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 Sea  Link  Wooden  Shell                                     mechanism can be operated by a zipline operator from a lo-
         supports 14, 18 respectively. Cable 46B is shuttled back and
         forth between upper and lower reels 90, 92 as indicated by
                                                              cation remote from the braked reel, such as landing platform
 Construction  &  Fishing  Blocks                             20, so that the operator, while standing on landing platform
         double-headed arrow 46S. Rider 32 is tethered to a point on
                                                              20, can visually monitor rider 32 throughout the ride and
         cable 46B. As rider 32 traverses main cable 12, brake cable
         46B is played out from upper reel 90 and taken up by lower   ensure that rider 32 is safely braked upon arrival at land-
         reel 92. After rider 32 has finished the traverse, rider 32 is   ing platform 20. In the endless loop brake line embodiment
 S Siinnggllees  •  Ds  •  Doouubblleess • •   T Trriipplleess • •   R Reegguullaar  ar  annd  Hd  Heeaavvy  Wy  Wooooddeen  Bn  Blloocckkss  shown in figure 19, a brake is preferably coupled to lower
         detached from cable 46B and cable 46B is rewound around
         upper reel 90 (i.e. brake cable 46B is played out from lower   reel 52, but may be coupled to upper reel 50 if desired. In the
         reel 92 and taken up by upper reel 90). The return path for   shuttle brake line embodiment shown in figure 20, a brake
         cable 46B as it is rewound is depicted as dashed line 48B   is coupled to upper reel 90 rather than to lower reel 92 since
         in figure 20. To keep cable 46B taut, a manually-operated   cable 46B is played out from upper reel 90.
         or motorized winch can be coupled to either or both of reels   Instead of, or in addition to, braking the reels, brake line
         90, 92 to take up any slack in cable 46B as it is played out.  40 itself may be directly braked. For example, a zipline oper-
           In any of the embodiments described above, at least one   ator may grip brake line 40 with a gloved hand to arrest the
         of the reels may be braked to slow the reel’s rate of rotation   motion of brake line 40. As a further example, a brake pad
         and to lock  the reel in a stationary position. The braking   may be pressed against brake line 40 to slow the movement
                                                              of brake line 40. To reduce potential slippage of the figure
                                                              19 endless loop brake line 40, as lower reel 52 is braked, an
                                                              optional secondary reel 54 may be provided so that brake
                                                              line 40 may be looped around both lower reel 52 and second-
                                                              ary reel 54. This configuration increases frictional contact
                                                              between brake line 40 and reels 52, 54.
                                                               Figures 21 and 22 depict a braking reel assembly 60 incor-
 All  Material  Factory  Certified                            porating lower reel frame 53, lower reel 52 and secondary
 Wooden  Shell  Blocks  3”  to  16”                           reel 54. Secondary reel 54 may be rotatably mounted to reel
                                                              frame 55 for rotation of reel 54 in the same plane as reel 52.
 For  more  Associated  Wire  Rope  &  Rigging,  Inc. Waterman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.  Reel 54 may be slightly elevated relative to lower reel 52
 information,  8125  Saran  Drive,  Playa  Del  Rey,  CA  90293  910  Mahar  Ave.,  Wilmington,  CA  90748  as shown, or the axles of reels 52, 54 may be horizontally
 contact:  Ph:  1-800-901-1135  Fax:  310-448-5446  Ph:  1-800-322-3131  Fax:  310-522-1043  aligned. As best seen in figure 21, lower cable portion 46 of
 Email:  Email:  brake line 40, travelling in direction 46A, enters reel frame
                                                              53. Intermediate portion  47 of brake line  40 then loops
         Figure 21: Top, oblique, isometric view of a landing platform braking
         reel assembly.                                                                        continued on next page
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