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As  Chief  Financial  Officer,  Melissa   common policy interests of the domes-
                                            Light will continue to lead the finance,   tic auto industry as legislative director
                                            marketing,  customer  service,  and  in-  with the American Automotive  Policy
                                            formation technology efforts to support   Council (AAPC). He has also worked on
                                            our customers and will work with Mr.   Capitol Hill, for Senator Debbie Stabe-
                                            Pacilio to position Lift-All for the future.   now, and for a number of political and
                                              With these leadership changes, we are   public affairs organizations.
                                            pleased to announce that Jeffery Klib-  “Raphy’s government  affairs  experi-
                                            ert has been named as Chairman of the   ence, including his advocacy with Con-
                                            Board. His leadership has been instru-  gress and the Executive Branch on is-
                                            mental over the last 40 years leading   sues that are key for the steel industry
                                            Lift-All to the top of the industrial lifting   and our customers – like tax and trade
                                            and restraint market. Mr. Klibert will   – make him an outstanding addition to
                                            continue  to  be a resource  to  Lift-All  in   the AISI team,” said Thomas J. Gibson,
                                            his new role as Chairman of the Board.  President and CEO of AISI. “He has a
                                                                               proven track record working success-
                                            AISI announces new staff           fully on behalf of manufacturing indus-
                     Melissa Light          hire for policy                    tries, and we are fortunate he is joining
         company in his new role as President.   The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  us here at AISI to continue advancing
            “I am proud to lead the Lift-All Compa-  tute (AISI)  announced the appoint-  our strategic goals.”
         ny exemplifying our core values of integ-  ment of Raphael Goodstein as director   Goodstein received his Masters in Gov-
         rity, teamwork, and performance.” said   of tax and trade policy.     ernment from Johns Hopkins University
         Steven Pacilio, “My overall objective is to   Goodstein has 15 years of Congressio-  in 2006, and a B.A. in Political Science
         build our brand and provide trusted solu-  nal and government affairs experience,   from the University of Michigan in 2002.
         tions for our new and existing customers.”   including  10 years representing the   He began work at AISI on January 3.
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

         Across                                                12  Type of lubrication
           1  Longest lasting composite fiber for roundslings    15  Glass container
           4  Vital structural parts in wind energy construction,     17  At a low temperature
               goes with 29 down                               18  Brain scan
           9  Function                                         20  Big name in high wire performing
           10  ___ preformed                                   23  Location of the first offshore wind farm in the US,
           11  Sponge ___                                         goes with 28 down
           13  Shaped tool or die to form metal                24  Deviation from course
           14  Stretch out                                     26  Measure quantity, capacity or force
           16  Thicken or set                                  28  See 23 down
           17  Unique movement of a wire rope with respect to a     29  See 4 across
               drum surface or sheave surface                  30  Wire rope or strand classifications
           19  Unprocessed                                     31  Of wide renown
           21  Relocates                                       33  Cylindrical flanged barrel
           22  Went quickly past, 2 words                      36  Small piece in a machine
           25  Part of a voyage
           27  Deposited or set down
           29  Leather or cloth tool carrier
           31  Comes after
           32  Become vague or indistinct
           34  Eastern ruler
           35  Brand of hydraulic hammer used to drive pilings into
               the ocean bed
           37  Wore down by friction
           38  Accomplish
           39  Pulled roughly
           40  Conceals

           1  Deformation of a wire rope
           2  Fasteners
           3  Strong steel rope
           4  Often cylindrical hollow object
           5  50 states
           6  _____ strength, the strength of a rope exclusive of the
               outer wires
           7  Pictures
           8  Loop formed at the end of a wire rope
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