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                                                                           EASY LIFT.

                                                                When it comes to rigging, lifting, or hoisting,
                                                                quality speaks for itself.  At Alps  we’ve been
                                                                delivering quality with better, stronger, and
                                                                efficient wire rope since 1968.  Quality rings true
                                                                in our products and people – making your job
                                                                easier.  That’s why Alps is...

                                                               “ T he P innacle of Q ualit y ”

                                                                We’ve expanded our locations to better serve you!
                                                                       Chicago, IL • Los Angeles, CA
                                                                       Houston, TX  • Harrisburg, PA

                    •  800-424-9984  •

         dorsement this equates to. This status   detail about rules of origin for preferen-  CMCO), a leading designer, manufac-
         is not given out lightly; there are many   tial exports to a particular country, and   turer  and marketer  of material han-
         businesses that export at just the same   imported raw materials.     dling products, systems and services, is
         rate as we do, but they do not have the   McGreal added: “We chose to employ   excited to announce the grand opening
         financial  infrastructure  or  systems  in   the services of an expert in this field as   of its new entertainment training cen-
         place to be recognized as we have been.   a consultant and I’d recommend other   ter of excellence at Rock Lititz. Located
         We must continue to take a retrospec-  businesses looking to achieve the sta-  on  a 96-acre campus in  Lititz,  Penn-
         tive look at recent export history to   tus do the same. One can’t cut corners   sylvania, Rock Lititz is a one-of-a-kind
         ensure we are upholding the high stan-  when dealing with exports, tariffs, and   community for the live event industry,
         dards for which we have been credited.”  varied customs procedures.  This  is a   with resources  ranging from design,
           Companies looking  to apply for ap-  specialist  field  of  expertise  in  its  own   engineering, training and products for
         proved exporter status  should  be   right,  which  is  why  we  are especially   production professionals.
         prepared  to provide  everything from   pleased with the positive outcome of   Working side by side with some of
         straightforward identification of goods   our application.”           the most well-known names in the in-
         and quantity / value of consignments to   SP’s business  model and growth   dustry, CM-ET, Columbus McKinnon’s
         be exported each year, to more complex   strategy is largely based on leverag-  entertainment  technology  division
                                            ing partnerships with distributors that   (,  designed  its  Rock
                                            represent a specific geography. Many of   Lititz studio to be a center of rigging
                                            those  dealers  take  regular  shipments   safety and application knowledge. This
                                            of equipment, for both stock and direct   space offers students and professionals
                                            delivery to a jobsite or project.  who use and rely on motor and rigging
                                                                               equipment with immediate  access  to
                                            Columbus McKinnon                  the professional technical support they
                                            Opens New Entertainment            need to be safe and more productive.
                                            Training Center of                   “Columbus McKinnon is proud to be
                                            Excellence at Rock Lititz          part  of  the  Rock  Lititz  community,”
                                            Get hands-on product & safety      said Ken Tilson, entertainment ver-
                                            training in an environment designed   tical market specialist. “Located in
                                            for entertainment professionals    POD 2, the collaborative hub of Rock
                                              Committed  to serving the needs of   Lititz, our  center  brings  comprehen-
         Straightpoint has received approved exporter   the entertainment industry,  Colum-  sive  training  directly  to  entertain-
         status from the UK’s HMRC.         bus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ:                 continued on next page

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