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The hydraulic gantry system lifts the 40t winch from a lorry, minutes after it had arrived
           at RRS’s Portsmouth facility from overseas.


         2017 at booth G73125.              we could rig the Mega Lift in advance
           Alps Wire  Rope is the appointed   knowing the incoming truck could re-  5X
         North  American  distributor  for  UK-  verse  under  the  beams and we  could   DESIGN
         based Petersen Stainless Rigging.   sling the load quickly.”             FACTOR
         Petersen is one of the world’s lead-  The Mega Lift was setup with four
         ing  manufacturers  of  quality-assured   legs (towers) and two overhead beams
         stainless  steel  rigging  and lifting   (girders). The system lifts by extraction
         equipment for the offshore, aerospace,   of  the  legs,  different  to conventional
         nuclear, lifting, architectural and ma-  gantries that use a lifting device such
         rine industries.                   as a winch or a strand jack. The com-
           For more information visit alpswir-  plete gantry system and load was then                         slid on tracks. Barber explained  that
                                            conventional gantries aren’t available
         Rapid Response Uses Mega           for weights up to 40t.
         Lift during transshipment            He added: “It takes an hour or so to
         of 40t winch                       set up the  Mega Lift but once rigged
           Lifting, storage and transport spe-  the lift took just minutes. It was oper-  USA Tested
         cialist Rapid Response Solutions (RRS)   ated by four individual controllers but,   and Assembled
         utilized  all  facets  of  its  business  to   as they can be used in tandem, only two   from imported
         transship  a 40t winch  for  remotely   operators were required. The Mega Lift   Components
         operated vehicle manufacturer Saab   has integral hydraulic packs, powered
         Seaeye. Integral to the job was its 60t   by a 110v transformer system.”
         capacity hydraulic gantry system.    The  winch,  which  measured 4.5m
           RRS accepted a scope of work to take   by 3.5m by 3.5m, was unloaded and
         delivery of  the  winch  and related an-  moved to an outdoor storage position,
         cillary equipment from two lorries   while an 18t Valla mini-crane from
         that had travelled from  abroad, upon   the RRS fleet was mobilised to unload
         their arrival to the UK. The equipment   the other equipment, including several
         needed to be stored at its Portsmouth   smaller winches and cable drums that
         facility for two weeks prior to delivery   Saab Seaeye requested were placed in   ONE STOP SHOP
         to a Southampton port where  it was   indoor storage. RRS offers                  HOISTS
         loaded onto a vessel for shipment to an   Barber concluded: “We purchased the
         undisclosed location.              Mega Lift in February 2015 and, at the        RIGGING
           Paul Barber, Managing Director   time, we didn’t have any contracts for      HARDWARE
         at RRS, explained that the Mega Lift   it, but since then we have found lots of
         gantry system, which it purchased two   uses for the equipment. It was almost     SLINGS
         years ago from Claxton International,   in full-time use over a period of months
         was selected due to timing issues dic-  at maritime manufacturer  Magma
         tated by the customer.             Structures,  for example, lifting and
           He said: “The incoming haulier was   lowering  yacht masts in  paint tents.   877-LIFT AMH
         unsure when the load would arrive, yet   Owing to its compactness and versatil-
         it had to be unloaded immediately once   ity it has proved popular in a myriad of
         it did. It wasn’t practical to have a mo-  other applications since.”
         bile crane waiting around the yard but          more products on next page

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