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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Campbell® Introduces New           Straightpoint Pioneers
         Swivel Hoist Hooks                 Load Cell Bluetooth
         Redesigned latch assembly          Technology
         features extra-thick steel           A new Bluetooth app  for smart de-
         construction                       vices, named after Straightpoint’s (SP)
           Campbell®, a premier brand of chain   Handheld plus display unit,  is  now
         and fittings from Apex Tool Group, to-  available for  download and easy con-
         day announced its new Swivel Hoist   nection to the manufacturer’s recently
         Hooks. The new hooks feature a heavy-  launched range of load cells that boast
         duty latch  and spring  assembly and   the  same  technology.  The  innovative
         other improvements.                pairing is set to revolutionize the way
           The new latch and spring assembly is   data is captured and supplied in below-
         designed for exceptional durability. The   the-hook and other force measurement
         heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch   applications.
         with reinforcing rib provides ultimate   The HHP app, available on iOS and
         rigidity and bending resistance  and   Android platforms, uses  Bluetooth
         has  a  yellow  chromate  finish  for  cor-  (wireless  technology  for  exchanging
         rosion resistance. The double-strength   data over short distances) to collect in-
         spring ensures the latch is held against   formation from a single load cell up to
         the hook to securely retain slings and   50m away. Further, the app can pack-
         other components. For added durabil-  age up the data collected and send it   SP’s revolutionary HHP app is available on iOS
                                            onto a recipient in the form of an Excel   and Android platforms. The app can package
                        Campbell® 11-Ton Steel   spreadsheet.                  up data collected and send it onto a recipient
                         Alloy Swivel Hoist Hook                               in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
                             with Latch       The free-of-charge app  adds  conve-
                                            nience  and  cost  efficiency  to  the  vast   herent convenience of having the app on
                                            majority of  applications involving  SP   a smart device that is on their person.”
                                            equipment  where a single force mea-  The HHP app is user friendly but can
                                            suring device is used in close proximity   be downloaded  in simulation mode so
                                            to  a  reader  and  /  or  data-logging  sys-  users  can  practice  before  utilizing  it
                                            tem. Until now, wireless readings were   in a real-life application. It is compat-
                                            only possible on the handheld system,   ible with any SP product that fits the
                                            while the company’s multiple wireless   usage criteria,  which  can  be selected
         ity, the hooks  are designed with dual   load cell  controller  (SW-MWLC)  soft-  via a straightforward menu.  Units  of
         forged support bosses, providing later-  ware was required to convert data into   measurement and calibration settings
         al support for precise latch/hook align-  another format.             are among other variables that can be
         ment and engagement.                 Those  existing products remain in-  specified with equal simplicity.
           “These U.S.-made Swivel Hoist    tegral to the  SP  offering;  the  Hand-  Ayling concluded: “The launch of the
         Hooks are the toughest Campbell    held  plus  has  a  range  of  up  to  700m   Bluetooth  range  chimes  with  a gravi-
         has ever offered,” said Lyn Bethea,   (2,300 ft.)  and the  SW-MWLC  pack-  tational pull towards IoT [Internet of
         Campbell product manager. “Users   age displays and logs data from up to   Things] and could be game-changing in
         need equipment that is strong, long-  100 SP  wireless  load cells  simultane-  that we’re not aware of any other solu-
         lasting, and easy to use. These new   ously.  This  is  cutting-edge technology   tions on the market that harness the
         Swivel Hoist Hooks live up to the rig-  in its own right but is suited to more   benefits  of  this  technology  through  a
         orous demands of rigging and lifting   demanding, specialist applications for   mobile app. Once again we’ve demon-
         on the jobsite.”                   which the app is not designed. Capac-  strated our pioneering intent and we’re
           With a 5:1 design factor, the new   ity isn’t a dictating factor to its use, al-  keen to monitor uptake through down-
         Swivel Hoist Hooks meet or exceed   though the heavier the load the more   load numbers in the coming weeks.”
         the requirements of ASME B30.10.   likely it is that multiple load cells will
         The working load limit ranges from   be used and the operator will be at a  Elebia Launches NEO Hook
         3/4 ton to 22 tons, with hooks avail-  greater distance from it.      for Lifting Bell Furnaces
         able in carbon steel (blue) or alloy   David  Ayling,  Director  at  SP,  said:   Elebia has unveiled a new 20t capaci-
         steel (orange).                    “We’ve been experimenting with Blue-  ty automatic hook specifically designed
           Along with Rated Capacity and Made   tooth  technology  for  some  time—it’s   for lifting bell furnaces.  Automation
         in USA markings, two new hallmarks   been used with our Clamp On Line   and remote operation of the NEO is
         are forged into each hook: A Latch Code   Tensionmeter (or COLT)—but that re-  suited to environments where metals
         for easy, accurate replacement order-  search was part of a journey towards   are heated to extreme temperatures in
         ing and 45-degree Guide Markings on   the landmark launch of the new load   movable dome coils.
         both sides of the hook. For more infor-  cells  and  accompanying  app.  Distribu-  The  Barcelona, Spain-based manu-
         mation about Campbell  Swivel Hoist   tors and partners have lauded its abil-  facturer has introduced the NEO safe-
         Hooks,  visit  www.campbellchainand-  ity to send reports from the same device   ty hook, which can also be used for lift-                      that captures the data and noted the in-  ing and maneuvring loads that have an

         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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