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continued from previous page       safety of our team as our number one   it very kind to the hands and backs of
         these award winners, whose leadership,   focus. We are therefore always looking   operators and minimizes damage when
         enthusiasm and commitment to the use   for new, innovative solutions to exceed   transporting valuable and often vulner-
         of steel to meet marketplace challenges   the highest safety standards. Green   able cargo. “We are delighted to lead the
         have  contributed  to  transformative   Pin Tycan® helps us achieve that” com-  way with an innovative solution for the
         changes to the construction and automo-  mented Wouter van Noort. Anton van   lifting  industry,  which  we  believe  im-
         tive markets, “ said Thomas J. Gibson,   der Zalm observes: “We are very excited   proves both safety and efficiency. Green
         president and CEO of the American Iron   about bringing our innovative Green   Pin Tycan® Chain is so light and easy to
         and Steel Institute. “We commend them   Pin Tycan® Chain to market and de-  use that our team loves to work with it.
         and thank them for the lasting contribu-  lighted that world leading companies   Combined with its soft touch, we believe
         tions they have made over the years and   like Mammoet see the benefits of using   Green Pin Tycan® can reduce damage
         for the standards they have set for the   it for both lashing and lifting”.  and injuries to cargo and crew alike”
         next generation of automotive and con-  With the sometimes challenging com-  commented Brian Steentjes, Manager
         struction design professionals.”   bination of working safely and efficient-  Planning AE & EMD at Mammoet. “We
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and   ly, Green Pin Tycan® provides the solu-  were first to use Green Pin Tycan® as
         Steel Institute,    tion. Made with Dyneema®, the world’s   a lashing chain in 2015 and were very
                                            strongest fibre™ and technically quali-  keen to be first again for lifting” added
         Coalition For Crane                fied by DNV-GL, it has all the strength   Brian Steentjes.
         Operator Safety Asks               and  flexibility  of  a  steel  chain  but  is   For more information about Green Pin
         Congress For Certification         eight times lighter. Its soft touch makes   Tycan®, please visit
           The Coalition for Crane Operator
         Safety  (CCOS)  has  asked  members  of
         Congress to finalize the certification re-
         quirement for crane operators by the No-
         vember deadline. In a letter to Congress,
         dated May 1 and signed by ten senior
         executives of the Coalition, the organiza-
         tion emphasized it is essential that the
         Occupational Safety and Health Admin-
         istration  (OSHA)  finalize  the  rule,  lift
         the regulatory uncertainty that has lin-
         gered over the industry, and implement
         this critical safety measure for workers,
         employers, and the public. After years of
         delay, key industry stakeholders strong-
         ly support the swift implementation of
         crane-operator  certification  regulations.
         CCOS is acting with a sense of urgency
         because of an effort underway on Capi-
         tol Hill to deny the U.S. Department of
         Labor the resources necessary to imple-
         ment  the  crane  operator  certification
         rule in Fiscal Year 2019. CCOS opposes
         this  misguided  effort  and  has  respect-
         fully encouraged Congress to deliver the
         resources necessary to OSHA to finalize
         the rule and meet the November dead-
         line. To read the full letter, point your
         browser  here:
         Docs/CCOS May 1 2018.pdf.

         Green Pin Tycan® Lifting
         Chain Used for First Time
         by Mammoet
           Mammoet in Schiedam recently be-
         came the world’s first user of Green Pin
         Tycan® Chain for lifting. This historic
         event was attended by senior executives
         from both companies including Wouter
         van Noort, Managing Director Mam-
         moet Europe and Russia and Anton van
         der Zalm, Vice President Research and
         Development  at  Van  Beest.  “At  Mam-
         moet, we pride ourselves on having   Mammoet is the world’s first user of Green Pin Tycan® Chain for lifting.

         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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