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                                                                               Open outputs, is particularly beneficial
                                                                               when setting large machines or com-
                                                                               pleting factory moves. A major benefit
                                                                               is that a single operator can leave the
                                                                               cab and take up a position where they
                                                                               can  do their  own  spotting, eliminat-
                                                                               ing the need for additional personnel.
                                                                               The series is available in four capacity
                                                                               ranges, the largest of which is 60,000
                                                                               lbs. to 80,000 lbs.
                                                                                 Anthony Blashewski,  hoist sales at
                                                                               Hoist Liftruck Mfg., said: “These types
                                                                               of [FR Series] applications are very
                                                                               slow, precise and deliberate, thus, re-
                                                                               mote control  is a great asset to those
                                                                               who choose to use it. It is requested as
                                                                               an option on the FR Series around 20%
                                                                               of the time.”
                                                                                 Blashewski  anticipates that, given
                                                                               its high performance and reliability,
                                                                               HBC-radiomatic  remote control will
                                                                               soon be equally popular among marine
                                                                               customers using the Neptune, especial-
                                                                               ly those storing boats in buildings to
                                                                               keep them out of water and away from
                                                                               the elements.
                                                                                 HBC-radiomatic provides a  custom-
                                                                               ized linus 4 with FSE 510 receiver, also
                                                                               configured with CAN Open outputs, to
                                                                               control  the  Neptune’s  rubber-covered
                                                                               forks that securely grip boats without
                                                                               damaging  them. Galvanization and a
                                                                               three-step paint process provide corro-
                                                                               sion protection for the range, available
                                                                               up to 55,000 lbs. capacity.
                                                                                 Blashewski  said:  “In this  case,  an
                                                                               advantage  of applying HBC remote
                                                                               controls is actually related to the days
                                                                               of the week when the marina is least
                                                                               busy—Monday to Wednesday. When a
                                                                               customer wants to go out on their boat,
                                                                               they call the marina and a large forklift
                                                                               puts the vessel into the water. When
                                                                               they are done boating, the forklift re-
                                                                               trieves the boat again.”
                                                                                 He added: “Combining the Neptune
                                                                               and HBC remote controls,  a  launch
                                                                               ramp can be operated by a single per-
                                                                               son, who can position themselves to re-
                                                                               trieve a boat rather than rely on com-
                                                                               munication via hand signals. Remote
                                                                               control allows the operator to manipu-
                                                                               late the  forks  to  precisely  place  them
                                                                               for safe handling of the boat.”
                                                                                 Remote control technology and the
                                                                               FR Series could increasingly combine
                                                                               in  industrial  applications as  Hoist
                                                                               Liftruck is proposing to purchasing de-
                                                                               cision makers that they consider their
                                                                               use as an alternative to installing an
                                                                               overhead bridge crane in a factory en-
                                                                               vironment. Blashewski said the solu-
                                                                               tion offers cost savings and improves
                                                                               safety as well as greater flexibility.

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