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and no-smudge surface protection, the
                                            NEW PRODUCTS                       Brass Knuckle® SmartCut™ BKCR404
                                            continued from previous page       is the glove for you. This glove is ideal
                                                                               for  handling  finer-surfaces  and  fin-
                                            positioned at the front of the house and
                                            lifted the modular building to its rear,   ished  goods,  like  glass,  polished met-
                                            while the crane operator and banksman   als, painted or powder coat surfaces,
                                            communicated via two-way radio.    ceramics and more.
                                              The building was landed onto blocks   BKCR404 is thoughtfully designed—
                                            before a six-strong team from RRS un-  starting  with  upwinding  of  a  high-
                                            shackled the webbing slings and pulled   quality, ultra-high-molecular-weight
             The latest great Value by                                         polyethylene fiber thread blend to en-
                                            them clear. They then jacked up the
                                            building  using  toe  jacks,  removed the   sure dexterity and tactile sensitivity.
                                            blocks and lowered it to its final posi-  This  HDPE  knit  fiber  provides  ANSI
                                            tion on the ground.                cut  level  4  protection  without  bulk.
                                                                               The  soft  polyurethane coating  over
                 Universal Plate              Barber said: “The  customer  [Low   palms and fingers is extremely pliable,
                  Lifting Clamps            Carbon Construction Worldwide Ltd   enhancing  dry  grip.  When  compared
                                            or  LCC] had arranged closure  of  the
                                            residential street,  consulted  the local   to nitrile and latex coatings, polyure-
                                            authority and engaged with neighbors,   thane offers the highest level of dex-
                                            so from our point of view the lift was   terity and improves ergonomics.
                                            straightforward. We positioned mar-  The  carefully  manufactured  coat-
                                            shals on the pavement to ensure no by-  ing on the BKCR404 leaves minimal
                                            standers entered the lift zone.”   marking (residue)—even  on glass,
                                              Prior  to the lift,  RRS had collected   metal  or  other  fine  finishes.  Proving
                                            the building panels and delivered them   to  this  benefit,  the  BKCR404  is  ap-
                                            to its Portsmouth, UK depot. There,   proved by PPG—a Fortune 500 com-
                                            LCC utilized warehouse  space to as-  pany and global supplier of paints,
                                            semble the modular building before it   coatings,  specialty  materials,  chemi-
                                            was transported to the site and lifted   cals,  glass,  and  fiberglass—on  its
                                            by the Liebherr.                   low emissivity (or low-e glass coated)
                                              Barber concluded: “This kind of lift   products due to minimal marking and
                                            is becoming more popular. With hous-  easy clean up.
                                            ing at a premium, people are looking at   Fit is an integral part of comfort, af-
                                            easy ways of expanding their current   fecting both productivity and wearer
                                            property and offsite-constructed rooms   compliance. These gloves reflect Brass
                                            are one such  solution. One of the ap-  Knuckle’s fit, form and function devel-
                                            peals is that costs are limited as con-  opment methodology, wherein  stitch-
                                            struction is completed offsite in a fac-  ing,  yarn  combinations  and coatings
                                            tory environment.”                 each must account  for natural curva-
                                                                               ture of the hand and flex points.
                                            Hand protection that also            When you need a high level of cut and
                                            protects products:                 slip resistance, but need to both main-
                                            Brass Knuckle BKCR404              tain dexterity and protect the products
                                                                               that are being handled, there’s no bet-
                                              When the job calls for heavy-duty   ter choice than BKCR404.
                                            cut protection, handy slip-resistance,

                                                         Brass Knuckle®
                                                       SmartCut™ BKCR404

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