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 The Fastest and Most Reliable Method of Swaging
 Flemish Eye Wire Rope Slings in the World.
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 Sea  Link  Wooden  Shell                                     rope or variations of magnetic flux entering or leaving the
         the stationary frame 20 is an equipment rack on a vehicle.
         It is to be understood, however, that the security cable 300
                                                              rope are sensed by at least two sensors arranged around the
 Construction  &  Fishing  Blocks                             rope. Signals from the sensors are subtractively combined to
         may be utilized to prevent any number of portable objects
                                                              eliminate variations due to off-axis movements of the rope,
         from being carried away or removed from a stationary struc-
         ture. In this context, “portable” and “stationary” are relative
                                                              to the undulating surface of the rope. Linking the oscillating
         terms in that the portable object 10 is much easier for an   and the combined signals reveal an oscillating pattern due
 S Siinnggllees  •  Ds  •  Doouubblleess • •   T Trriipplleess • •   R Reegguullaar  ar  annd  Hd  Heeaavvy  Wy  Wooooddeen  Bn  Blloocckkss  pattern to distance along the rope reveals the lay length,
         unauthorized person to move than the stationary frame 20.
           The security cable  300 includes a cable  310 of the type   which corresponds to a number of oscillations which is the
         illustrated in figure 7 and described above, and a coupling
         320 connecting the two cable ends 312 to one another. The
         coupling  320  includes  two  coupling  portions  322,  each  of
         which is attached to one of the cable ends 312. When the cou-
         pling portions 322 are attached to one another, the coupling
         320 selectively prevents separation of the two portions 322,
         thereby maintaining the cable ends 312 in close proximity to
         one another. It should be appreciated that the coupling 320
         is illustrated in schematic form since many configurations of
         couplings are contemplated for use with the security cable
         300. Illustrative forms of the coupling 320 are described be-
         low with reference to figures 9-11.
         Measurement of lay length of wire rope
         Pat. 9,470,657 U.S. class G01R 33/04 Int. class G01N 27/82
         Inventor: Sylvain Ouellette, Val-d’Or, CA.
 All  Material  Factory  Certified
         Assignee: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as rep-
 Wooden  Shell  Blocks  3”  to  16”                           Figure 12: Cross-section of a wire rope of a kind typically employed in
         resented by the Minister of Natural Resources, CA.   mining applications.
 For  more  Associated  Wire  Rope  &  Rigging,  Inc. Waterman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.
           The invention relates to a method and apparatus for mea-
 information,  8125  Saran  Drive,  Playa  Del  Rey,  CA  90293  910  Mahar  Ave.,  Wilmington,  CA  90748  same as the number of strands at the surface.
         suring lay length of a wire rope having a number or external
 contact:  Ph:  1-800-901-1135  Fax:  310-448-5446 strands to form a rope having spiral grooves in the surface   Figures 12 and 13 of the accompanying drawings show a
                    Ph:  1-800-322-3131  Fax:  310-522-1043
 Email:  between the strands. A magnetic flux circuit is generated,   cross-section of one form of wire rope 10 having a core strand
         part of which is formed within a region of the advancing wire   11 covered by six spirally wound outer strands 12 typically
         rope. Variations of magnetic field around the region of the   used for mining operations, although it should be kept in
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