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Fiberglass Rip Claw Hammer
                                            NEW PRODUCTS                            from Apex Tool Group
                                            continued from previous page
                                            height and then it has optional fold-
                                            able jib extension 96” long giving it a
                                            total of 504” boom reach. At 70° boom
                                            angle, it can reach the height of 540”
                                            high into the sky. An optional hydrau-
                                            lic cable winch  with anti-two-block
                                            safety feature is also available.
                                              The unit is powered by a 48 volt large
                                            industrial battery and is suitable for in-
                With USA load chain,        door and outdoor operation. It operates
                   assembled &              smooth and quiet and is self-sufficient   head and handle makes it virtually in-
                  tested in the USA         with built in battery charger. Mobility   destructible. A magnetic nail starter
             Optional self-locking hooks    is provided with large and wide poly-  allows convenient one-handed nailing
                                            urethane wheels, that are roller bear-  for overhead work and other hard-to-
                                            ing mounted for easy and quiet mobil-  reach situations. Factory balanced for
                                            ity and to protect the floor.      maximum striking  power,  this  new
                                              The controls are push button pendant   hammer features a natural forged fin-
                                            remote controls with a 40 ft long cord   ish with contrasting polished strike
                                            to give the operator agility and flexibil-  face,  poll,  cheek  pads, and claw.  The
                                            ity to control the lifting and telescopic   entire head is clear coat lacquered for
                                            action. The operator can be positioned   corrosion resistance.
                                            where the load is to precisely pin point   “Professionals are looking for a hard
                                            the assembly.                      hitting well-balanced hammer they
                                              The lifting and telescoping boom ac-  can use all day long with less fatigue,”
                                            tion is hydraulically operated with   said Brendan Walsh, Senior Product
                                            overload protection  and safety relief   Manager. “This hammer delivers that
                                            valves built in. The cylinder shafts are   with  its  specially  contoured  handle
                                            chrome  plated for  smooth  operation   and flared foot.”
                                            and to prevent corrosion. The crane is   Both the 16-ounce model (SKU
                                            equipped with two electric motors and   #11419C)  and the 20-ounce  version
                                            hydraulic pumps to enable increased   (SKU  #11418C) are  available at The
                                            lifting speed and provide added assur-  Home Depot stores nationwide.
                                            ance for continued operation in case
                                            one pump or motor fails.
                                              The  RBC cranes  are  available in  GOING METRIC
                                            smaller size and lighter capacities   continued from page 32
                                            which include 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000,   These  benefits  do  not  follow  automati-
                                            6000, 10,000 and 15,000 lb.        cally – they have to be sought and won. It
                                              This crane is an ideal tool to help in-  is a field where production engineers can
                                            crease productivity, improve safety and   make a major contribution.
                                            make the job easier, safer and faster.  America’s external trade accounts for
                                                                               about 2% of the gross national product.
                                            New Crescent® hammer               Britain’s figures are nearer 20%. What is
                                            packs a wallop                     necessary for America is even more neces-
                                            Fiberglass Rip Claw delivers       sary for us. The United States truly can
                                            comfort, balance, and power        no longer afford to be the odd man out.
                                              Crescent®, a premier hand tool brand   “Let there  be no  misunderstanding.
             ONE STOP SHOP                  from Apex Tool Group, announced its new   American industry is going metric,” ac-
                     HOISTS                 Fiberglass Rip Claw Hammer that drives   cording to the Executive Director of the
                                                                               American National Metric Council. “In-
                                            nails  with  precision  and  pries  boards
                    RIGGING                 and nails with ease. Available in 16 and   dustry in America sees that metric is
                  HARDWARE                  20-ounce sizes, it feels and performs like a   becoming the world system of measure-
                                            much more expensive tool – a detail that   ment. That is a basic fact of life which
                     SLINGS                 will be much appreciated by both profes-  no country can afford to ignore.
                                            sional and do-it-yourself users.     “In the automobile industry, in com-
                                              This new fiberglass rip claw hammer   puters, in aerospace and in engineering
             877-LIFT AMH                   features  an  ergonomically-designed   generally, many of the big industrial
                                            handle  with  a  non-slip  flared  foot  for
                                                                               firms  have  already  taken  the  decision
                                            greater comfort and less fatigue. Its   that new designs will be in metric. These
           nylon-jacketed solid fiberglass core re-  firms  include  IBM,  General  Motors,
                                            sists breakage due to overstrike and   Ford,  Caterpillar,  Xerox,  International
                                            Permabond® construction between the   Harvester, Boeing, and Rockwell.” WRN

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