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                           A2LA Accredited calibrations for proof test machines and load cells.

                      ASTM-E74 CertiÞed equipment and modern high accuracy software to provide
                                                 ASTM-E4 calibrations.

                    Annual calibrations at competitive rates. Multiple machine and location discounts.

                                Competent, experienced and friendly service and support.

                     Call +1 912-964-1118 or email for a quote.

         weight, and another focal point, to   prospective or existing customers and   and one  with  hospitality and relaxed
         those endeavours.”                 suppliers prepare to embrace its debut   networking at its heart.”
           RSS will showcase its sling  making   LiftEx appearance.              Hutin  confirmed  that  he  is  in  talks
         capability—a 1,000t Sahm  Splice  hy-  Hutin added: “We were  encouraged   with LEEA’s new organizing partners
         draulic press allows it to manufacture   by the quality of networking discus-  about sponsorship  opportunities to
         55t safe working load rigging equip-  sions that gave purpose to this year’s   generate further interest in  the exhi-
         ment—and will  promote a full  range   LiftEx, but we are optimistic that the   bition stand and the RSS brand before
         of spreader beams, shackles,  wire   more central location of Telford will at-  and during the show.
         rope slings,  chain  blocks,  web slings   tract an even bigger audience. Our aim
         and other lifting gear. The exhibit will   is to strike a balance between creating  HBC-radiomatic remote
         also feature a variety of giveaways as   a product-centric,  informative exhibit   controls available with
                                                                               industrial and marine hoist
                                                                                 Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. has started
                                                                               offering HBC-radiomatic  remote con-
                                                                               trols  as  an  option  with  its  Neptune
                                                                               Series  of  lift  trucks,  suited  to  marina
                                                                               dry-stack applications.
                                                                                 It is the second Hoist Liftruck
                                                                               range to be made available with the
                                                                               technology, following successful inte-
                                                                               gration of an HBC-radiomatic remote
                                                                               control system into the FR Series, a
                                                                               truck  with  an  extendable  counter-
                                                                               weight that is popular with riggers
                                                                               and machinery movers. In both cases,
                                                                               safety and productivity have been
                                                                               greatly enhanced.
                                                                                 End users of the FR trucks note that
                                                                               the customized spectrum 2, with FSE
          Remote control allows the operator to manipulate the forks to precisely place them for safe   510  receiver  configured  with  CAN
          handling of the boat.                                                                continued on next page
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