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Varney, Operations Director;  and An-
                                                                               gela Holmes, Finance Director stepped
                                                                               into enhanced roles at the lifting and
                                                                               rigging equipment provider on April 6,
                                                                                 Varney and Holmes continue  to be
                                                                               based at the company’s headquarters
                                                                               in Bridgend, South Wales, which is one
                                                                               of  five—soon  to  be  six—RSS  facilities
                                                                               across the UK. Their combined expe-
                                                                               rience with the below-the-hook equip-
                                                                               ment supplier spans nearly two de-
                                                                               cades, with Varney’s 10 years only one
                                                                               more than Holmes’ nine.
                                                                                 Steve Hutin, Managing Director at
                                                                               RSS, said: “The promotions are aligned
                                                                               with  a level  of  growth  that requires
                                                                               senior  personnel to take on expanded
                                                                               roles.  As we prepare to open a sixth
                                                                               location in northwestern England, it’s
                                                                               important that leadership and struc-
                                                                               tures are in place to continue to deliver
                                                                               the world-class  customer service and
         Pictured (L to R) Jules DiRienzo, Vice President of Operations shaking hands with Eric Pilacik,
         Chant’s new Engineering Manager.                                      product knowledge that we have been
                                                                               renowned  for  at all altitudes of our
         Chant Engineering                  quality service to Chant customers. We   upward curve.  Alan and Angela have
         welcomes Eric Pilacik as its       welcome Eric and his expertise as part   demonstrated knowledge,  loyalty and
         Engineering Manager                of our growing team.”              other attributes that are duly recog-
           Chant Engineering Co. Inc. is pleased   Prior to joining Chant, Pilacik worked   nized and appreciated.”
         to welcome Eric Pilacik.  Pilacik will   not only in a management role but also   Varney, who has actually worked
         lead Chant’s Engineering Department   in R & D, product development,  and   with Hutin over a period of 22 years,
         as its Engineering Manager as they ex-  as a design engineer in the aerospace   said: “My pride is really in being part of
         pand further into foreign and domestic   industry – earning patents for some   such a dynamic and professional com-
         markets.  Pilacik,  based at the  Chant   of his  design work.  Privately, he  is  a   pany, but of course I acknowledge my
         headquarters building in New Britain,   proud family man who enjoys spending   new status as a director of the business
         Pennsylvania, brings 5 years of en-  quality time with his wife and children,   and am grateful for the opportunity.
         gineering  management experience  to   volunteering at their sports and club   My role has evolved consistently  over
         compliment his new role. Phil Chant,   events, volunteering at various parish   the last decade in line with our growth
         President  of  Chant Engineering,  said   events, and teaching in his parish’s re-  and expansion  so  I am familiar  with
         “We are excited to have Eric join Chant.   ligious education program.   the adaptation  that is  required  of me
         He will be a valuable asset and addi-                                 once again.”
         tion to our dynamic team. He will play   Rope and Sling names two       Holmes, meanwhile, said: “I never an-
         a key role  in  enhancing  relationships   new directors              ticipated this happening when I started
         with existing customers and leading   Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS)   here. I arrived as temporary cover from
         our engineering team to ensure we’ll be   has named two new directors, both pro-  the accountant I was working for, then
         better positioned to continue providing   moted from within the company. Alan   went self-employed and took them on as
                                                                               my own bookkeeping client until Steve
                                                                               offered me the job on a permanent ba-
                                                                               sis. I remember, the year that I joined
                                                                               coincided with the start of the recession
                                                                               and the opening of our second depot, so
                                                                               financial  planning  was  of  utmost  im-
                                                                               portance. We needed to change the ac-
                                                                               counting systems, while implementing
                                                                               stock  control  and  IT  structures  to  ac-
                                                                               commodate the growth.”
                                                                                 She added: “My role requires me to
                                                                               be very forward thinking. The detailed
                                                                               planning and timing involved in expan-
                                                                               sion is huge and the days that I spent
                                                                               just keeping the books up to date be-
                                                                               came fewer and further between. My
         Steve Hutin (left) with new Rope and Sling directors Angela Holmes and Alan Varney.  role over the years changed to include

         70     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2017
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