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                                                                           EASY LIFT.

                                                                When it comes to rigging, lifting, or hoisting,
                                                                quality speaks for itself.  At Alps  we’ve been
                                                                delivering quality with better, stronger, and
                                                                efficient wire rope since 1968.  Quality rings true
                                                                in our products and people – making your job
                                                                easier.  That’s why Alps is...

                                                               “ T he P innacle of Q ualit y ”

                                                                We’ve expanded our locations to better serve you!
                                                                       Chicago, IL • Los Angeles, CA
                                                                       Houston, TX  • Harrisburg, PA

                    •  800-424-9984  •

         and life-boat davit or winch equipment.  He  added  that  the  breadth  of  SP’s   point of contact  during  the  new  dis-
           The partnership represents On-   equipment  combined  with  the  DNV   tributor’s on-boarding, said: “The com-
         ursan’s entry into the modern load cell   GL  Type  Approval  Certification  of   pany’s work  is  entrenched  in  safety,
         marketplace, having previously only of-  its loadlink range; approved exporter   which  aligns  Onursan  perfectly with
         fered analogue and dated digital tech-  status from Her Majesty’s Revenue   our range. In synergy with many of the
         nologies. The state-of-the-art additions   and Customs (HMRC); and its ex-  marketplaces in which our equipment
         to the portfolio have been welcomed by   panded ATEX / IECEx approval, were   is used, when  working  offshore and
         buying decision makers at shipyards   further attractions.            with  fire  or  rescue  equipment,  there
         and shipping agencies  who  consume   SP also announced  recently  that it   is no room for compromise on accura-
         the Tuzla-headquartered company’s   is offering two-year warranty as stan-  cy and reliability. We look forward to
         varied products and services.      dard on its full range of load cells and          continued on next page
           Barbaros Onur, General Coordina-  has  made a series  of  enhancements
         tor at Onursan,  said: “Reliable  force   to its loadlink  products that includes
         measurement technology is becoming   matching the capacity of its previous
         increasingly important to our custom-  5t and 50t capacity units  to industry
         ers, who work in the hazardous marine   standard shackle sizes of 6.5t and 55t
         environment.  We have experimented   respectively. Onur  acknowledged the
         with  alternative measuring  products   significance of these developments too.
         to complete load tests, for example, but   He expects early uptake of the products
         we  have experienced problems. The   to be used with cargo cranes, winches,
         reputed quality and durability of SP’s   and periodic testing of launching equip-
         portfolio, therefore, appealed to us.”  ment and other life-saving installations
           Onursan  also  has  facilities  in  Izmir   aboard vessels. He concluded: “We pro-
         on Turkey’s Aegean coast and approx.   vide all marine safety services and solu-
         1,000km east in  Iskenderun,  in  close   tions to our customers without the need
         proximity to the greatest abundance of   for us to outsource. Our clients are com-
         the country’s ports. The triangulation,   forted by the fact that they can source
         Onur explained, gives the company   such a variety of solutions from one sup-
         nationwide access to its maritime cus-  plier and the addition of SP’s equipment
         tomer base, which  includes  large ves-  fits neatly under that mantra.”
         sel owners and fellow suppliers to the   Kyle Milne, Technical Sales Engineer   Onursan is a specialist supplier to the marine
         marine sector.                     at SP, who has been Onur’s  principle   safety industry.

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