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Page 68 - Wire Rope News & Sling Technology
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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Suncor Stainless Shackle           hardware in the industrial, marine,
         Program Announcement               government,  architectural,  OEM  and
         Introducing Suncor’s Enhanced      commercial industries.  Suncor’s  mod-
         Shackle Program with an Addition   ern facilities manufacture the highest
         of 17 New Shackles                 quality stainless steel chain, wire rope
           Suncor  Stainless  is  looking  to  ex-  assemblies  and custom  parts. The  in-
         pand their line of cast shackles to of-  house capabilities include a product de-
         fer their customers an even larger   velopment staff whose tireless efforts,
         selection.  They  announced  their  new   along with valuable input from clients,
         shackle program with added styles   work to continuously improve and per-
         and new sizes. Suncor introduced the   fect their ever-expanding product line.
         Bow Shackle with Captive Pin in sizes   For more information, please visit
         ranging from 5/32" to 15/32", the Long
         D Shackle with No Snag Pin in sizes
         ranging  from  1/4"  to  1/2",  the  Twist  Columbus McKinnon
         Shackle with Captive Pin in sizes  Expands CM Hurricane 360°
         ranging from 1/4" to 3/8" and the Twist  Hand Chain Hoist Offering
         Shackle with No Snag Pin in sizes   Product portfolio now includes 15-
         ranging from 1/4" to 1/2".         and 20-ton capacity units as well
           “We took a long look at the styles and   as integrated trolley models
         sizes of cast shackles that we were offer-  Columbus McKinnon Corporation,
         ing and agreed that we could add more”   a leading designer, manufacturer and
         says David Morgan, Vice President of   marketer of motion control products,
         Sales and Marketing for Suncor Stain-  technologies and services for material
         less. “We wanted all of our cast shackles   handling, has expanded its offering of
         to come in a variety of sizes along with   the  unique  CM  Hurricane  360° hand   CM Hurricane 360° Hand Chain Hoist
         options of screw, captive and no snag   chain hoist to include new 15 and 20-  from Columbus McKinnon
         pin styles for each body type.”    ton capacity units as well as a full line   a wide range of beam widths and pro-
           Suncor  is  also looking  to save their   of  army-type, integrated trolley  mod-  files and have trolley wheels designed
         customers some money as well as ship   els. Designed for versatility and safety,   for smooth rolling with pre-lubricated,
         product faster and reduce backorders.   the CM Hurricane 360° features a pat-  encapsulated ball bearings.
         They will be offering volume discounts   ented 360-degree rotating hand chain   Rugged, durable and easy to main-
         on  cases  along with  duel  inventory   cover that allows operators to lift and   tain, the CM Hurricane 360° is avail-
         maintenance  which  will  allow  large   position loads from virtually any angle.  able in capacities ranging from 1/2 to
         quantities of shackles to be stocked in   “Because of its unique design, the CM   20 tons  with  standard lifts  up  to  30
         both Plymouth and Las Vegas ware-  Hurricane is the ideal hand chain hoist   feet.  It is  also  backed  by Columbus
         houses. This will make product readily   when working in tight spaces, above the   McKinnon’s  lifetime guarantee. All
         available with little wait time to meet   load, in drifting applications and when   models are now available with optional
         the increasing demand.             the operator needs to maintain a safe   chain containers as well.
           Suncor  Stainless, Inc. is a lead-  distance  when  handling  a  load,”  said   To learn more about the CM Hurricane
         ing manufacturer  for stainless  steel   Andre  Schon,  Senior  Global  Product   360°, or any of our products, call Colum-
                                                      Manager – Manual Hoist   bus McKinnon Channel Services at 800-
             Stainless Shackles                       Products. “Now, with the   888-0985 or visit
               from Suncor                            addition  of  higher-capacity
                                                      units and integrated trolley   Updated Badger Brand
                                                      models, we have made this   Lever & Hand Chain Hoist
                                                      one-of-a-kind hoist more   for Sale in the Americas
                                                      versatile than ever.”
                                                       New army-type, integrat-  Badger is an AMH value brand that
                                                      ed trolley CM Hurricane   has  features  and reliability rivaling
                                                      hoists feature a compact,   many premium manual chain  hoists.
                                                      low-headroom  design  that   The Badger products have been sold in
                                                      provides even more flexibil-  the Americas by AMH for the past 14
                                                      ity in applications with low   years. It is a time proven product that
                                                      ceilings  or  limited space.   has just been updated.  The following
                                                      Available as plain or geared   improvements include  features  only
                                                      models, these trolley hoists   found on premium manual hoists:
                                                      have  reduced  side  clear-  a) Optional overload protection is now
                                                      ances and end approach to   available on all Badger hand and lever
                                                      aid in maneuvering heavy   chain  hoist.  The  protection  is  by  slip
                                                      loads in tight spaces. They   clutch that prohibits lifting of damaging
                                                      can be easily adjusted to fit   overload in the lift direction only. This
         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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