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 right  off  the  bat  not  to  do  that.  I  just
 he has kept to this day, which has
 played the game. I ate, drank, and
 allowed him to become a successful
 partied  when  the  hosts  suggested  it.  I
 importer from the very start of his
 never  said  no.  I  was  astute  with  chop
 business. He typically drop ships
 stick,  learned  how  to  toast  directly,  and
 container  loads  to those  suppliers  in
 acted  with  all  the  proper  manners. I
 North  America  and  Europe  who  don’t
 made  a  point  to  learn  all  these  things.
 have these contacts which Cushman
 My hosts often said I must have an
 has  built  up  over  the  years.
 oriental wife. For this reason I was
 Is becoming a successful importer
 accepted much quicker  than I  might
 simply  a  matter  of  traveling  to  a  foreign
 have  been  otherwise.”
 company  and  placing  an  order?  Hardly.
 In  a  typical  day  one  supplier  would
 To get good deals and build loyalty
 take  him  to  breakfast  and  then  on  a
 takes  not  only  business  savvy  but  also
 factory  tour.  Then  he  would  be  handed
 considerable cultural acumen.
 off to another supplier and go on
 Cushman  got  his  start  in  learning  how
 another  tour.  Back  at  the  hotel  he  had  a
 to  relate  to  businessmen  from  different
 half  hour  to  clean  up  and  then  it  was  off
 cultures when they would visit this
 to  a  dinner  and  party  which  would  last
 country  and  he  would  meet  them  in  the
 until  midnight.  Cushman  traveled  for
 hope  of  picking  up  new  vendors.  “We
 about 12 years. Normally he would
 would  hang  out  together  and  we  would
 embark  every  nine  months  for  two  to
 always go out in the evening,”
 three  weeks.  “The  hardest  was  when  I
 Cushman  recalls.  “I  soon  learned  that
 had  23  flights  in  22  days,”he  recalls.
 Koreans, Chinese, and others from
 Cushman had many interesting
 oriental  countries  did  not  like  steak  or
 experiences on his travels. “My first
 hamburgers.  I  would  take  them  to  the
 experience  in  mainland  China  in  the
 best ethnic restaurant representing
                           company’s  116'  long  test  bed.
 1980s  was  like  going  back  200  years,  he
 their  culture.  I  still  do  that  today.”
                           world for two weeks. No one knew
 recalls.  “There  was  no  infrastructure,
 When Cushman began visiting
                           where  I  was. My family was  a  little
 no  transportation  systems,  and  limited
 foreign countries, he knew how to
                           concerned.  My  wife  said  never  do  that
 accomodations.  On  my  second  trip  to
 behave.  “A  lot  of  people  don’t  believe  in
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 China  I  was  cut  off  from  the  outside
 mixing  in  and  think  it’s  best  to  remain   a  little  aloof,”  Cushman  says.  “I  learned   1-3/4"  boom  pendants  being  tested  on  the
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 12      together to form a larger wire. In one example, the diameter   is mechanically connected to tension system support 16 and
                     Wire  Rope  News  &  Sling  Technology          August  2006
         of rigging 10 is 11 mm. In another example, the diameter   nut and jam nut 24. It should be noted that nut and jam nut
         of rigging 10 is 5/16 in. In other examples, rigging 10 is of   24 may also include a plate that acts as a mating interface
         any diameter that exhibits suitable tension and wire rope   between tension system spring 18 and nut and jam nut 24.
         strength necessary for tower service lift applications. Rig-  Tension system spring 18 is intended to provide flexibility to
         ging 10 may also be coated with any suitable material, such   guide wire 6 so that as the tension on guide wire 6 changes,
         as zinc or any other coating material. In another example,   the tension system spring 18 will flex thereby allowing guide
         rigging 10 is galvanized. In yet another example, rigging 10   wire 6 to accommodate the change in load without placing
         is raw “bright” steel.                               too much stress on guide wire 6 thereby preventing break-
           Figure 14 is a side view of guide wire tension assembly 4.   age in guide wire 6. Additionally, the flexing, or movement,
         Guide wire tension assembly 4 further includes tension loss   in tension system spring 18 may actuate in to movement of
         sensor 14, tension system support 16, tension system spring   tension loss sensor 14. In doing so, tension loss sensor 14 is
         18, continuity plug 20, wire rope termination device 22, nut   able to detect tension by the movement of tension system
         and jam nut 24, and back-up tension measuring device 26.   spring 18. Tension system spring 18 may be a coil spring
         Tension loss sensor 14 is electrically connected to continuity   (also known as a helical spring), which may be constructed of
         plug 20 and mechanically connected to one or more plates   any commercially available material commonly used in coil
         that are disposed proximal to nut and jam nut 24. Tension   springs. This material may include any steel alloy including
         loss sensor 14 operates by detecting stress that is transmit-  high-carbon, low-carbon, chrome, or stainless steel.
         ted through guide wire 6, which is transmitted through ten-  Wire rope termination device 22 is mechanically connect-
         sion system spring 18. The stress, or tension, is created by   ed to guide wire 6 on one end and mechanically connected
         the opposing upward or downward force of TSL 8 by rigging   to nut and jam nut 24 at the other end. In another example,
         10 of figure 13 on guide wire 6 and in turn tension system   wire rope termination device 22 is mounted to a lower por-
         spring 18. In the event that an opposing upward force is lost   tion of tower 2, such as a concrete slab at the base of tower
         or decreased, tension loss sensor 14 will detect this change   2. In another example, wire rope termination device 22 is
         in tension and may indicate this as being a tension that does   mounted to a metal plate that sits at the base of tower 2. In
         not meet a predetermined threshold. However, tension loss   one example, the purpose of wire rope termination device 22
         sensor 14 may detect tension at all times, including times   is to serve as an anchor to hold guide wire 6 in place. Guide
         of increased, decreased, or constant tension. In other exam-  wire 6 is mounted to wire rope termination device 22 via a
         ples, tension loss sensor 14 is configured to indicate any ten-  wire rope wedge socket, which is a device commonly used
         sion above or below a predetermined threshold.       in elevators for terminating wire ropes at a “close enough”
           In the example shown in figure 14, the assembly also in-  length. In another example, the connection could also be a
         cludes a tension system spring 18. Tension system spring 18                          continued on next page
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