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         ment, the ring section might, for example, have a diameter   tive and it is to be understood that alternative lifting as-
         of about 0.76 inch and a thickness of about 0.20 inch, and   semblies  may  incorporate  the  embodiments  of  the  inven-
         the base section might have a diameter of 0.56 inch. The   tion described herein.
         ring has a circular opening 43 with an axis 44 that inter-  In the illustrated disassembled view of the portion of the
         sects and is perpendicular to axis 21.               lifting assembly 10, several elements of the overall assembly
                                                              are shown. The lifting assembly 10 comprises a cable end
         Slotted cable retainer for lifting assembly and meth-  housing 12 that defines an inner cavity 14 for housing com-
         od of assembling                                     ponents for retaining a cable end fitting 16, as will be appre-
         Pat. 9,506,528 U.S. class F16G 11/025 Int. class H02G 1/08  ciated from the description herein. The cable end housing 12
         Inventor:  Peter  J.  Tucker,  Chino,  CA.,  Michael  R.  Barone,   may be formed of several components that are operatively
         Amston, CT., Zachary Limas, Diamond Bar, CA.         coupled to each other to form the overall housing (figure 27).
         Assignee: GOODRICH CORPORATION, Charlotte, NC.       Additionally, certain components of the cable end housing
           A lifting  assembly is  provided. The  lifting  assembly in-  12 may be biased in desired manners with various biasing
         cludes a cable end housing defining an inner cavity. The lift-
         ing assembly also includes a retainer ring disposed in the
         inner cavity at an end thereof. The lifting assembly further
         includes a cable retainer disposed in the inner cavity of the
         cable end housing and operative to retain a cable end fitting
         of a cable, the cable retainer extending from a first end to a
         second end and defining a slot extending from the first end to
         the second end to provide installation and removal access of
         the cable end fitting, the slot having a first slot portion and
         a second slot portion that are angularly oriented relative to
         each other.                                          Figure 25: Disassembled view of a portion of a lifting assembly.
           Referring to figures 25 and 26, a portion of a lifting as-
         sembly is illustrated and generally referenced with numer-
         al 10. Several types of lifting assemblies, systems or devic-  members, such as the springs illustrated in figure 27. The
         es may benefit from the embodiments described herein. For   inner cavity 14 defined by the cable end housing 12 at an
         example, a crane, hoist or winch, are exemplary embodi-  interior region thereof. Although several alternative geom-
         ments of lifting assemblies that would particularly benefit   etries of the inner cavity 14 are contemplated, an exemplary
         from the embodiments of the invention described herein.   embodiment of the inner cavity 14 comprises a substantially
         However, the preceding list of examples is merely illustra-                           continued on next page

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