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                           A2LA Accredited calibrations for proof test machines and load cells.

                      ASTM-E74 CertiÞed equipment and modern high accuracy software to provide
                                                 ASTM-E4 calibrations.

                    Annual calibrations at competitive rates. Multiple machine and location discounts.

                                Competent, experienced and friendly service and support.

                     Call +1 912-964-1118 or email for a quote.

         tributable to the fact that measure-  headroom applications.            He added:  “Our marketing and en-
         ment technology doesn’t have to be   Modulift has worked closely with   gineering  departments agreed there
         sourced as an additional rigging tool.   load monitoring and load cell equip-  was a market for it, particularly among
         Another standout feature is that the   ment specialist Straightpoint to inte-  customers who lead the way in best
         height of  rigging is significantly re-  grate its strain gauge technology into   practice. It felt like a good idea at the
         duced, especially beneficial in low   the new spreader beam concept. David   time and I’m delighted that my sales
                                            Ayling, director at Straightpoint, said:   colleagues and I can now promote the
                                            “Rigging a load cell into a crane or lift-  concept to industry influencers and de-
                                            ing application takes up space that can   cision makers.”
                                            otherwise be removed by incorporating   Upon consensus that the Active Link
                                            the load cell in the beam itself.”  concept was worthy of further  explo-
                                              He added: “In the case of a Modulift   ration, a prototype  was designed and
                                            spreader beam, the drop link lends it-  extensive tests were subsequently con-
                                            self perfectly to the adaptation and the   ducted over a six-month period either
                                            product makes a lot of sense to both   side of the turn of the year. Modulift is
                                            manufacturers.”                    now welcoming orders and enquiries.
                                              The Active Link is available in a
                                            range of capacities up to 100t  based  Rigmarine sees potential
                                            on standard Modulift beam sizes from   in Kazakhstan mines and
                                            MOD 12 to MOD 70H; the initial range   power stations
                                            will be AL 12, AL 24, AL 34, AL 50, AL   Rigmarine has highlighted synergies
                                            70 and AL 70H. The new drop links are   between inland and offshore industries
                                            designed to fit standard end units, as   as the lifting and marine product spe-
                                            well as the standard  top  and bottom   cialist looks to meet increasing demand
                                            shackles specified for the spreader.  from the mining and power industries
                                              Chris  Schwab,  Sales  Manager at   via its Aktau, Kazakhstan facility.
                                            Modulift,  said:  “We recognized  that   Rigmarine  has  four  global  loca-
                                            if we could supply a spreader with a   tions—others are in Baku, Azerbaijan;
                                            built-in load cell, eliminating the need   Sharjah,  UAE; and Aberdeen, Scot-
                                            for  additional force  measurement  de-
          The new drop links are designed to fit standard                      land—all strategically positioned to
          end units, as well as the standard top and   vices and associated rigging, it would   serve offshore oil and gas, renewables,
          bottom shackles specified for the spreader.  be welcomed by the industry”            continued on next page
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