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maximizing hook to bail contact.
         NEW PRODUCTS                         The  SDLB,  I-Beam Design  includes
         continued from previous page       built-in  parking  stands that aid in
         tion to tailoring LEEA and LOLER-  hook attachment and assist in prevent-
         compliant documents and forms. The   ing accidental damage to the lower lift-
         software  is  built to create  compliant   ing hardware. The SDLB is engineered
         certificates  for  cranes,  forklifts  and   and manufactured to ASME B30.20
         other equipment.                   &  BTH-1 Design  Category B Service
           “The new Mega Lift will give us ex-  Class 2 and has a specified fatigue life
         tra lifting capacity in  areas where   of 100,001 to 500,000 load cycles.
         headroom is  limited,” said Trinder.   All SDLB,  I-Beam Design  lifting
         “We anticipate constant utilization of   beams are Proof-Tested to 125% capac-  The LP350 is completely hand-portable.
         both units on our own projects or out   ity and certificates supplied at No Ad-
         on  hire.  Maritime,  shipbuilding  and   ditional Charge.
         power plant  professionals are among   Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has
         those who  have noted our  expanded   been innovating successful products for
         fleet and are already making enquiries.   100 years. Today, as a worldwide pro-
         It was important to quickly document   vider of lifting solutions, utilizing their
         the weight of the new Mega Lift’s com-  exceptional design, engineering, manu-
         ponents upon arrival at our depot so we   facturing, and quality teams, Peerless
         are ready to advance these enquiries.”  continues  to develop crucial  products
                                            for  the  wide  variety of  markets  they
         Peerless Industrial Group          serve. Peerless is part  of KITO Cor-
         Inc., Standard Duty Lifting        poration’s  global network  providing
         Beam (SDLB), I-Beam Design         customers  access to overhead lifting,
         with Flame Cut Bail                below-the-hook and material handling,
           The  Standard Duty  Lifting  Beam   cargo  control,  hardware,  marine  and
         (SDLB), I-Beam  Design with Flame   traction products.                A  standout  component  of the  LP350  is the
         Cut Bail can be utilized where  head-  Hydra-Slide launches 350-ton   graphite-steel slide surface, also a feature of
         room is  limited. Three  standard lift   low profile skidding system  the heavy track range.
         points for load adjustment are includ-
         ed, and it is supplied with a pair of   Canadian manufacturer Hydra-Slide   high-molecular-weight  polyethyl-
         shackles and swivel hooks.         has  launched  its  third  low  profile  hy-  ene (UHMW) pads that were subject
           The SDLB, I-Beam Design inte-    draulic skidding system—the LP350—  to wear and vulnerable to extreme
         grates features that are designed to   that has already proved its value in two   weather  conditions.  Elimination  of
         provide a longer product life with   applications in the UK, where interna-  the  plastic  pads  has  also  decreased
         minimal  maintenance  or  repairs.   tional sales partner Rapid  Response   the profile by another 0.5 inches.
         Peerless accomplishes this is by incor-  Solutions (RRS) recently took delivery   Janine  Smith,  Vice  President  at
         porating stronger welding and design   of the first unit off the production line.  Hydra-Slide, said: “We’ve had an ex-
         techniques to reduce the stress on the   The LP350, capable of pushing loads   tremely positive  response  to  our  two
         welds  caused  by  higher  duty  cycles   up to 350 tons (310 tons), represents   current low profile skid models. As ap-
         and more severe service.           continued evolution of the low pro-  plications across the globe have proved,
           Another feature of the SDLB, I-Beam   file  range  that  includes  the  XLP150   they require little heavy equipment for
         Design  is  in  the  design of the bail.   and LP400 systems. Different to their   transportation, set-up and operation.
         Peerless performs a two-step machin-  heavy track counterparts, the products   Aligned with our ambition to continu-
         ing  process  to cut  a radius  edge into   are completely hand-portable and low   ally improve on past successes we con-
         the top of the inside of the bail opening.   profiles suit them to use in areas with   ceptualized a new system that, like its
         This process helps to ensure a better   limited access or clearance.  predecessors, is assembled with simple
         connection  between the saddle of         A  standout  component  of  the   connections and designed with the op-
         the hook and the upper radius of          LP350 is the graphite-steel   erator in mind.”
         the bail; minimizing wear  and              slide surface, also a feature   Lifting, transport and storage spe-
                                                       of the heavy track range,   cialist RRS used the LP350 for two
                                                         replacing the ultra-  marine and industrial projects shortly
                                                                               after taking delivery of the equipment.
                                                                               Having moved  an approx.  20-ton en-
                                                                               gine and associated components out of
                                                                               a hangar onto the flight deck of a naval
                                                                               ship, it then removed a 25-tonne gear-
                                                                               box from within a confined plant-room.
                                                                                 Paul Barber, Managing Director
                                                                               at RRS, said: “On both occasions it
                                                                               showed its ability. Having used the
                                                                               HT300  [heavy  track]  system  previ-
                        The Standard Duty Lifting Beam (SDLB) from Peerless
                                                                               ously we knew the products were
                                                                               good  and, while the LP350  brings
                                                                               something different to the jobsite, it

         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017
         68 Wire Rope News & Sling Technology April 2017
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