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needed to displace the disc 80. Once a disc 80 becomes dis-  to use the method in a cost effective, efficient and precise
         placed the cable can then self destruct causing damage not   manner. By removing the coating 12, applying the barrel 16
         only to itself but the drive mechanism as well.      and then molding the disc 80 over the barrel 16 the exact
           A portion of the coating 12 under the barrel 16 is left on   placement of each of these members is accomplished, which
         so that even though the coating is cut into many little sec-  is critical to the proper function of the cable conveying sys-
         tions, the barrel 16 helps retain the coating 12 in place and   tem. Also removing the coating 12 while not damaging the
         also seals out foreign material as well as keeping the needed   wire rope 14 that lays underneath is of utmost importance
         lubrication inside. For example, barrels 16 are 1/2” long, so   to retain the integrity of the flexible member. The appara-
         only 3/8” of coating 12 is removed, leaving 1/16” of coating 12   tus  and  method  of  the  present  invention  allows  a  coated
         inside of each end of the barrel 16.                 cable 13 solution that has a much higher maximum disc
           The apparatus of the present invention makes it possible   adhesion which allows a more reliable and totally sealed
                                                              assembly. The speed and accuracy of the apparatus con-
                                                              tributes to the feasibility of the method and allows a cost
                                                              competitive, superior product. n

                                                                In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
                                                                By the time of this occasion, the company had designed and built the world’s
                                                                record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest elevation (Argentina);
                                                                Length of system over water (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest
                                                                                  capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway);
                                                                                  and, Southernmost (Chile).
                                                                                  Written by the great-great grandson of
                                                                                  the company’s founder, this book includes
                                                                                  over 100 pictures and detailed engineering
                                                                                  drawings that explore the legendary
                                                                                  company’s history, and several of its record-
                                                                                  holding systems.
                                                                                        Available at for
                                                                                        your Kindle or in paperback.
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         Figure 25: Perspective view showing the swaging die.

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