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The RSM PRO ~ High Speed Production Roundsling Machinery by Strider~Resource

              The RSM PRO is the industries most efÞcient roundsling fabrication system. Combining two innovative,
             labor saving machines loaded with features conceived from years of hands on experience, the RSM PRO
                         by Strider~Resource delivers unmatched power, production and performance.

            Complete turn key system - Including onsite installation, commissioning and hands on fabrication training.

             Strider~Resource provides you with everything you need to know on how to fabricate the highest quality
              roundslings in the most efÞcient manner. Every detail is covered in our training, system guides and after
               sales support, so that you and your staff have full conÞdence in your procedures and our machinery.
            Explore our advanced lifting industry solutions, including Modern Forward Compatibleª Test Machines,
            Calibration Services, Annealers, Universalª Swagers, and Overload and Anti-Collision Protection Systems.

                    In stock for Immediate Delivery. Tour our Interactive Demonstration Facilities.
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         LGH, said: “If you want to be regarded   the lifting standard—not only in the   individual to understand best practice
         as a serious player in the lifting mar-  UK but worldwide.”           in  advising customers on  what prod-
         ket, being a fully-fledged LEEA mem-  LEEA has been providing specialist   ucts to use.
         ber is vital. The organization provides   training  services  to its  members for   ISO 9001:2015, meanwhile, is based
         all  members  with  advice and support   over 50 years and has its own dedicat-  on a number of quality  management
         on virtually any related topic concern-  ed training centre in Huntingdon, UK.   principles including a strong customer
         ing  lifting,  which  is  simply not  avail-  LGH personnel are expected to under-  focus,  the  motivation and implication
         able elsewhere.  LEEA works  closely   take varying levels of these courses de-  of top management, and continual im-
         with the HSE [UK Health and Safety   pending on the extent of their exposure   provement. Smith called it the “pin-
         Executive] and is widely regarded as   to product and the requirement of an   nacle of standards”  and a “minimum
                                                                               benchmark” for any business dealing
                                                                               with safety-critical products.
                                                                                 He added: “Given the nature of our
                                                                               product range, existing and prospective
                                                                               customers expect us to have the latest
                                                                               2015  specification  of  ISO  9001.  Fur-
                                                                               ther, accreditation offers them peace
                                                                               of mind that they are sourcing lifting
                                                                               and rigging equipment from a highly
                                                                               disciplined organization.  Achieving
                                                                               it  involved  a  complete review  of  our
                                                                               processes  and systems, and documen-
                                                                               tation of findings in a quality manage-
                                                                               ment system.”
                                                                                 Colin  Naylor,  Managing  Director  at
                                                                               LGH, said: “LGH continues to grow and
                                                                               as we enter our second full year of trad-
                                                                               ing our employee count has reached 25
                                                                               with an additional five recruits sched-
                                                                               uled to join in the next few months. Ad-
                                                                               ditional commercial vehicles have also
         LGH’s Phil Smith (left), commercial manager; and Colin Naylor, managing director, with the
         ISO 9001:2015 certificate.                                                            continued on next page
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