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continued from previous page       metres of the top of the enclosure.  Peter  McGreal,  Financial  Director  at
         lise  a  sloping  walkway;  the  floor  was   The  Ajman engineer,  who  was  not   SP, it demonstrates to customers and
         uneven on the other side of the acoustic   named, said: “We spent many man-  the  marketplace that the  manufac-
         housings  too. The solution had to ac-  hours  discussing  this particular prob-  turer and global exporter of load cells
         commodate  the extremely tight head-  lem with a number of different vendors   adheres to the stringent codes and best
         room and the ground conditions, but we   and  none  provided  any  realistic  op-  practices  of  the  highest  financial  au-
         were able to base it upon our existing   tions. In fact the feedback we got was   thority in the land.
         PG1000 Porta-Gantry product, which   quite indifferent in some cases. Reid   McGreal said: “Being recognized for
         already boasted features that appealed   took a more hands-on approach and   the robustness of our finance and other
         to the end user in its lightweight, por-  produced an ideal solution with a rapid   processes  as they relate to export, a
         tability, and ease of manual setup.”  turnaround.”                    major  component  of  our  business,  is
           The customised PG1000 was provided   The customised PG1000 not only met   testament to the excellence of the pro-
         with a bespoke trolley system and pick-  the challenges  of the application but   cedures we have in place. Practically,
         up bar, with wind-up jack legs. Batters-  also presented the site with an econom-  it demonstrates that we can  deliver
         by explained that they created a ‘gull   ic system that requires little mainte-  force measurement technologies to all
         wing’ attachment (white in colour in the   nance, whilst offering ease of assembly   four corners of the globe in an efficient,
         photos) to create lifting points higher   and simplicity of use, which remained   timely fashion that conforms to the rel-
         than the top of the beam, to which two   onsite for use on other projects.  evant rules, standards, and laws.”
         hand chain hoists, one on each side,                                    Any exporting business with an Eco-
         were rigged to take the load further  Straightpoint Receives          nomic Operator Registration and Iden-
         down the motors, lift them off fixtures  HMRC Approved Exporter       tification (EORI) number can apply for
         and then free from the housings.   Status                             approved  exporter status but many
           In another masterstroke, the 4m-long   Straightpoint (SP) has received much   are unsuccessful.  McGreal  recalled
         beam was actually threaded through   coveted approved exporter status from   the painstaking process of completing
         the open enclosures  and mounted on   Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs   the necessary paperwork and ensuring
         two frames, the uprights of which   (HMRC),  the  department of  the  UK   that HMRC had access to audit trails,
         provided coarse height adjustment in   Government primarily responsible  for   delivery receipts, and more in order to
         50mm  increments,  before being lev-  the collection of taxes.        make the award.
         elled  using  the  jack  legs’  fine  height   The status might prove a differentia-  He said: “While the process was as
         control. Hence Reid could take the top   tor in certain competitive  and tender   intense  as  it  was  extensive,  it  was  in
         of the beam to within a couple of milli-  situations but, more importantly, said   complete alignment with the level of en-

                                  Company Spotlight

                             End Fittings and Swivels For Wire & Synthetic Rope
              Why Electroline?                                Our Quick-Strong-Versatile Product Benefits.
              Electroline has  been committed to quality since  1933
              when Underwriters Laboratories tested  the first   Quick
              Electroline  termination. This dedication to  innovation   • Installs on-site in minutes
              and quality remains today.                        • No special tools required
                                                                • No heat, chemicals or pressure involved
              Electroline swivels and swageless end fittings for wire   Strong
              and synthetic rope are trusted by professionals around   • Exceeds rated breaking strength of most ropes
              the world. These products can be seen in a multitude of   • Manufactured in forged, cast or machined materials
              venues such as: U.S. military ships, airports, pedestrian   • Unique dampening zone for increased rope life
              walkways, zoos & amusement parks, sailboats, sports   Versatile
              stadiums, highway cable barriers and many more.   • Reusable components
                                                                • More choices in platings/finishes
                                                                • Many designs
                                                                • For ropes from 1/16 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter

                                                               To learn more about Electroline End Fittings and Swivels
                                                                       call: 800-321-0870

                                                                         or email:
                                                                        See our ad on page 27

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