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                                                                             By William Fischer

          Thank you for your interest in this month’s edition of Inventor’s Corner. With the
          advent of spring, and the need for infrastructure reform that the country vitally
          needs, there  is reason  for optimism that the number  of construction  projects
          will pick up, and  that  there  will be  an  increase  in growth  for  this,  and  other
          related industries. With that in mind, we as always present some of the newest
          innovations that could help spur this much needed growth.

         Helical slotted cable retainer for lifting assembly and   ing from a first end to a second end and defining a helical
         method of assembling                                 slot extending from the first end to the second end to provide
         Pat. 9,506,529 U.S. class F16G 11/108 Int. class H02G 1/08  installation and removal access of the cable end fitting.
         Inventor:  Peter  J.  Tucker,  Chino,  CA.,  Michael  R.  Barone,   Referring to figure 1, a portion of a lifting assembly is il-
         Amston, CT., Zachary Limas, Diamond Bar, CA.         lustrated and generally referenced with numeral 10. Several
         Assignee: GOODRICH CORPORATION, Charlotte, NC.       types of lifting assemblies, systems or devices may benefit
           The lifting assembly includes a cable end housing defining
         an inner cavity. The lifting assembly also includes a retainer
         ring disposed in the inner cavity at an end thereof. The lift-
         ing assembly further includes a cable retainer disposed in
         the inner cavity of the cable end housing and operative to re-
         tain a cable end fitting of a cable, the cable retainer extend-

                                                              Figure 2: Cross-sectional view of the lifting assembly in the
                                                              assembled condition.

                                                              from the embodiments described herein.  For example, a
                                                              crane,  hoist or winch,  are exemplary embodiments of lift-
                                                              ing assemblies that would particularly benefit from the em-
                                                              bodiments of the invention described herein. However, the
                                                              preceding list of examples is merely illustrative and it is to
                                                              be understood that alternative lifting assemblies may incor-
                                                              porate the embodiments of the invention described herein.
                                                               In the illustrated disassembled view of the portion of the
                                                              lifting assembly 10, several elements of the overall assembly
                                                              are shown. The lifting assembly 10 comprises a cable end
                                                              housing 12 that defines an inner cavity 14 for housing com-
         Figure 1: Disassembled view of a portion of a lifting assembly.                       continued on next page

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