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continued from previous page       rimeter trailer and a 160,000-pound-  equipment,” Sims  said.  “Our  concept
         into a single document.            capacity straight trailer.         for SimsHD starting with its launch in
           Ranger’s  general  manager,  Ashley   “The addition of these high-capacity   2012 was to diversify Sims Crane and
         Thacker said: “The scope of work for AS   trailers provides SimsHD greater flexi-  broaden our product and service offer-
         4497:2017 was largely completed prior   bility in adapting our moving solutions   ings to our clients.”
         to my arrival so I don’t want to take   to  each  specific  project,”  said  Dean   For more information, visit www.
         any credit for its production. However,   Sims  II, Sims  Crane  Vice  President
         I fully support publication of the stan-  of Marketing. “For example, the Trail
         dard and recommend that everyone in   King can expand and distribute its load  CWI UK Receives Country’s
         the lifting industry absorb its content.   across  one,  two or four  travel lanes   Most Prestigious Business
         Roundslings  are an extremely useful   which  helps reduce load bearing on   Honor—The Queen’s Award
         rigging tool—we recommend their use   bridges, and additional equipment can   for Enterprise
         on a daily basis—but they are more   expand it up to 40 axles. This makes   Central Wire  Industries  is  proud  to
         susceptible  to physical  and environ-  Sims Crane a major player in the super   announce  that Central Wire Indus-
         mental damage than some other types   heavy hauling business niche.”   tries  UK  Limited has  been awarded
         of sling, thus, it’s important that they   SimsHD’s 24-axle Trail King  has   the 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise
         are only used by competent profession-  already been  used  to transport  a   in the category of International Trade.
         als who understand the equipment and   400,000-pound  Hyundai power trans-  With facilities in Rotherham, CWI UK
         its intended purpose.”             former  more  than  25 miles  in  West   Ltd is a leading manufacturer of stain-
           Thacker  added:  “Importantly,  the   Palm Beach.                   less steel and nickel-based alloy wires.
         standard captures manufacturing and   Previously, Sims HD focused on on-  The  award  recognizes  the  company’s
         safe use in one document. With fre-  site specialized rigging projects. While   impressive 92%-plus growth in export
         quent references to competency, it es-  these projects have moved loads up to   sales in the last three years.
         sentially covers everything required to   1.2 million pounds, they have mostly   James Roper, Managing Director
         ensure riggers and professionals apply-  been within defined project sites or in-  of CWI UK Ltd, said “I am absolutely
         ing these tools onsite—and those they   dustrial facilities. The addition of the   delighted that Central Wire Indus-
         work  with—go  home  to  their  families   heavy hauling trailer fleet allows Sims   tries UK Ltd has won the prestigious
         at night, which was my principle moti-  HD to safely and efficiently transport   Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The
         vation for joining ME-025.”        loads over public roadways.        winning of this award gives recognition
           For enquiries related to the sale and   “While our Goldhofer SPMTs can be   to all the hard work and commitment
         distribution of standards email sales@  outfitted for transportation over pub-  given  by  each  of  our  employees both                     lic roadways, they have limited ability   past and present.”
                                            to secure the load. The Trail King can   From Canada, Central Wire Indus-
         SimsHD Acquires Heavy              support  a  load,  as  in  our  video,  from   tries Ltd. President and CEO Paul
         Hauling Trailer Fleet              beneath or reconfigured to suspend a   From agreed: “It is very exciting, and
         Including $3-Million, 24-Axle Trailer  load hanging from the bridge beams,”   I attribute the success in whole to the
           SimsHD, Sims Crane & Equipment’s   Sims said.                       UK team.”
         spin-off rigging and heavy-duty moving   The addition of a heavy hauling trail-  Currently CWI UK employs 57 people.
         company, recently expanded its capa-  er fleet is part of SimsHD’s long-term   It is part of the Central Wire Industries
         bilities with the acquisition of a heavy   business plan, according to Sims.  Ltd group of companies headquartered
         hauling trailer fleet, including a $3-mil-  “It has been our goal from the begin-  in Ontario, Canada. CWI has the wid-
         lion Trail King 24-axle dual lane trailer.  ning of SimsHD to provide full-service   est range of high performance specialty
           The company also recently took de-  logistics for highly specialized trans-  alloys in nickel, stainless and red metal,
         livery of a 200,000-pound-capacity pe-  portation and placement of industrial   and cable products, which are used in

                                                                              SimsHD Acquires Heavy Hauling Trailer Fleet

         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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