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                             By William Fischer

         Thank you for your interest in our publication
         and this month’s patent submissions for The
         Inventor’s  Corner. Summer  is here,  but as
         I write  this, we  haven’t  seen  the  sun in the
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         Editor: We’ve had a few nice Spring-like days since this month’s Inventor’s Corner
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         is that unwanted guest that stays longer than expected and Summer checks in
         long before the room is ready!

         Mobile crane having counterweight
         Pat. 8,528,755 U.S. class 212/196 Int. class B66C 23/76
         Inventor: Hitoshi Kurotsu, Akashi, JP.
         Assignee: Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd., Tokyo, JP.
           This patent provides a mobile crane capable of adjusting a
         counterweight height with no use of a costly hydraulic cylin-
         der. The mobile crane comprises a lower propelling body, a
         upper slewing body, a boom pivotably attached to the upper
         slewing body, a mast which is at the rear of the boom and
         adapted to be raised and lowered so as to raise and lower the
         boom, a counterweight which is at the rear of the upper slew-

                                                              Figure 2: Top plan view of a propelling body of the mobile crane.
                                                              ing body and hung from the mast through a guy line, and a
                                                              counterweight-lifting cylinder attached to the counterweight
                                                              so as to be extended to vertically push up the counterweight
                                                              with respect to a ground surface. The counterweight-lifting
                                                              cylinder has a cylinder body, a piston partitioning an inter-
                                                              nal space of the cylinder body into an upper head-side cylin-
                                                              der chamber and a lower rod-side cylinder chamber, and a
                                                              rod extending from the piston downwardly beyond an lower
                                                              end of the cylinder body. the counterweight-lifting cylinder
                                                              is extended by supply of a hydraulic pressure into the head-
                                                              side cylinder chamber and retracted by supply of a hydraulic
                                                              pressure into the rod-side cylinder chamber.
                                                               Figure 1 shows a mobile crane 1. This mobile crane 1 is a
                                                              counterbalance type crane, having not only upper slewing
                                                              body-rear end counterweights 22, which are one attached to
                                                              an rear end of the upper slewing body 20, but also a coun-
                                                              terweight 50 (extra counterweight) disposed at the rear of
                                                              an after-mentioned upper slewing body 20. Specifically, the
         Figure 1: Overall view of a mobile crane.            mobile crane 1 comprises a lower propelling body 10, a upper

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