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smaller package for strategic deploy-  maintenance work  on aircraft or con-
         NEW PRODUCTS                       ment and fast transport to any location.  struction applications with all new ver-
         continued from previous page         The crane can be easily disassembled   satility in assembly work  to increase
         New Sky-Riser, mobile              by removing  the  two  legs  with  tires,   productivity and mobility at a lower
         hydraulic crane                    the boom is removed  and the adjust-  cost. It is an ideal tool where portabil-
                                                                               ity and higher lifts are required.
                                            able stabilizers are caster equipped so
         Reaching new heights yet rugged,   the crane mast with the base is mobile   For  more  information,  contact  ATI
         compact and portable               even in its disassembled condition.  at 440-951-5191 or visit their website:
           Air Technical  Industries (ATI) an-  The vertically telescopic mast  pro-
         nounces  the development  of a new,   vides higher reach over obstacles and
         top notch  lifter that is  an economical   lowers for easy passage through the   New CM Weblok™ Assembly
         alternative to help raise productiv-  doorway and loading on  a truck  for   features unique double load
         ity  and  profits.  The  Sky-Riser  offers   transport. The adjustment is from 88”
         a variety of unique, versatile features   up to 126” mast height.     pin retention for optimal
         which include: vertical telescopic mast   The Sky-Riser Mobile Crane lifts up   safety
         action, powered boom rotation, tele-  to 4000 lb with the boom retracted to   Designed for use with synthetic
         scopic boom, 12 ft longer goose-neck   a height of 20 ft. With the boom tele-  slings, CM Weblok prevents pin from
         attachment for higher lift and further   scoped out, it lifts 1000 lb up to 30 ft   backing out during extreme use
         reach,  adjustable straddle for  narrow   height. With the goose-neck attach-  Combining the industry-leading CM
         passage thru doorways/aisles, and tow   ment in a straight out position it will   Hammerlok® coupling link with a CM
         bar steering with 90° swing to left and   lift 500 lb to 40 ft height and with the   web sling attachment, Columbus McK-
         right for sharp turns and precise posi-  goose-neck attachment set at 45° angle   innon  Corporation,  a  leading  designer,
         tioning.  The  unique  telescopic  outrig-  the unit will reach up to 14 ft beyond   manufacturer and marketer of material
         gers  are  120” wide  for  stability when   the wheels and a height of 36 ft.
         lifting  to  the  sky  and  are  retracted   The power mast rotation is equipped
         when not needed.                   with telescopic outriggers and the rota-
           The crane is equipped with large   tion is limited to 45° left and 45° right.
         foam-filled pneumatic tires for outdoor   All the powered features are hydrauli-
         use  on  rough  gravel.  All  the  features   cally operated action and include the
         of the large crane can be folded into a   boom lift,  telescopic  boom, vertical
                                            mast lift and the mast rotation.
                             ATI Sky-Riser
                                              The  power  source  available is  110
                                            volt AC single-phase, 240-480 3-phase,
                                            battery powered, gasoline,  diesel en-
                                            gine,  and propane  operated. For  haz-
                                            ardous locations, spark proof air power
                                            is also available.
                                              Controls are mast-mounted manual
                                            spool valves or push button remote
                                            pendant to help the user be where
                                            they need for precise positioning of the   Columbus McKinnon Weblock
                                            load or parts.                     handling products, systems and services,
                                              Take your pick: Options available are   introduces the CM Weblok™ Assembly
                                            powered cable lift, telescopic outrig-  for synthetic sling lifting applications.
                                            gers, walkie or rider style self propelled   Unlike any of its competitors, the CM
                                            drive, operational safety amber light,   Weblok features a double load pin re-
                                            and custom goose-neck attachment can   tention system, using both traditional
                                            be made to suit the user’s needs.  and bolt/lock nut retention. The unique
                                              The Sky-Riser will help to speed up   design prevents the load from backing

         64     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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