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         number and configuration of the wires 218.
           The cable  210 has a high tensile strength and may be
         utilized, for example, as a towing cable or a security cable.
         Exemplary forms of the latter are described below with ref-
         erence  to  figures  8-11.  In  certain  embodiments,  the  cable
         210 may include high-strength fibers to increase the tensile
         strength of the cable 210. For example, the cable 210 may in-

                                                              Figure 9: First example of security cables.
                                                              vary without resulting in a change in the basic function to
                                                              which it relates. For example, if a user bends a portion of the
                                                              cable 210 upward, it will remain in substantially the same
                                                              position until the user bends the cable 210 to a new shape.
                                                              By contrast, the conventional wire groups 117 have no shape
                                                              memory, and thus cannot hold the conventional cable 110 in
                                                              a given configuration.
                                                               In the illustrated form, the outer diameter d o of the core
                                                              216  substantially corresponds  to the  outer  diameter d o  of

         Figure 7: Cross-sectional illustration of a security cable.

         clude a sheath 219 of woven high-strength fibers positioned
         between the protective coating 214 and the wire groups 217.
         The high-strength fibers may be formed of a material such
         as,  for  example, a nylon,  a high-modulus  polyethylene,  or
         a  para-aramid  synthetic  fiber  such  as  poly-paraphenylene
         terephthalamide (sold under the trademark KEVLAR®). In
         such embodiments, one or more of the wire groups 217 may
         include the high-strength fibers, or the high-strength fibers

                                                              Figure 10: Second example of security cables.

                                                              each of the outer wire groups 217. In certain forms, the outer
                                                              diameter d o of the core 216 may be substantially equal to
                                                              the outer diameters d o of the outer wire groups  217. It is
                                                              also contemplated that the core 216 may be of a lesser or
                                                              greater outer diameter d o than that of the outer wire groups
                                                              217 such as, for example, in embodiments including more or
                                                              fewer than six outer wire groups 217. Furthermore, while
                                                              the illustrated core 216 is surrounded by a single layer of
                                                              outer wire groups 217, it is also contemplated that that the
                                                              outer wire groups 217 may be positioned about the core 216
                                                              in two or more concentric layers of outer wire groups 217.
                                                               Figure 8 depicts an exemplary security cable 300 illustrat-
                                                              ed to attach a portable object 10 to a stationary frame 20. In
                                                              the illustrated form, the portable object 10 is a ladder, and
         Figure 8: Exemplary security cable attaching a portable object to a frame.

         may be woven around the wire rope 212, and the coating 214
         may seal the fibers and the wire rope 212 to provide protec-
         tion from the elements.
           In the illustrated embodiment, the core 216 is configured
         as a solid core formed of a ductile material having a high
         plastic deformation range, and is capable of being plastical-
         ly-deformed and retaining a shape to which it is deformed.
         This feature is sometimes referred to as “shape memory”.
         Thus, when the cable 210 is manually deformed to a par-
         ticular shape, the core 216 will substantially retain the cable
         210 in that shape until acted upon by an outside force. The
         term “substantially” as used herein may be applied to mod-
         ify a quantitative  representation which  could permissibly   Figure 11: Third example of security cables.

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