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proved to be just as efficient. On the
         naval project we needed to keep the
         point  loadings  to  a  minimum  on  the
         deck and we didn’t have the headroom
         to  lift  the  gearbox  from  above  in  the
         plant  environment.  Further,  we  had
         nowhere to attach winches so the skid-
         ding system was perfect.”
           Barber,  who  conducted  a  series  of
         in-house tests with the system prior to
         the projects referenced  above, lauded
         the graphite-steel slide surface, citing
         its ability to work  in all extremes of
         weather.  He said: “The height differ-
         ence between the models could dictate
         a particular  need for  the XLP150 but
         for general use the height of the LP350
         is an ideal solution.”
           Barber continued: “The potential for
         this system is massive as there are so
         many tasks that can now be completed
         safer. The centre of gravity is lowered;
         there is no risk of ‘run-away’; and im-
         portantly  no requirement for the op-
         erators  to engage in  manual pushing
         or pulling that could cause injury. Ap-
         plication inside a building is an obvi-  needs to go. The crane has smooth ac-  crane is brought to a stop.
         ous advantage;  we have quoted for a   celeration and deceleration to prevent   The  crane  has  168” long boom with
         task where the internal height through   swinging  a load and an automatic   240” telescopic capability out to 408”
         a doorway or access route won’t allow   parking brake that engages when the           continued on next page
         for traditional skates so we have pre-
         sented the LP350 as a solution.”
           Hydra-Slide’s Smith  added that
         LP400 customers  will  still be able to
         order replacement components or ad-
         ditional parts, as required.
         New mobile reversible crane
         with triple section boom
         Reaching in, over, above and beyond
           Air Technical  Industries (ATI) an-
         nounces  the development  of a new,
         heavy duty mobile reversible crane with
         a unique triple section  powered tele-
         scoping  boom. The  RBC-20000SPBW-
         TSB offers the user many unique ben-
         efits with its mobility, portability and
         compact,  narrow  design,  yet  delivers
         big on lifting capacity and height.
           The  cylinders  are  built  inside  the
         boom for  protection and to make the
         unit have a modern, slick, appearance.
         This heavy duty crane can go where no
         other crane can go, because of its nar-
         row width of 60” and exceptional mobil-
         ity with 90° powered steering to the left
         and right so that the large crane can
         turn on the proverbial dime.
             To  add  to  the  uniqueness  and ver-
         satility,  the  crane  has  infinitely  vari-
         able finger tip speed control. It can go
         so slow so that you can not see it move                                           Mobile reversible
         like a foot per minute for precise posi-                                           crane from ATI
         tioning around aircraft or other sensi-
         tive equipment and then it can speed
         up to 4 miles per hour to get where it

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