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process applications in a manufacturing   Power Sling® offers unparalleled safe-
         environment, not intended for lifting   ty and ease of handling. Each shackle
           • On-Demand  Sheaves:  6" to 12"   has been individually proofload tested
         sheaves, made in the USA, delivered in   to twice the Working Load Limit; more
         three (3) days or less  to your shop or   than any other competing product.
         your job site                      Long-term performance is guaran-
           • Custom Sheaves: What you specify   teed by extensive fatigue testing (over
         is what you get, made to order to match   40.000 cycles). Material characteristics
         your technical requirements        have been  thoroughly  examined, both
           “We can offer our customers an op-  internally and in the shackle’s surface,
         tion for pairing Loos & Co., Inc. cable   by MPI-tests, ultrasonic inspection and
         and wire rope with a quality line of pul-  X-ray tests. Furthermore,  the Power
         leys and sheaves,” says Robert Davis,   Sling® offers great handling thanks to
         Vice President, Sales and Marketing   the lower  body weight,  multiple han-
         for Loos & Co., Inc. “We pride ourselves   dling points and RFID-chips in  both
         in providing the performance our cus-  shackle body and pin.
         tomers need, when they need it. Offer-  The  Green  Pin  Power  Sling®  is
         ing  pulleys  and sheaves  broadens  the   available in  a range  from WLL  125T
         products and solutions we bring to the   to 1250T.  The Power Sling® can be
         markets we serve.”                 supplied with a variety of certificates.
           All pulley and sheave products are   More  information (product video, bro-
         available for immediate  order. Ad-  chure) can be found on the special web-
         ditional information  about these  and   page:
         other Loos and Company products can   Green Pin® is the leading brand for
         be obtained by calling 800-533-5667 or   premium synthetic- and steel wire rope
         visiting           accessories such as shackles and turn-
                                            buckles  and is widely known  for its
         Green Pin® introduces the          high quality and superior availability.
         Power Sling® Shackle: save         Green Pin® is a brand of the Van Beest
         up to 20% on wire rope costs       Group, the Dutch manufacturer of high
           Green Pin® introduces the Green Pin   quality rigging  equipment. The  Van
         Power  Sling®  Shackle.  The  Green  Pin   Beest Group has offices in The Nether-
         Power Sling® Shackle lets customers   lands, Germany, France and USA, and
         save up to 20% on synthetic- and wire   stock holding distributors in more than
                                            90 countries worldwide.
           Green Pin®                       Eriez® SafeHold® Lifting
          Power Sling®                      Magnets improve safety and
            Shackle                         increase productivity
            Van Beest                         When  properly installed  and oper-
                                            ated, SafeHold® Permanent Lifting
                                            Magnets from Eriez®  are safer  and
                                            more  efficient  than  other  mechanical
                                            material handling devices. Customers
                                            who have upgraded to SafeHold mag-
                                            nets from older manual magnets report
                                             Eriez® SafeHold®
                                              Lifting Magnet

         rope costs thanks to its revolutionary de-                                One STOp SHOp
         sign (patent pending). It has an optimal
         D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10%)                                             HOISTS
         in the industry. About the latest Green                                          RIGGInG
         Pin® innovation, Vice President of Sales                                        HARDWARe
         & Procurement Evert  van Beuzekom
         said: “The transport and installation in-                                         SLInGS
         dustry continues to be focused on cost ef-
         fectiveness, while obviously not wanting
         to make any compromises on quality and   decreased workplace  injuries  and in-
         safety. The ability of the Green Pin Pow-  creased productivity.          877-LIFT AMH
         er Sling® Shackle to save customers up   Operators utilizing an old-fashioned
         to 20% on synthetic- and wire rope costs   manual-locking  magnet suspended
         is thus very timely and gives them a real   from an overhead crane to move heavy
         competitive advantage”.            steel plates are often forced to reach
           On top of its cost saving benefits, the          continued on next page
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