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 Sea  Link  Wooden  Shell                                     a wire rope protection sleeve 2 are provided. Also provided
         Wire rope protection sleeve
         Pat. 9,809,427 U.S. class B66C 1/122 Int. class B66C 1/12
                                                              is a wire rope 4 that has first and second ends with thimble
 Construction  &  Fishing  Blocks                             eyes 6 positioned at each end. The thimble eyes 6 are loops
         Inventor: Bryce Elliott Randle, Highlands Ranch, CO.
         Assignee: Spoked Solutions LLC., Houston, TX.
                                                              that allow the wire rope 4 to be selectively interconnected to
           A protection sleeve is provided for a wire rope to prevent   different equipment, for example, lifting equipment for oil
         the wire rope from contacting other components in an oil and   and gas operations. It will be appreciated that other compo-
 S Siinnggllees  •  Ds  •  Doouubblleess • •   T Trriipplleess • •   R Reegguullaar  ar  annd  Hd  Heeaavvy  Wy  Wooooddeen  Bn  Blloocckkss  nents, or no components at all, may be located at the ends
         gas operation. The protection sleeve, in some embodiments,
         has a body that substantially corresponds to the wire portion   of the wire rope 4. For example, end of the wire rope 4 may
         of the wire rope, and the protection sleeve has specialized   not comprise any additional components and the other end
         flaps at the ends of the body that correspond to thimble eyes   of the wire rope 4 may comprise a wire rope clip.
         of the wire rope. The protection sleeve may have a variety   The protection sleeve  2  is  configured  to  selectively  as-
         of configurations to accommodate different aspects of a wire   semble and disassemble around the wire rope 4 to prevent
         rope or any other device that necessitates protection.  metal:metal contact between the wire rope 4 and components
           Now referring to figures 17 and 18, perspective views of   with sensitive metal compositions such as some casings and
                                                              tubulars.  In  the  embodiment  shown  in  figures  17  and  18,
                                                              the protection sleeve 2 has a body 8 substantially extending
                                                              along the length of the wire rope 4. A flap 12 is disposed at
                                                              either end of the body 8 of the protection sleeve 2. In some
                                                              embodiments, the flaps 12 correspond to the thimble eyes 6
                                                              of the wire rope 4. It will be appreciated that the particular
                                                              number and orientation of the flaps 12 may depend on the
                                                              type of wire rope 4. For instance, in some embodiments, the
                                                              protection sleeve 2 has only one flap 12 to correspond to one
 All  Material  Factory  Certified                            thimble eye 6 on the wire rope 4.
 Wooden  Shell  Blocks  3”  to  16”                            Fasteners are provided that allow the protection sleeve 2
                                                              to selectively  interconnect  upon  itself  to assemble around
 For  more  Associated  Wire  Rope  &  Rigging,  Inc. Waterman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.  the wire rope 4. The body 8 of the protection sleeve 2 has a
 information,  8125  Saran  Drive,  Playa  Del  Rey,  CA  90293  910  Mahar  Ave.,  Wilmington,  CA  90748  body fastener 10 extending along one side of the sleeve 2 and
 contact:  Ph:  1-800-901-1135  Fax:  310-448-5446  Ph:  1-800-322-3131  Fax:  310-522-1043  between two ends of the sleeve 2. When the protection sleeve
 Email:  Email:  2 is assembled and the body 8 of the sleeve 2 is wrapped
         Figure 17: First perspective view of a wire rope and an unassembled   around the wire rope 4, the body fastener 10 selectively in-
         protection sleeve.                                                                   continued on next page

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