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         project, located in São Luís on Brazil’s   monly applied in marine, offshore, oil   a breakwater, the pier has land-based
         northern coastline, to install 26 identi-  and gas applications.      cables that help to moor ships to the
         cal 100t capacity mooring winches and   All  winches  were  calibrated at the   berths. Given the importance therefore
         50 150t capacity fairleads, for the new   factory and again at the port, while the   of the winches and fairleads, TMPM rep-
         pier that will be the point of depar-  Radiolink plus was utilized to calibrate   resents a landmark project for Ibercisa.”
         ture for vessels from the Carajás mine,   the loadpins when  mounted onto the   David Ayling, Director at Straightpoint,
         bound for Asia, Oceania and Europe.  winches and then to test the machines.   said: “This project will be memorable for a
           Ibercisa utilized 52 custom loadpins   The fairleads are essentially rings that   number of reasons. The first point of con-
         (two for each winch) with 4-20mA ana-  guide ropes, keeping them clear of ob-  tact was at a trade show where we were
         logue outputs for PLC integration, de-  structions  and  preventing  them  from   exhibiting with our distributor, Rigma-
         signed for use in applications where an   cutting or chafing.         rine. It was rewarding to enter dialogue
         end of line load cell cannot be used and   Manuel Ricardo Romero Vega, Proj-  with Ibercisa face-to-face and explore
         an integrated solution is required; and   ect Manager at Ibercisa, said: “Because   force measurement solutions for their
         a 150t capacity Radiolink plus,  com-  of the strong tidal currents and lack of   challenging scope of work at TMPM.”
                                                                                 He added: “Delivery of the loadpins
                                                                               and Radiolink plus marked completion
                                                                               of  our  first  order  from  them  and  we
                                                                               hope it represents the start of a long-
                                                                               term relationship. We relished the
                                                                               challenge of custom manufacturing 52
                                                                               loadpins, which  are essentially round
                                                                               shearpin load cells enabling load mea-
                                                                               surement in mechanical joints, to the
                                                                               specifications  of  the  winches  Ibercisa
                                                                               was to install at the port.”
                                                                                 Vega  said:  “Straightpoint  manufac-
                                                                               tured an excellent custom solution and,
                                                                               following  initial  discussions,  we  were
                                                                               confident  they  would  suit  our  require-
                                                                               ments for this demanding project. The
                                                                               loadpins  and  dynamometer  [Radiolink
         The Radiolink plus is commonly applied in marine, offshore, oil and gas applications.  continued on next page

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