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                                                                               customers to ensure we achieve the de-
                                                                               sired benefits,” Newport said.
                                                                                 He added that the industry also sup-
                                                                               ports the  Administration’s proposal
                                                                               for  making  significant  investments  in
                                                                               infrastructure,  recommending  that it
                                                                               include upgrades to “the old and out-
                                                                               dated electrical grid system.” AK Steel
                                                                               is the sole domestic producer of electri-
                                                                               cal steel, which is among the most en-
                                                                               ergy efficient in the world and is used
                                                                               in power transformers.
                                                                                 Newport reiterated that, while con-
                                                                               ditions in the steel industry have im-
                                                                               proved, “trade threats remain.”
                                                                                 “Imports continue to take about 26%
                                                                               of the U.S. market share – well above
                                                                               historical  levels.  Additionally,  we  are
                                                                               seeing substantial imports come in from
                                                                               countries not named in the trade cases.
                                                                               Meanwhile, domestic raw steelmak-
                                                                               ing  capacity  utilization  has  remained
                                                                               depressed  with  current  levels  still  be-
                                                                               low  75%  and  thousands  of  employees
                                                                               still on layoff and over 14,400 jobs have
                                                                               been lost in the steel industry since the
                                                                               beginning of 2015. As such, we encour-
                                                                               age the Administration and Congress
                                                                               to be vigilant - to take actions to spur
                                                                               our economy and manufacturing in the
                                                                               U.S., to continue the pursuit of strong
                                                                               trade enforcement and aggressive trade
                                                                               diplomacy,  and  to  enact  legislation  to
                                                                               further address unfair foreign trade
                                                                               practices,” Newport concluded.
                                                                               AISI applauds Presidents
                                                                               executive action on trade
                                                                                 Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO
                                                                               of the American Iron and Steel Institute
                                                                               (AISI), had the following comments on
                                                                               the  President’s  expected  executive  ac-
                                                                               tions to identify and address unfair trade
                                                                               practices  contributing  to  trade  deficits
                                                                               with certain countries and improve an-
                                                                               tidumping (AD) and countervailing duty
                                                                               (CVD) collection at our borders:
                                                                                 “AISI has consistently urged that the
                                                                               United States take aggressive action to
                                                                               address trade barriers that distort glob-
                                                                               al trade and international competition
                                                                               and harm U.S. industries, including the
                                                                               U.S. steel industry. The executive or-
                                                                               ders provide key guidance on that path,
                                                                               especially with regard to increased en-
                                                                               forcement and an enhanced look at AD/
                                                                               CVD duty collection at our borders. We
                                                                               are pleased that the president and his
                                                                               team remain committed to leveling the
                                                                               playing field for American manufactur-
                                                                               ing,  and  we  look  forward  to  continu-
                                                                               ing the steel industry’s strong role in
                                                                               working with Administration to combat
                                                                               these unfair practices and ensure a fair
                                                                               and competitive global trade arena.”

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