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expertise and types of equipment.  and includes  thorough  examination
         PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                   Arnell participated in a three-day pro-  procedures  and criteria  for continued
         continued from previous page       gram that took place at LEEA’s Osprey   periods of service.
                                            Court training facility near the asso-  Arnell said: “I am looking forward to
         tion in Lift-All.” says Jason, “My goal is
         to enhance the Lift-All brand and build   ciation’s headquarters in Ramsay Court,   the challenges of the LEG course and
         on the tremendous success of this great   which is also on the Hinchingbrooke   am sure I can apply lessons learnt in
         company. I have every confidence that   Business Park. P1E includes 28 modules   P1E to help me at the more advanced
         this organization will not only meet our   covering a range of subjects including,   level. I know there will be lots of refer-
         customer’s needs but far exceed them   standards and codes of practice; wire   ences  to  below-the-hook  and  rigging
         for years to come.”                rope and wire rope slings; overhead trav-  equipment that will reinforce my under-
                                            elling cranes; and mobile cranes.  standing about the sector of the indus-
         Straightpoint’s Gavin                He said: “Having never seen or heard   try in which Straightpoint operates.”
         Arnell excels in first LEEA        of much of the subject matter covered   Alfie  Lee,  Operations  Director  at
         examination                        by the  modules,  I was  apprehensive   Straightpoint, said: “Gavin was the
                                                                               only person on the course with no pre-
                                            about tackling the content in an exam
           Straightpoint product technician   situation. However, as the course pro-  vious  experience  and  he  passed  first
         Gavin  Arnell  out-performed lifting   gressed  I  became  more  confident  and   time. Some of the other candidates
         equipment professionals of far greater   embraced  it as a learning experience.   were on their second attempt and were
         experience  to  pass  the  Lifting  Equip-  I was still pleasantly surprised though   perhaps not  as  successful  even  this
         ment  Engineers  Association  (LEEA)   when LEEA confirmed I had passed.”  time around.  He  can  take  a tremen-
         P1E Foundation Course recently.      The foundation level exam is a pre-  dous  amount of  encouragement  and
           The  Foundation  Course  is  the basic   requisite for studying at advanced level   confidence from that moving forward.”
         level training course offered by LEEA,   and Arnell has already booked to take   Both the P1E and LEG courses contain
         which is based in Huntingdon, UK but   the Lifting Equipment General (LEG)   modules on wire rope and wire rope slings,
         established across the globe as the lead-  Advanced Programme, a five-day inten-  which  Lee  said  aligns  the  content  with
         ing representative body for all those in-  sive course, in April. The LEG course   Straightpoint strategy. He explained:
         volved in the lifting industry worldwide.   offers hands-on practical training to   “We are just starting to explore the wire
         It offers a number of courses ranging in   complement essential theory sessions.   rope  industry  in  greater  depth.  Having
         duration and tailored for varied levels of   Content is based on lifting accessories   someone with this qualification will be in-
                                                                               valuable and will help us understand how
                                                                               our customers use our products and the
                                                                               problems they face on a day-to-day basis
                                                                               within the lifting industry.”
                                                                               Lift-All leadership
                                                                                 Lift-All Company, Inc. announces
                                                                               new management of the organization,
                                                                               effective January 1, 2017.
                                                                                 Steven Pacilio has been named  as
                                                                               President of Lift-All Company. Mr. Pa-
                                                                               cilio has been with Lift-All for 19 years
                                                                               starting as the Assistant Plant Manag-

                                                                                          Steven Pacilio
                                                                               er in the Chicago plant. He has brought
                                                                               vision and continual improvement  to
         Gavin Arnell, product technician (right), receives his P1E Foundation Course certificate from   the Operations side of Lift-All and will
         Alfie Lee, operations director at Straightpoint.                      continue  to do the same leading the

         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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