing rib provides ultimate   Camera Technology integrated with
                          with robust wind   rigidity and bending resistance  and      Procore, from TrueLook
                          monitoring system   has  a  yellow  chromate  finish  for  cor-
                          that prevents shak-  rosion resistance. The double-strength   TrueLook.  “They can add  comments
                          ing during strong   spring ensures the latch is held against   and send those along with the images
                          winds to keep the   the hook to securely retain slings and   to any Procore  user.  This gives con-
                          unit  damage-free.   other components. For added durabil-  struction  companies a seamless  way
                          When exposed to   ity, the hooks  are designed with dual   to find, document and save images for
                          strong winds, such   forged support bosses, providing later-  specific projects or events.”
                                            al support for precise latch/hook align-  “When a customer logs in to Procore,
                                               ment and engagement.            they’ll see their live TrueLook camera
                                                 “These U.S.-made Sling Hooks   in the upper right corner,”  Pittman
                                               are designed for extreme durability   said. “They’ll have their photo, drone,
                                                             and long life,” said   and time-lapse albums right at their
                                                             Lyn Bethea, Camp-  fingertips.  There’s  also  a  link  that
                                                             bell Product Man-  launches the full TrueLook interface to
                                                             ager. “The new    watch their live stream.”
                                                             heavy-duty latch is   The TrueLook integration is available
                                 Hydraulic Megatower Light Plant   stronger  than  ever   on the Procore App Marketplace: mar-
                                   from Larson Electronics LLC  before, but is also n
                                                                Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018  71
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