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type of ONE WAY clutch has been asso-
         ciated with the best hoist in the market
         as it assures any load can be lowered.
           b) Grade 80 zinc plated load chains
         are being phased into production re-
         placing the classic black finish. Best of   Green Pin®
         all, the new zinc plated chain is made   Lifting Clamp
         available without price increase.   from Van Beest
           c)  LC  series  Lever  Chain  Hoist  are
         now available with Shipyard Hooks for
         use in applications where tip loading is

                                            could not be simpler while the products’
                                            sturdy build offers peace of mind. What
                                            is more, our new vertical and universal
                                            clamps are one-third lighter than their
                                            predecessors.  Of  course,  Green  Pin®
                                            Lifting Clamps come complete with a
                                            five-year  warranty  and  fast  delivery.
                                            Safe, simple, rugged and reliable. And
                                            fully integrated into the existing Green
                                            Pin® range of products.
                                              For more information, download the
                                            brochure  and product updates from
                                            their website at
                                            New CM Lodestar VS
                                            Electric Chain Hoist
                                            Harnesses the Power of
                                            Intelligent Lifting
                                            One-of-a-kind hoist puts the
                                            power to monitor and adjust hoist
                                            performance at your fingertips
                                              Generations  of users  have relied on
                                            the Lodestar electric  chain hoist for
                                            the durability and reliability it pro-
                                            vides for lifting applications. Now, this
                                            iconic hoist from Columbus McKinnon
                                            Corporation, a leading designer, manu-
                                            facturer and marketer of material han-
                                            dling products, systems and services, is
          Badger LC Series Lever Hoist with optional   better than ever, combining the Lode-
           Shipyard Hook from All Material Handling  star’s industry-leading design with the
                                            best-in-class features of Magnetek’s   One STOp SHOp
         required. The new Shipyard Hook option   premier  variable frequency  drives.
         is made available at no extra charge.  Equipped with  the  Magnetek  IM-          HOISTS
           Visit the AMH web site, www.allma-  PULSE® G+ Mini drive, the Lodestar to learn more about   VS  features  CM  HI-Tech™  (Hoist  In-  RIGGInG
         the Badger hoist and many more mate-  terface Technology) – one of the easiest   HARDWARe
         rial handling products available  from   to use computer interfaces on the mar-
         dealers located  throughout the West-  ket  developed exclusively  by Colum-      SLInGS
         ern Hemisphere.                    bus McKinnon. CM HI-Tech gives op-
                                            erators the ability to quickly and easily
         A Solid Grasp on Safe and          adjust hoist  speed and performance    877-LIFT AMH
         Easy Lifting                       parameters  to deliver the precision
           Green Pin® is proud to present its next   load control your application demands.
         generation of lifting clamps. Our new   “We designed the Lodestar VS to put
         range has been designed to offer greater   the  information  you  need  at  your  fin-
         ease of use. Handling and maintenance              continued on next page

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