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continued from previous page       work started on a new floor level.  1,500t beams can now be tested to the
         rigging team. A bedroom-corridor mod-  Prior to installation the modules were   new capacity following the latest three-
         ule  weighed approximately  8t, while   transported from Poland to London   month retrofit.
         the heavier bedroom-corridor-bedroom   Thamesport, a container seaport on the   This was by far the most extensive
         modules were around 12.5t.         River Medway, where they were placed   engineering  that  the  rig  has  been
           Modulift provided standard MOD 24   in storage. Most could be moved under   subjected to in its lifetime. Sue Spen-
         (24t capacity at 5m / 17 ft.) and MOD   normal transport restrictions but the   cer,  Technical  Director,  explained
         50 (50t capacity at 8m / 26 ft.) spreader   widest had to be accompanied by special   that  the  first  upgrade  was  “not  par-
         beams,  slings  and  shackles  that were   escorts. The entire modular installation   ticularly major”, recollecting the re-
         used in either  single  or  one-over-two   crew consisted of between six and 10   placement of a small number of com-
         configuration  depending  on  the  lift-  people, which included resource for site   ponents and strengthening of others.
                                            bolting of the modules as well as rigging   However,  the  latest  project  involved
                                            and traffic marshalling.           approximately 60% of the rig being
                                              Following the success of the project,   replaced with new components.
                                            Polcom has employed Modulift below-  Spencer said: “We have been outspo-
                                            the-hook equipment and expertise on   ken of late about industry driving de-
                                            further installations in the UK, USA and   mand for larger capacity beams so it
                                            Canada. Paget said six such projects are   made sense to invest in the upgrade of
                                            taking place at the time of publication.  our flagship test rig, which has been at
                                              He concluded: “Our modular system is   the heart of the company for 14 years.
                                            designed  bespoke  to  every  project.  Size   Not only is it now one of the largest rigs
                                            and shape varies according to the ar-  of this type in the country, it is custom-
                                            chitecture. Where possible we limit the   designed for our specifications and thus
                                            overall width, length and height to stan-  makes an incalculable contribution to
                                            dard transportation limits to avoid extra   our manufacturing processes.”
                                            costs, but this is not always possible.”  Every Modulift modular spreader
                                                                               beam consists of a pair of end units and
                                            Modulift upgrades                  a pair of drop links with interchange-
                                            compression test rig to            able struts that can be bolted into the as-
                                            1,650t capacity                    sembly between the end units to either
                                              Below-the-hook  equipment manu-  lengthen or shorten the beam. Spencer
                                            facturer  Modulift has upgraded its   explained that the unique design means
         A modular bedroom with the iconic Tower of   compression test rig (known as CTR1),   they are essentially “pin-ended struts”
         London and Tower Bridge in the background.  adding 50% additional capacity to the   and the entire load is transferred
                                            now 1,650t machine.                through  the  spreader  beam  as  a  pure
         ing points on the modules; some were   This is the second time Modulift has   axial compression load. The main rails
         four-point lifts and others eight-point.   upgraded the rig it originally manufac-  of the rig are, therefore, in tension when
         Below-the-hook equipment totalled up   tured in 2003 for testing 600t capacity   the spreader beam is under test.
         to 1.25t in weight for each lift.  spreader beams to a proof load of 660t.   She said: “We have squeezed as much
           Polcom utilized a tower crane leased   In 2012 it upgraded CTR1 so 1,000t   capacity out of the main rails of the rig
         by Balfour Beatty, the major contrac-  beams could be tested to 1,100t, while   as possible without having to replace
         tor, which was already onsite for other
         lifts related to the construction project.
         Paget explained that as the crane was
         sourced prior to completion of the mod-
         ule  design,  limited height  was  avail-
         able for the top floor bedrooms.
           He added: “We had to modify the top
         floor  lift  with  shortened  chains  and
         tighter  angles  to  accommodate  the  fi-
         nal lifts. The module centers of gravity
         positions were not quite central and we
         had to manually compensate some of
         them with sandbags. Modulift’s design
         service was critical to successful deliv-
         ery  of  the  project,  giving us  access  to
         high  quality  drawings,  specifications
         and  expertise,  particularly  benefi-
         cial in offsetting the center of gravity
         positions during design of the lifting
           During the day, spreader beams and
         lifting equipment was stored in a pur-
         pose-built cage that slotted onto the top
         of a module, located by the lifting eyes.
         Polcom moved the cage up each  time   Modulift’s compression test rig can now proof test 1,500t beams to 1,650t.

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2017
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