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                                            gertips,”  said  Steve  Vitello,  Executive
                                            Director of Sales & Marketing CMCO
                                            Hoist & Rigging  – North  America.
                                            “With convenient USB connectivity, an
                                            operator can easily plug the hoist into a
                                            computer or tablet to change or access   Yale® YK™ Hoist from
                                            performance information, including   Columbus McKinnon
             The latest great Value by
                                            start and stop cycles, motor run time,
                                            over temp and overcurrent events and
                                            even hoist fault information. And, the   New Yale® YK™ and
                                            hoist’s built-in error prevention ensures   Shaw-Box® SK™ Hoists
                  Universal Plate           the hoist is programmed  correctly.”  Offer Industry-Leading
                                              Engineered for best-in-class  perfor-
                  Lifting Clamps            mance, the Lodestar VS exceeds H4 re-  Technology and Safety
                                            quirements and features precision load   Precision engineered by Columbus
                                            control; long hoist, brake and motor life;   McKinnon for optimal performance
                                            overload and over-speed protection;   and ease of maintenance
                                            quiet operation; and flexible configura-  Columbus McKinnon Corporation,
                                            tions to meet your application’s needs.   a leading designer, manufacturer and
                                            It  is also easy to service and main-  marketer of motion control products,
                                            tain and features a lifetime warranty.   technologies and services for mate-
                                              The Lodestar VS is available in ca-  rial handling, introduces its new Yale®
                                            pacities ranging from 1/8 to 1 ton with   YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire
                                            a standard lift of 10 ft. To learn more   rope hoists. Manufactured to the high-
                                            about the CM Lodestar VS or any of   est industry standards, the Yale YK and
                                            our powered hoists,  call Columbus   Shaw-Box SK monorail hoists are Ger-
                                            McKinnon  Channel  Services  at 800-  man engineered and offer reliable opera-
                                            888-0985  or visit  tion, high efficiency and long life, and are
                                                                               competitively priced for the U.S. market.
                                                                                 The Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK are
                                                                               designed with safety in mind, incorpo-
                                                                               rating standard safety features such as
                                                                               a block-operated limit switch, adjust-
                                                                               able geared limit switch, motor temper-
                                                                               ature control and overload protection.
                                                                                  “The new YK and SK hoists feature a
                                                                               modular system that allows you to easily
                                                                               configure and design a hoist solution to
                                                                               your exact application needs,” said Car-
                                                                               los Bassa, Global Product Manager, wire
                                                                               rope hoists. “With a wide range of lifting
                                                                               capacities from one to 10 tons and three
                                                                               frame sizes, these units can be used ev-
                                                                               erywhere from equipment production
                                                                               lines to warehousing facilities.”
                                                                                 The Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK are
                                                                               ideal for applications with space limita-
             ONE STOP SHOP                                                     tions, featuring a low headroom trolley
                                                                               that can be used on monorail runways
                     HOISTS                                                    and single-girder overhead travel-
                                                                               ling cranes. Assembled in Wadesboro,
                    RIGGING                                                    North  Carolina,  with  German-made
                   HARDWARE                                                    components, the YK and SK have short
                     SLINGS                                                    lead times to meet tight deadlines.
                                                                                 Columbus McKinnon’s  new YK and
                                                                               SK  hoists  are available through  their
                                                                               Crane Solutions Group, which is dedi-
             877-LIFT AMH                                       Lodestar VS    cated  to serving the company’s part-
                                                                               ners  in  the  crane  industry.  With  the
                            Electric Chain Hoist   acquisition of STAHL CraneSystems
                                                               from Columbus
                                                                 McKinnon      in  2017, Columbus  McKinnon  is  able
                                                                               to leverage the combined technologies
                                                                               of their  Yale, Shaw-Box and STAHL

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