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The locking pin  112C is inserted  through the holes  112B
         in both segments 112A when they are placed together. The     Join The  RevoluT ion
         pin 112C may be retained in place by a “hairpin” spring clip
         112D or similar retaining element.
           The mast 12 may have a length in the range of about 40 to
         120 feet (13 to 40 meters) although the particular length of
         the mast 12 is not intended to limit the scope of the invention.
         The length of the mast 12 used in any particular application
         of the mast and stay cable system 10 may be selected such
         that an antenna element 14 disposed at the upper end of the
         mast 12 will be positioned above any vegetation or other ob-
         struction to radio communication. If the mast 12 is formed
         from longitudinally coupled segments, the length of the mast
         12 may be readily changed to suit the particular application.
           The mast 12 may be supported on its bottom end when the
         system 10 is erected by a support spike 26 coupled or affixed
         to the bottom end of the mast 12. The support spike 26 may be
         a sharp pointed, rigid device intended to penetrate the ground
         surface 30 when the mast 12 is lowered to the ground 30,
         or, alternatively, the support spike 26 may be a blunt-ended
         device configured to rest in a suitable receptacle 26A inserted
         into the ground 30. The purpose of the support spike 26, how-
         ever secured to the ground 30, is to prevent lateral movement
         of the bottom of the mast 12. In the event a receptacle 26A is
         used, the mast 12 may be configured without a support spike
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         Figure 4: Detailed view of tensioning arms.               •  Heavy-duty, all steel construction
                                                                   •  Nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant load chain
         as a separate and distinct element. In such case, the lower
         end mast 12 may be inserted directly into the receptacle 26A.  •  Easy to operate, transport and store
           During assembly of the mast system 10, the mast 12 may   •  Revolutionary freewheeling for one-handed operation
         be suspended from one end of a support cable 16. The other   •  Capacity range ¾ – 9 Ton
         end of the support cable 16 may be held above the mast po-
         sition from a helicopter or other device such as a crane or      Join the Revolution and visit us at
         winch. The cable 16 may be connected to the mast 12 by a 
         cable support 31, which may be in the form of a rod, channel,
         I-beam, stretched cable or other structure that can support
         a cable loop, closed eye, ball or other termination coupled to
         or formed in the end of the cable 16.
           In the present embodiment, the cable support 31 may be in
         the form of a rod to engage a loop in the end of the cable 16.
         The support rod 31 may be configured such that when the
         mast 12 is supported by the helicopter or other device, the         Manheim, PA/800•233•3010
         cable 16 will be stopped from moving at the upper end of the         Corona, CA/800•317•7111
         cable support rod 31 so as to transfer the weight of the mast           A Kito Group Company
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