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Still made in the USA!

                                                                                     POC 3500-94
                                                                                     3 /2" capacity, power-operated
                                                                                     Cuts 3 /2" wire rope in 40 seconds!
                                                                                     Also available in 2 /2", 1 /4", 1 /8"
                  Model 1                                                                    POC 2500-80
                  3 /4" capacity                                                             2 /2" capacity,
                                                                                             power operated
                                                   Model 1A
                                                   1 /16" capacity                             C-1750
                                                                                               1 /4" capacity
                         Model 2                                 POC 1125-80
                         1 /2" capacity                          1 /8" capacity, power-operated

                                                Morse-Starrett Products Company
                                                   184 NW 10th St, Meridian, Idaho 83642
                                   PH: (208) 888-7571  •  FAX: (208) 888-2092  •  sales@  •

         quirement for a tandem crane lift. The   for Maeda Mini Cranes for the territory   normally found on larger cranes. These
         installation vessel, however, had a single   of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,  Minnesota,   include  full load moment indicators
         crane so to simulate the installation lift   Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada. ALL   (LMI) and custom outrigger programs.
         a single point lift was required. Schwab   Crane will sell and service Maeda’s full   continued on next page
         explained that the structures land on   line  including  spider cranes,  knuckle
         pre-installed guideposts and piles on the   boom cranes, and crawlers.
         seabed so the structures require a very   As authorized dealers for many ma-
         tight tolerance on installation level/trim.  jor manufacturers,  ALL recognizes
           To  achieve  a  simulated  offshore   the value in adding new names to the
         single point lift, Modulift provided a   roster with the potential to make cus-
         MOD250/400 spreader beam and associ-  tomers’ jobs easier, more efficient, and
         ated rigging to ‘join’ the two site cranes   more cost effective. As an authorized
         together using an inverted spreader bar   Maeda dealer, ALL is committed  to
         arrangement. The SUB 380 spreader   offering extensive product and service
         bar on each structure was connected to   training  support to ensure  customers
         the structure via high performance syn-  can rely on their efficiency, durability,
         thetic slings and ROV-friendly shackles   and productivity.
         to form the installation rigging arrange-  Game-changing  Maeda  Mini  Cranes
         ment on the structures.            have  been  engineered,  designed,  and
           Once  subsea the  Manifolds  will  act   manufactured in Japan since the com-
         to combine power,  communications,   pany’s founding in 1962. These ultra-
         service fluids and production pipework   compact machines are known for excel-
         from multiple gas wells into a single   lent  performance  in  tight  spots  where
         main pipeline/umbilical system.    other cranes simply can’t go. Some are
                                            as little as two feet wide. The construc-
         ALL Family of Companies            tion  industry  especially  values  these
         Named New Authorized               small cranes for their ability to be placed
         Dealer for Maeda Mini Cranes       high up in a structure and assist with
         Tiny but mighty cranes offer high   glazing and curtainwall installation.
         performance and tight-spot versatility  Although Maeda manufactures the
           The ALL Family of Companies has   most compact crane models in the indus-
         been named the new authorized dealer   try, they have loaded them with features   ALL named new authorized dealer for Maeda.

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