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are manufactured with the same time-  Stuart  Trinder,  sales  and distribu-
         tested components used by RopeBlock   tion manager at RRS, said: “It was im-
         on their block and ball products, includ-  portant to calculate and document the
         ing high capacity swivel thrust bear-  weight  of  each  item so  we  know  how
         ings,  forged hooks,  and RopeBlock’s   much load to put on the vehicles when
         smart engineering. The hooks use a   delivering to site. The information is
         point-locking latch that also serves to   also included in the product’s method
         monitor distortion and potential defor-  statement  as some areas where cus-
         mation, which is a good first-line indi-  tomers wish  to set up the equipment
         cator.                             have a maximum load limit. The heavi-
           The full range of Round Overhaul   est items were the 2.5t rams so one can   The latest great Value by
         Balls will be available through your lo-  imagine the importance of understand-
         cal RopeBlock distributor. Associated   ing the weight of each component.”
         Wire Rope will  be prepared for quick   The  application  showcased  RRS’s
         shipment of most models from  their   ability to utilize its existing inven-
         Southern  California distribution cen-  tory, including the 5t capacity Radio-  Universal Plate
         ter.  Please  direct  questions  to  sales@  link plus wireless load cells that are in   Lifting Clamps                       each of the company’s rigging vehicles;
                                            the 34t capacity truck-mounted Fassi
         Rapid riggers utilize              F365A  crane;  and  other  below-the-
         longevity of Straightpoint         hook equipment.
         load cells                           David Ayling, director at Straight-
           Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) once   point, said: “Rapid’s  application reso-
         again demonstrated the reliability and   nated with me because it showcased
         durability of Straightpoint’s range of   the reliability and longevity of equip-
         force  measurement, load monitoring   ment  that  has  been  in  the  field  for
         and suspended load cell equipment   many years.  We  frequently  commu-
         whilst weighing components of its new   nicate to industry about our new and
         200t capacity Mega Lift.           innovative  products  but perhaps we
           RRS recently took delivery of its sec-  could  more  readily champion  the  vol-
         ond Mega Lift—it already had a small-  ume of kit that has been in service for
         er 60t capacity system—and had a re-  many years even in the most demand-
         quirement to weigh all four rams, two   ing of industries.”
         beams and the trackway. The systems   Trinder said: “The load cells were
         lift by extraction of the legs, different   integral to the operation. We have 10
         to conventional gantries that use a lift-  rigger vans of varying sizes and most
         ing device such as a winch or a strand   carry on board a Radiolink plus. Using
         jack. The complete gantry system and   equipment  at the Portsmouth depot
         load can be slid on tracks.        we were able to weigh all the required
                                            components within  a few hours using
                                            our own crane operator, a lift supervi-
                                            sor and a rigger.”
                                              He continued: “Straightpoint’s kit is
                                            bullet proof. Their  load cells  are the
                                            best available in the market and they
                                            never let the rigging teams down. They
                                            often encounter a requirement to check
                                            weights in the field as the information
                                            provided or stamped on the equipment
                                            can prove to be inaccurate.”
                                              Trinder added that the load cells and   ONE STOP SHOP
                                            Mega Lift will again combine onsite
                                            whenever there is a need to calculate          HOISTS
                                            the accurate weight of a load. “I would
                                            estimate that one in three Mega Lift          RIGGING
                                            projects require the use of Straight-       HARDWARE
                                            point’s equipment,” he said.
                                              For weighing the Mega Lift’s compo-          SLINGS
                                            nents, the team also utilized RRS’s new
                                            Kinetic Enterprise system from Motion
                                            Software to document the information,   877-LIFT AMH
                                            sourced to control inspection compli-
                                            ance  processes.  In  the  field,  RRS  can
                                            use  the  software  to  manage multiple
          RRS used the load cell beneath the hook of a   inspections and issue reports in addi-
          34t capacity truck-mounted Fassi F365A crane.  more products on next page

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