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continued from previous page       improvement in efficiency and operat-
         across plates or climb on top of them   ing economy, “ says Andrew Kloecker,
         to turn  the magnet on or off. These   Eriez Manager of Distribution and Ma-
         practices can often result in back inju-  terial Handling. “SafeHold magnets re-
         ries. Activating these types of magnets   quire fewer operators and helpers and
         also  puts workers  at risk  for  injuries   make quick work of difficult steel han-
         caused in the event the lever propels   dling  tasks  which  are  difficult  or  im-
         back at them. The revolutionary design   possible with old-fashioned magnets.”
         of  Eriez  SafeHold Permanent  Lifting   SafeHold RPL Series Lifting Mag-
         Magnets puts an end to these issues.  nets  handle  both  round  and  flat  ma-
           SafeHold Permanent Lifting Magnets   terials.  To learn more about SafeHold
         are ideal for carrying semi-finished prod-  Lifting Magnets and download the Eriez   Adjustable
                                                                                 Telescopic Spreader Beam
         ucts such as machined parts, castings,   Lift Magnet Selection Guide, visit http://  from Peerless Industrial Group
         press molds, steel plates, bars, tubes and
         more without slings, hooks or cables.                                 construction applications. The ATSB is
         These magnets are available in ceramic  Peerless Industrial Group,    available from 2 Ton thru  40 Ton ca-
         and Rare Earth models, lift up to 10,000  Inc. introduces Model ATSB   pacities with outside spreads that ad-
         pounds, need no outside power source  Adjustable Telescopic           just from a minimum of 4 to 6 feet to a
         and can be turned on and off with ease.   Spreader Beam               maximum of 12 to 20 feet.
           “For customers upgrading  from old-  Peerless  Industrial Group,  Inc. in-  The  ATSB Adjustable Telescopic
         er  style  lifting  magnets to  SafeHold   troduces their ATSB, Adjustable Tele-  Spreader Beam features  a telescopic
         magnets, the payoff  is an immediate   scopic Spreader Beam ideal for outdoor   design,  is  ideal for  accommodating

         BOOK REVIEW                      by Barbara Spencer

            Chief Engineer Washington Roebling, The Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge by Erica Wagner

           It was May 1883, and the New York and   father John, and his wife Emily.
         Brooklyn  Bridge  was  finally  complete.   Although other books have been writ-
         Throngs of people celebrated its grand   ten about the Brooklyn Bridge, per-
         opening. The  New  York  Times  dubbed   haps the most popular being David Mc-
         May 24th “the people’s day,” and said,   Cullough’s  The  Great  Bridge  published
         “The select ten thousand who participated   in 1972, Wagner’s work includes new
         in the ceremonious opening of the bridge   insights gleaned from a manuscript writ-
         were as nothing when compared with the   ten by Washington, who called it his “bi-
         vast multitudes that swept across the   ography of J. A. Roebling.” It was discov-
         East River structure yesterday.”   ered years after McCullough’s book was
           The Brooklyn Daily Eagle described   published, in the 1980s, by Donald Say-
         its chief  engineer,  45 year-old Wash-  enga, a historian of the Roebling family
         ington Roebling: “Col. Roebling is about   and former general manager of Bethle-
         five feet ten inches tall. He is a blond of   hem  Wire  Rope.  The  American  Society
         the German type, with large expressive   of Civil Engineers published the manu-
         gray eyes. … a newspaper reporter de-  script,  renamed  Washington  Roebling’s
         scribed him as unpretentious in man-  Father, A Memoir of John A. Roebling, in
         ner and one might scan him for hours   2009. (A book review and related story of
         and see no traits except his continu-  the published manuscript will appear in   “This book is a ‘must’ for the library of
         ous quiet with a firm individuality and   the August issue of WRN&ST.)  anyone seriously interested in the evolu-
         strong self-composure. He is a man of   Thanks to those and other writings,   tion of the wire rope industry,” says Don
         very versatile attainments.”       Wagner shares stories of Washington’s   Sayenga. “As the first-ever, accurate bi-
           In her new book,  Chief Engineer   youth, including quotes about his abu-  ography of the oldest of the three Roe-
         Washington  Roebling,  The  Man  Who   sive father. She includes detailed ac-  bling sons who established their family
         Built the Brooklyn Bridge, Erica Wag-  counts  of  Washington’s  experiences   name as the hallmark of American wire
         ner tells a thorough story of Washing-  while serving in the Civil War, and de-  rope, it fills a space which has been va-
         ton’s life, starting from his early child-  scribes his decades-long struggle with   cant too long. The history of technology
         hood. She follows the life of his father   poor health. Wagner also focuses on the   is the weakest sector of history for two
         John Roebling as well until his death   personal and business relationship be-  reasons; the researchers and inventors
         from a freak work accident in 1869.  tween Washington and his wife Emily.   who improve our technology often are
           Wagner’s  book  also  includes stories   Writes Wagner, “…whenever possible   secretive and are poor communicators,
         about other engineering projects by   in this book, I have allowed Washington   while at the same time the historians
         Washington and his father John. But   to speak for himself. There is a stead-  who interpret technological change fre-
         like the writer of that article in the Eagle   fastness in his writing, in his voice, that   quently do not have expertise and can-
         when the Brooklyn Bridge opened, she   makes him an admirable companion; but   not fully describe their subject. Wash-
         focuses on accounts that give the read-  there is anxiety, intemperance, anger,   ington A. Roebling was an exception. He
         er insight into the personalities of key   and prejudice in his character, too. But   knew what he was talking about, and he
         characters,  including  Washington,  his   flaws as much as virtue make a man.”  talked about it with candor.”

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