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and will  source  equipment via tender
         processes.  Accordingly,  Rigmarine  is
         registered to respond to these requests
         as they are issued.
           Meanwhile, the Tengizchevroil (TCO)
         joint venture Future Growth Project and
         Wellhead Pressure Management Project
         at the Tengiz oil field will create product
         and service opportunities as it gathers
         pace.  Tengizchevroil  LLP  was  formed
         between the Republic of Kazakhstan and
         Chevron Corporation in 1993 to explore
         and develop the Tengiz oilfield.
           Brodie concluded: “We have built
         up and retained a skilled  workforce
         through the Rigmarine accredited
         training programmes as well as third-
         party  qualifications,  despite  market
         challenges. We are excited about pros-
         pects  for  our  diversification  strategy
         and look forward to what 2017 has in
         store for the Aktau operation.”
         Steel executive brings
         trade and jobs message to
           A leading chief executive from the
         American steel industry  told mem-
         bers of the Congressional Steel Caucus
         that the Administration’s priorities to
         invest in our nation’s infrastructure,
         take actions to address burdensome
         regulations  that thwart  manufactur-
         ing growth in the U.S., and enact ag-
         gressive trade enforcement policies are
         positive for the steel industry.        SLINGUARD PROTECTORS
           Roger K.  Newport, Chief Execu-
         tive  Officer  of  AK  Steel  Corporation
         who also serves as Vice Chairman of
         the American Iron and Steel Institute                       “Clutch Action”
         (AISI),  testified  at  the  Congressional
         Steel Caucus hearing, titled “America
         Rebounding: Steel in 2017 and Be-                      “The Only Proven Protection
         yond.” The Steel Caucus is chaired
         by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) and vice-                   For Your Products and Slings”
         chaired by Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-IN).
           “The steel industry touches most fac-                Extends Sling Life - Reduces cost
         ets  of  the  American  economy  and  we
         continue to make substantial invest-
         ments to support the future needs of our                 Sleeves, Wraps, Pads
         customers through product innovation,”
         Newport said. “We made significant in-                             & Blankets
         vestments to create new grades of light-
         weight, high-strength steel for cars and
         trucks in order to help the automotive                                Available From:
         industry meet CAFE and GHG emis-
         sions standards. We were pleased that                    THE VERNON CORPORATION
         the Administration recently announced
         it would reinstate the mid-term CAFE                       P.O. Box 246 • 400 N. Yankeetown Road
         Standards review. Steel is the best eco-                          Boonville, Indiana 47601
         nomical solution to help the auto sec-
         tor meet realistic CAFE standards that
         take into account consumer purchasing             (800) 897-5584
         preferences. We look forward to work-
         ing with the Administration and our
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