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continued from previous page         The awards were presented at a rec-  efficiency  and  quality.  Additionally,
         (NAICS) code.                      ognition  dinner  at the Annual FMA   Pemamek’s automated solutions  de-
           Companies receiving the 2017 Safe-  Safety Conference,  which  was  held   crease the need of manual welding and
         ty Award of Merit are:             April 19-20, 2017 in Elgin (Chicago),   at the same time increase safety and
           • ADM Mechanical, Decatur, IL    IL at FMA’s  newly  constructed  head-  ergonomics.
           • Anderson & Dahlen, Inc., Ramsey, MN  quarters. For more information on the   “Our manufacturing processes re-
           • BTD  Manufacturing,  (Two facili-  awards program, the Safety Confer-  quire a lot of welding hours. If we want
         ties - Detroit Lakes, MN and Washing-  ence, or FMA membership, please visit   to maintain our  competitiveness in
         ton, IL)                  or call 888-394-4362.  the global markets, we need to be in
           • Cerro  Flow Products  LLC, Shel-  CNA has been FMA’s endorsed busi-  the frontline with our machinery. This
         bina, MO                           ness insurance provider for more than   is  why  we  have  invested in  the  most
           • Columbiana Hi Tech, LLC, Kerner-  30 years. The FMA/CNA insurance pro-  advanced  and  efficient  robot  weld-
         sville, NC                         gram offers asset protection tailored to   ing technology”, tells Erkki Lehtonen,
           • Dupps Company, Germantown, OH  the needs of metal manufacturing com-  CEO, Lehtonen Group.
           • Eberl Iron Works, Buffalo, NY  panies, dedicated customer service from   Two robot welding stations
           • GH Metal Solutions,  Inc.,  Fort   an independent agent and industry-spe-  To Lehtosen Konepaja Pemamek
         Payne, AL                          cific  counsel.  To  learn  more  about  the   will  supply PEMA robotized welding
           • Laystrom Manufacturing, Chicago, IL  FMA/CNA  insurance  program,  please   station with  parametric PEMA Weld-
           • Olympic Steel, (Six facilities – De-  visit      Control 300  OFFLINE software. The
         troit, MI; Chambersburg, PA; Bedford                                  parametric feature guarantees rapid
         Heights, OH; Gary, IN; Plymouth, MN;  Lehtosen Konepaja and           re-programming of the robot and so
         and Winder GA)                     Siirtoruuvi to modernize           production of one-off products will be-
           • PlayCore Wisconsin,  Inc.,  Fort   their production with PEMA     come  efficient.  The  station  consists  of
         Payne, AL                          robot welding stations             robot portal with one Yaskawa robot,
           • Precision  Fabricating & Cleaning   Pemamek has been awarded  with   3-axis PEMA Skyhook 5000  position-
         Co., Inc., Cocoa, FL               contracts to design, supply and install   er,  2-axis  PEMA 20000 Skyhook  and
           • Progressive Metal Manufacturing   hi-tech PEMA robotized welding sta-  its  counterpart  that together  enable
         Co., Warren, MI                    tions to two of Lehtonen Group’s busi-  40,000kg handling capacity. The robot
           • Standard  Iron  –  (Two  facilities  -   ness locations,  to Lehtosen Konepaja   station is controlled  by PEMA Cell-
         Grand Island, NE and Sauk Centre, MN)  Oy and its subsidiary Siirtoruuvi Oy.  Control 700 which in addition to con-
           • Zekelman Industries  – (Three  fa-  More competitiveness          trolling provides crucial real-time data
         cilities  – Cambridge, OH;  Chicago-  The Finnish Lehtonen Group, a lead-  from the welding processes.
         Structural, Chicago, IL; and Harrow,   er in mechanical engineering in heavy   Another PEMA robot welding station
         Ontario, Canada)                   metal industry,  is  specialized  in  sup-  will be delivered to Lehtonen Group’s
           The  2017  Safety  Award – Honor-  plying tailored metal structures  for  a   subsidiary, Siirtoruuvi  Oy, which  fo-
         able Mention is presented to companies   wide range of segments, such as energy   cuses on designing and manufacturing
         posting an injury and illness incidence   and marine industry.  The  production   of screw conveyors  and screw  pumps.
         rate for calendar year 2016 that is at   includes  complex and varying work-  The delivery includes  PEMA robot
         least equal to but less than 10 percent   pieces. The enterprise has overall three   welding  station that instead of  portal
         better than  the  published  BLS  rate   business  units;  Lehtosen Konepaja,   will be implemented as floor track con-
         based on their NAICS code.         Lehtonen Engineering and Siirtoruuvi.  struction. The station also has PEMA
           Companies receiving the 2017 Safety   The freshly inked investments will   WeldControl 300  OFFLINE software
         Award – Honorable Mention are:     increase  Lehtonen Group’s global   and PEMA CellControl 700. Addition-
           • Buhler Aeroglide, Cary, NC     competitiveness as the robotized solu-  ally, for handling the station includes
           • GSM Industrial, Lancaster, PA  tions  significantly  improve  production   PEMA HPS  Headstock and PEMA
           • Olympic Steel, Owingsville Rd., Mt.
         Sterling, KY
           • Progressive Metal Manufacturing,
         Ferndale, MI
           • Zekelman Industries – (Two facili-
         ties – Chicago-Pipe, Chicago, IL, and
         Plymouth MI)
           The  2017  Most  Improved  Safety  Re-
         cord was awarded to Eberl Iron Works,
         Buffalo, NY, for being the Safety Awards
         winner with the greatest percentage of
         improvement over the prior year.
           To be eligible to receive recognition,
         companies were  required  to submit
         OSHA Form 300A, Summary of Work-
         Related Injuries and Illnesses, for the
         period Jan. 1, 2016  through Dec. 31,
         2016. Firms of all sizes  were  eligible.
         Winners  were  determined based on
         NAICS code categories and BLS injury
         and illness incidence rates.       Lehtonen Group: modernizing their production with PEMA robot welding stations.

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