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              A Century of Wire Rope Excellence ● Design, Manufacturing, Technical Support

             Union Wire Rope, a WireCo WorldGroup Brand, is proud to announce
             its 100th year as the industry leader in the design and manufacturing
             of wire ropes and assemblies. Since 1917, Union products have
             delivered exceptional service and unmatched support.

             Today, Union remains an industry leader in oil and gas, mining, crane
             and general-purpose ropes.


         continued from previous page       anchors,  chains  and concrete  dead-  The RLP was positioned between the
          ing system located 500m off the Corsica  weights. All existing components had   anchor  line  (or  chain)  and the  towing
          coast, recently.                  to be removed and new ones installed.   cable on a vessel, attached  with two
           Iroise Mer accepted a scope of work  The  RLP  was  used  to  measure  pre-  Green Pin shackles. Straightpoint does
          to update the site, comprising four dif-  tension up to 30t to check new anchors   have a product for measuring tension
          ferent  mooring  lines,  complete with  were properly installed into the seabed.  on lines, the Running Line Dynamom-
                                                                               eter (or TIMH), specifically built with
                                                                               dockside, marine, offshore, towage and
                                                                               salvage applications in mind.
                                                                                 However, as David Mullard, SP busi-
                                                                               ness development manager, explained,
                                                                               “the TIMH wouldn’t have been suitable
                                                                               because anchor chain was being used
                                                                               rather than wire rope. Wire rope can bend,
                                                                               allowing it to pass through the sheaves of
                                                                               the TIMH so that a tension measurement
                                                                               can be calculated. The large dimension
                                                                               chain wouldn’t have allowed the same
                                                                               thing to happen,” he said.
                                                                                 Pierre Recoules, Project Manager at
                                                                               Iroise Mer, who was aboard the near-
                                                                               by boat, took Readings on a Handheld
                                                                               Plus. He explained that safety was
                                                                               improved, as there was no need to put
                                                                               personnel in the towing line where the
                                                                               load cell was attached.
                                                                                 He said: “The buoy is the extremity of
                                                                               the mooring line, where the tanker will
                                                                               be connected. The tug was then con-
                                                                               nected to the buoy for pre-tensioning.
         The RLP was used to measure pre-tension up to 30t to check new anchors were properly   We encounter  this kind of work only
         installed into the seabed.                                            once or twice a year and when the need

         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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