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Oscar Fillol, Founder and
                                                      CEO at Elebia, said: “In reg-
                                                      ular lifting operations with
                                                      bell furnaces, the operator
                                                      has  a  limited  line  of  sight
                                                      and poor visibility of the
                                                      lifting  hook’s position and
                                                      engagement with the lifting
                                                      point.  The status indicator
                                                      is an additional safety mea-
                                                      sure. It can be viewed in all
                                                      operating conditions and
                                                      displays  on  the  [optional]   With USA load chain,
                                                      eMax remote control unit.”         assembled &
                                                        Intrinsically safe, it is not   tested in the USA
                                                      possible to make a lift with
                                                      NEO while the hook is in     Optional self-locking hooks
                                                      an intermediate state (red).
                                                      The hook will only lift the
                       Elebia’s latest innovation, NEO, offers a   load once the closure mech-
                       myriad of safety and efficiency benefits   anism  is locked,  indicated
                       to end users lifting bell furnaces and
                       loads that have an oversized lifting point.  by blue coloration of the
                                                      LED status indicator
         oversized lifting point (up to 100mm di-  The  eMax remote  control includes a
         ameter), to a growing portfolio of prod-  full  color  liquid-crystal  display  (LCD)
         ucts.  A standout feature of the latest   screen and offers the user a variety of
         innovation is a multi-color-coded light-  information about the lifting applica-
         emitting diode (LED) status indicator   tion, including weight, hook status, and
         that displays green when it’s open and   alarms that alert the operator to over-
         blue when it’s closed, for example.  load or unbalance situations. It is only
                                            supplied as an option because there
                                            are many instances in bell furnace lifts
                                            where an operator will not need to know
                                            how much weight is being lifted. How-
                                            ever, Fillol said, because of restricted
                                            visibility he anticipates that the remote
                                            control option will prove popular.
                                              Among other key features are a 4:1
                                            safety factor; one-week autonomy, cov-
                                            ering 3,000 cycles or over 250 hours in
                                            standby mode; and a customizable top
                                            link. A three-hour charge will return
                                            the battery to its full capacity and the
                                            hook will remain closed even if the bat-
                                            tery expires during usage. Further, due
                                            to the geometry of NEO’s design,  the
                                            load will always be positioned in the
                                            center of the hook.
                                              Fillol  added: “The  hook  has  a  fail-
                                            safe design that makes it impossible to
                                            drop suspended loads. NEO is designed   ONE STOP SHOP
                                            under  the  same  failsafe  principles  as
                                            our automatic lifting hooks and the au-        HOISTS
                                            tomatic lifting  clamps.  It presents  a
                                            multitude of advantages over standard         RIGGING
                                            lifting hooks without a security latch,     HARDWARE
                                            commonly found in  this industry sec-
                                            tor, and lifting hooks with a motorized        SLINGS
                                            latch.  Importantly, hooks  without  a
                                            latch, or when the latch isn’t properly
                                            closed, can be tip-loaded,  which isn’t
                                            possible with NEO.”                   877-LIFT AMH
                                              Two final details to note are, one, a
                                            metal tip that can be inserted to facili-
                                            tate NEO’s positioning into a narrow
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