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         The apparatus facilitates the method of stripping a section   cable 13 is guided down into the die 20 by the locators 21
         of coating from the coated cable, and securing a barrel to the   and 22. As the die 20 closes the cable coating 12 is cut. The
         cable over the stripped section. The barrel acts as an attach-  die 20 is now closed and the cable coating 12 has been fully
         ment point for molded discs carried on the cable.    severed. Air cylinders fire separating the top slides 24. The
           As best shown in figures 21-25, coated cable 13 is fed into   slides 24 pull the cable coating 12 with their tooth/teeth as
         the  apparatus  10  from  left  to  right.  The  stripping  die  20,   they open. Air cylinders fire separating the bottom slides 26
         the swaging die 40, and the spacing fixture all operate si-  from underneath the coated cable 13. This helps separate
         multaneously, once the initial section  11 of coating  12 is   the coating 12 from the cable wire 14 and allows a place for
         stripped and the initial barrel 16 is swaged. The operation
         of the stripping die 20 is generally described in the following
         sequence of operations.
           The die 20 is open and the coated cable 13 is loaded into
         the bottom half die locators 21. As the die 20 begins to close,
         the  top locators  22  meet against  the  bottom locators  21
         trapping the coated cable 13 between both locators 21 and
         22. The die 20 continues to close, and as it does the coated

                                                              Figure 22: Next step wherein the cable is advanced to the left and a
                                                              metal barrel is positioned over the stripped portion of the cable.

                                                              the waste coating 12 to go. An air cylinder fires pulling on
                                                              the top locators 24. As the top locators 24 go up the springs
                                                              in the bottom locators 26 push them up and the cable wire
                                                              14 is pulled with them. This separates the coating 13 from
         Figure 21:  Schematic view  illustrating the  apparatus and method   the cable wire 14. The die 20 then returns to the top position
         wherein the coated cable is first positioned in the apparatus to strip   and the air cylinders are returned to their start positions.
         off a section of coating.                                                             continued on next page

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