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                                                                             By William Fischer

                        Thank you for your continued interest  in Inventor’s  Corner. As we
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         Mobile drilling rig
         Pat. 9,574,403 U.S. class E21B 7/023 Int. class E21B 7/02
         Inventor: Stephano Ferrari, Barbiano, IT.
         Assignee: DRILLMEC SPA (Gariga di Podenzano PC, IT.
           A mobile drilling rig includes a mast, a drilling head for
         sliding in use along the mast, and at least one hoist. The
         drilling head is supported by at least two hoisting wire ca-
         bles. The mast is telescopic and includes a main load carry-

                                                              Figure 2: Drilling rig in the transportation operating configuration.
                                                              ing member, for extending the telescopic mast, at whose end
                                                              a plurality of  pulleys  are  provided, on  which  the  hoisting
                                                              wire cables slide. The main load carrying member is adapted
                                                              to bring the mast from a closed operating configuration to an
                                                              extended operating configuration and vice versa. The move-
                                                              ment of the drilling head, when the mast is in the extended
                                                              operating configuration, takes place by the hoisting wire ca-
                                                              bles, which are pulled and released by the at least one hoist.
                                                               Figures 1 and 2 show, in lateral views, the mobile drilling
                                                              rig in different operating configurations; in detail, Figure 1
                                                              shows the drilling rig in the working operating configura-
                                                              tion, while figure 2 shows the drilling rig in the transpor-
                                                              tation operating configuration; Figures 3 and 4 show dif-
                                                              ferent embodiments of the draw-works or hoist; in detail,
                                                              figure 3 shows the embodiment with four drums on which
                                                              four hoisting wire ropes are wound, while figure 4 shows
                                                              the embodiment with two drums on which two hoisting
                                                              wire ropes are wound.
                                                               With  reference  to  the  above-mentioned  figures,  mobile
         Figure 1: Drilling rig in the working operating configuration.  drilling rig 1 comprises a mast 3, a drill floor 21, on which

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