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Tape Measure (Catalog No. L725SCT-
                                            NEW PRODUCTS                       MPN) is available in store and online
                                            continued from previous page       from hardware retailers and home
                                                                               improvement centers  and from  online
                                            space; it is reinforced to protect the   retailers. For more information, please
                                            hook against impacts. The dedicated   visit
                                            space for the placement of the pin has
                                            enough of an area to load a lifting points   Gearwrench® Introduces
                                            of up to 100mm in diameter; and, two,   New Adjustable Spanner
                                            a pushbutton that can be used instead   Wrenches
             The latest great Value by      of automation. However, Fillol does not   Available in three styles for use in
                                            anticipate its widespread utilization.  different applications
                                            Crescent/Lufkin® Introduces          Gearwrench®,  a  premier  hand  tool
                                            New Self-Centering Tape            brand from Apex Tool Group, unveiled
                  Universal Plate           Measure                            a new  line  of Adjustable Spanner
                                                                               Wrenches. The wrenches are available
                  Lifting Clamps            Redesigned tape measure is more    in  three  styles to work  with  different
                                            comfortable and is engineered for   industrial applications.
                                            longer life.                         Gearwrench  Adjustable Spanner
                                              Crescent/Lufkin®,  a  premier  hand   Wrenches  are  designed  to  reliably
                                            tool  brand from  Apex Tool  Group,  to-  tighten or loosen threaded collars, lock
                                            day announced the introduction  of a   nuts, rings, and packing nuts common-
                                            redesigned version of its popular Self-  ly found on industrial equipment and
                                            Centering Tape Measure, which makes   tooling. Spanners are offered in three
                                            finding the midpoint of measurements   styles: Face, Pin, and Hook. Their ad-
                                            quick and easy. Improvements include
                                            a new  ergonomic  case  for  added com-
                                                                                               Adjustable Pin
                                            fort and a quad-rivet end hook for ex-            Spanner Wrench
                                            tended blade life.
                                              The  Crescent/Lufkin  Self-Centering
                                            Tape Measure is perfect for hanging
                                            pictures, finding the midpoints of walls,
                                            and many other measuring jobs around   justable heads (or spans in the case of
                                            the house. It features unique blade   face style wrenches) allow them to be
                                            markings, resulting in a tape that takes   used on a range of collar sizes, elimi-
                                            the math out of finding the midpoint of   nating the need for dedicated wrench-
                                            any measured distance. A black upper   es for every size application. Each is
                                            scale shows the actual measurement;   made of alloy steel and features a hard
                                            a lower scale directly beneath it shows   stamped size  marking  on  its handle.
                                            the midpoint in red. For example, if the   Pin  style wrenches  also  have  pin  di-
                                            upper scale reads 2-1/4", the lower scale   ameter hard stamped on their handles.
                                            will show 1-1/8".                  All have a black oxide finish for corro-
                                              “This  Self-Centering  Tape  Mea-  sion resistance and for use in locations
                                            sure has been improved based on ex-  where plated products are not allowed.
                                            tensive analysis of user needs,” said   All styles and sizes, where official spec-
                                            Kevin Fitzpatrick, Product Manager   ifications  exist,  meet  or  exceed  GGG-
                                            –  Branded Trade  Tools.  “The new   W-665C Specification.
                                            dual material co-molded case fits the   “These  new  adjustable spanner
                                            hand and provides improved comfort   wrenches  are another example the
                                            and control, while the new quad-rivet   broad scope  of  the  Gearwrench  tool
             ONE STOP SHOP                  end hook will provide substantially   offering,” said James Stewart, Senior
                                            longer blade life.”                Product Manager. “Their quality  de-
                     HOISTS                   The  Crescent/Lufkin  Self-Centering   sign,  material,  and  finish  provide  un-
                                                                               surpassed durability and value.”
                    RIGGING                                                      Three sizes of Face Style Gearwrench
                   HARDWARE                                                    Adjustable  Spanner Wrenches  are of-
                     SLINGS                                                    fered, the largest of which has a capac-
                                                                               ity of up to 4 inches. There are six Pin
                                                                               Style wrench sizes with capacity rang-
                                                                               es from 3/4" – 2" to 4-1/2" – 6-1/4" and
             877-LIFT AMH                                                      three Hook Style sizes  with capacity
                                                                               ranges from 3/4" – 2" to 2" – 4-3/4". All
                                              are  available from  automotive ware-
                                                                               house distributors, mobile dealers, on-
                                            The Crescent/Lufkin® Self-Centering
                                            tape makes finding the midpoint of   line retailers, and from industrial and
                                            measurements quick and easy.       commercial distributors.
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