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                                                                  PULLEYS & SHEA

         Figure 2: Schematic cross-section through an elevator installation with a
         compensating means, a separating wall present in the lowest area of the
         hoistway between the counterweight space and the remaining hoistway   Military Specification Pulleys
         space, and a compensating-means guide with brushes.
                                                                  & Commercial Sheaves.
         prises a brush frame 9.1 which is fastened in the hoistway
         or on the floor of the hoistway and fulfills the function of a
         brush carrier. The compensating-means guide 8.1 is shown   Loos & Co., Inc. is proud to off er a
         enlarged as Detail “A” in figure 3 and described in more de-  wide variety of military specifi cation
         tail further below by reference to figures 3 and 4. Figure 2
         shows an elevator installation in which the hoistway space   and commercial pulleys and sheaves.
         occupied by the counterweight  2 in  the lower  area of the   These products are the perfect
         hoistway is separated from the hoistway space occupied by   compliment to the specialized wire
         the elevator car  1 by a permanently installed separating
         wall 9.2. To allow the compensating means 7, which is fas-  and wire ropes used in the markets
         tened at one end to the counterweight 2 and at the other end   that we have supported for years.
         to the elevator car 1, to pass from one of the hoistway spaces
         through to the other, the separating wall 9.2 has above the   Pair these products with our wide
         floor of the elevator hoistway a pass-through opening 9.2.1.
         The separating wall 9.2, i.e. in particular the part of it in   range of wire rope and cable products
         the area of the so-called pass-through opening 9.2.1, is used   and you’ll get the performance you
         as carrier for the brushes 12.1, 12.2 in the variant of the   need, when you need it.
         compensating-means guide 8.2 shown in figure 2.
           In figure 3 the circled part of the drawing marked in figure
         1 with “A” is shown enlarged so as to make the details of the
         compensating-means guide 8.1 visible, which comprise the   Call 800-533-5667 or email
         brush frame 9.1 fastened as brush carrier to, for example, for a quote today.
         the floor of the hoistway. Figure 4 is a side view of the com-
         pensating-means guide shown in figure 3. The compensating
         means 7, which can be constructed with a wire rope, as an
         open round-link chain, or as a round-link chain encased in
         plastic, or as a flat-belt type belt with integral materials of
         high density, hangs in the area of its reversal 7.1 between
         bar-shaped brushes 12.1 which are fastened on side parts  
         9.1.1, 9.1.2 of the brush frame 9.1 and hereinafter are re-
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