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         lice  had  specified  two  escort  vehicles
         so before the load moved, all drivers
         travelled to site in the escort van to
         check road conditions. The final turn
         into Copley Lane was tight and on a
         downwards slope. Had the road been
         icy it would have been impossible to
         negotiate the turn. Siemens oversaw
         traffic  management  whilst  the  ma-
         noeuvre was carried out.
           Upon  arrival,  the  PSP  was  jacked
         up off the trailer using four jacks and
         RRS’s synchronous  power pack. Once
         it was supported on 1m x 200mm x
         100mm hardwood timber blocks,  the
         skidding  track  was  placed under  the
         PSP using a telehandler. It was then
         jacked down onto the skid shoes before
         being slid across the foundation slab.   Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) riggers cleared the snow from the packing areas so it wasn’t
         The unit was then jacked up so tracks   compacted or moved when the load went over it.
         could be removed prior to final lower-  ing loads without the four 6m sections   shoes  were  also  on  standby should
         ing into position.                 of tracks being fully supported, elimi-  there have been a requirement to carry
           Barber explained  that the HT300   nating the need for support beams or   out any final positioning.
         was chosen as it is capable of support-  extra packers.  Hydra-Slide alignment   The power lines were so close to the

         BOOK REVIEW                      by Jennifer Brown

                               Bleichert’s Wire Ropeways by Peter von Bleichert

           Peter von Bleichert, author and busi-  It wasn’t long until Bleichert figured   The following records were made  in
         ness professor at the College of San Ma-  out wire ropeways could be used for   several  categories:  Argentina  was  the
         teo in California, descends from a fam-  transporting  people  as  well  as  materi-  longest and was built at the highest el-
         ily  who  revolutionized  wire  ropeways.   als. By the early 1900s the company ex-  evation, New Caledonia had the longest
         Through the ingenuity and engineering   panded and hundreds of Bleichert sys-  system over water, East Africa had the
         of his ancestor on his paternal side, Ad-                             steepest system, and France had the
         olf Hermann Bleichert, wire rope sys-                                 highest capacity. The most northern sys-
         tems were installed, and challenging                                  tem was in Norway. The most southern
         places that had previously been inacces-                              was constructed in Chile. Three of these
         sible opened up. In his book, Bleichert’s                             systems, the Argentinian, the New Cale-
         Wire Ropeways,  Peter von Bleichert                                   donian and the East African systems are
         explores the history of his family that                               described in great detail in the book.
         “sought to exploit” gravity.                                           The book concludes with the Great
           Adolf  Herman  Bleichart  had  been                                 Depression and the description of sales
         interested  in  engineering  as  a  young                             dropping at Adolf Bleichert and Co. In
         fellow  and  became  educated  at  Berlin                             1926 the company was made public. One
         Technical  University.  He  later  found                              of the Bleichert brothers, Paul, left the
         employment problem-solving issues                                     company for health reasons, and when
         with conveyance systems. By redesign-                                 the German banking system collapsed
         ing the rotting hemp ropes used in sil-                               the  remaining  brother,  Max,  filed  for
         ver mining and replacing the weakened                                 bankruptcy.  The  firm  was  reorganized
         material with wrought iron rope in                                    as Bleichert-Transportanlagen GmbH.
         1872, Adolf Bleichert created new possi-                              After the defeat of Nazi Germany this
         bilities for aerial ropeways and enabled                              firm was taken over by the Soviet Union
         the hauling of heavy materials.                                       and renamed SAG Bleichert and contin-
           Bleichert made innovations such as                                  ued making conveyance systems.
         a spiral hauling rope, a locked carrying                               The ingenious work and imagination
         rope, and a curve station that was de-  tems  operated throughout Europe and   of Adolf  Bleichert doesn’t disappear
         signed to allow the direction to change   many of the systems spread to America.   with the crushing world events swirl-
         for both the carrying and the hauling   Adolf Bleichert died at age 56 and left   ing around it. Peter von Bleichert can
         ropes. The book includes 90 pages of   his growing business to his family. His   be proud of his forbears and pleased
         illustrations and photographs of his in-  two sons stepped in and continued in   that their  efforts  live  on.  He  writes,
         ventions, wire rope stations, maps, plan   their father’s footsteps. By 1924 Adolf   “Bleichert-built wire ropeways still ex-
         details and sites of installed systems, as   Bleichert & Co. had constructed 3,000   ist and operate in Germany and around
         well as the teams who worked on them.  miles of aerial wire ropeway systems.   the world.”

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