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out during extreme use – delivering the
         highest degree of load securement on the
         market. This innovative product is part
         of Columbus McKinnon’s commitment to
         designing  the  safest  and  most  efficient
         lifting equipment in the industry.
           “The development of CM Weblok is a
         direct result of us listening to our cus-
         tomers,” said Troy Raines, Chain and
         Rigging Product Engineering Manag-
         er. “A team of CMCO application and
         product  specialists,  product  managers
         and engineers  worked  closely  with  a
         major automotive manufacturer to ad-
         dress  its  safety concerns.  As  a  result,
         Columbus McKinnon  delivered a safe
         and viable solution when our competi-
         tion couldn’t.”
           Made in the USA, CM Weblok As-
         semblies are versatile and easy to use.
         Made of durable forged alloy steel,
         CM Webloks feature greater ductility,
         better fatigue life and higher ductile
         strength  than  cast parts.  CM  Weblok
         Assemblies  have a 5:1 design  factor
         and are 100 percent proof tested. They
         are designed to meet ASTM A9652 and   The building, which  was to be used   slings. We had to use spreader beams
         WSTDA-RS1 standards.               as an office for an architect, was 10m   to support the main building and inter-
           To learn more about the CM Weblok   by 4m by 3m and weighed 6t. A one-  nally brace the unsupported section.”
         Assembly, or any of our rigging prod-  over-two-over-four  spreader  beam  Rapid utilized a CMOD modular
         ucts, call Columbus McKinnon  Chan-  configuration  would  have  created  a   spreader system, where the struts from
         nel Services at 800-888-0985  or visit   statically determinate or balanced lift,   the spreader beam were combined with                   limiting skewing so the load would be   four corner units to complete a frame. At
                                            evenly distributed. However, the build-  the top, RRS employed MOD 12 spread-
         Modular Spreader Frame             ing had a missing corner that demand-  er beams along with the corners to cre-
         provides rigging solution          ed a more innovative solution.     ate a 4m by 4m square, below which
           Below-the-hook  equipment manu-    Paul Barber, Managing Director at   four additional MOD 12 beams were
         facturer Modulift provided a solution   RRS, said: “The missing  corner facili-  used at 2m long apiece. The beams, all
         when  the  height  of  rigging  had  to  be   tated the attachment of the building to   sourced from RRS stock, combined with
         kept to a minimum, as Rapid Response   a residential property. We weren’t able   four 5t 5m webbing slings, eight 5t 2m
         Solutions  (RRS) delivered a  modular   to have any rigging supporting the nar-  round slings and four 10t 4m round
         building to a residential street in Ems-  rower  end, as once  against the house   slings from Miller Weblift.
         worth, Hampshire, UK recently.     we wouldn’t be able to remove the    Anthony  Culshaw,  Senior  Design
                                                                               Engineer at Modulift, said: “RRS have
                                                                               used a well-planned lifting solution to
                                                                               avoid using too much rigging in a head-
                                                                               room critical  situation.  The CMOD
                                                                               system  was  developed  specifically  to
                                                                               ease rigging requirements and reduce
                                                                               headroom, and this lift cleverly takes
                                                                               advantage of both of those features.”
                                                                                 He added: “RRS also made use of the
                                                                               same series  of  beams throughout  the
                                                                               rig, using a CMOD 12 frame with MOD
                                                                               12 spreaders. This would have meant
                                                                               that much of the equipment on site was
                                                                               interchangeable including  both the
                                                                               strut sections and the bolting for the
                                                                               beams  and frame, further easing the
                                                                               assembly of the system.”
                                                                                 A 200t capacity Liebherr LTM 1200-
                                                                               5.1 was chosen before extensive delib-
                                                                               eration  over  the  rigging  configuration,
                                                                               based on its weight and radius, com-
                                                                               plete with a long telescopic boom. It was
         Rapid utilised a CMOD modular spreader system, where the struts from the spreader beam   continued on next page
         were combined with four corner units to complete a frame.
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