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         not only to elevators with machine below.            be coated, uncoated, and/or provided with a rubber-like fill-
           Figures 26, 27 and 28 present cross-sections of steel wire   er, such as polyurethane or some other suitable filler, added
         ropes used in the invention. The ropes in these figures con-  to the interior structure of the rope and acting as a kind of
         tain thin steel wires 403, a coating 402 on the steel wires   lubricant lubricating the rope and also balancing the pres-
         403 and/or partly between the steel wires 403 and in figure   sure between wires 403 and strands 405.
         26 a coating 401 over the steel wires. The rope presented in   The use of a filler makes it possible to achieve a rope that
         figure 27 is an uncoated steel wire rope with a rubber-like   needs no lubrication, so its surface can be dry. The coating
         filler added to its interior structure, and figure 26 presents a   used  in  the  steel  wire  ropes  may be  made of  the  same or
         steel wire rope provided with a coating in addition to a filler   nearly the same material as the filler or of a material that
         added to the internal structure. The rope presented in figure   is better suited for use as a coating and has properties, such
         28 has a non-metallic core 404, which may be a solid or fi-  as friction and wear resistance properties, that are better
         brous structure made of plastic, natural fiber or some other   suited to the purpose than a filler. The coating of the steel
         material suited for the purpose. A fibrous structure will be   wire rope may also be so implemented that the coating mate-
         good if the rope is lubricated, in which case lubricant will   rial penetrates partially into the rope or through the entire
         accumulate in the fibrous core. The core thus acts as a kind   thickness of the rope, giving the rope the same properties as
         of  lubricant  storage.  The  steel  wire  ropes  of  substantially   the filler mentioned above. The use of thin and strong steel
         round cross-section used in the elevator of the invention may   wire ropes according to the invention is possible because the
                                                              steel wires 403 used are wires of special strength, allowing
                                                              the ropes to be made substantially thin as compared with
                                                              steel wire ropes used before.
                                                               The ropes presented in figures 26 and 27 are steel wire
                                                              ropes having a diameter of about 4 mm. For example, when
                                                              a 2:1 suspension ratio is used, the thin and strong steel wire
                                                              ropes of the invention preferably have a diameter of about
                                                              2.5 mm-5 mm in elevators for a nominal load below 1000 kg,
                                                              and preferably about 5 mm-8 mm in elevators for a nominal
                                                              load above 1000 kg. In principle, it is possible to use ropes
                                                              thinner than this, but in this case a large number of ropes
                                                              will be needed. Still, by increasing  the suspension  ratio,
                                                              ropes thinner than those mentioned above can be used for
                                                              corresponding loads, and at the same time a smaller and
          Figure 28: Third steel wire rope used in the elevator.  lighter elevator machine can be achieved. WRN

                                                                Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017  65
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