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continued from previous page       in international trade over the last   trade,  innovation,  sustainable  devel-
         company-approved examiner, which at   three years.                    opment,  and promoting  opportunity
         SP is Gavin Arnell, Product Technician,   Reid, which has been trading since   through  social  mobility. Winners  are
         who  has  taken  both  the  association’s   2000, received an initial award for in-  invited to a Royal reception at Buck-
         P1E Foundation Course and Lifting   novation six years after inauguration   ingham Palace, hosted by The Queen.
         Equipment General (LEG) Advanced   before a double success, in the same   They will be familiar surroundings to
         Program. The former includes 28 mod-  category in addition to recognition for   Battersby,  who met Her Majesty fol-
                                            international trade, followed in 2013.   lowing earlier successes.
                                            The latest Queen’s Award, one of the   Two key criteria that Reid had to
                                            highest accolades a UK business can   meet in its latest application were that
                                            receive, is a testament to continued   the organisation had achieved out-
                                            global  expansion  with  the  company   standing growth in overseas earnings
                                            likely  to  confirm  that  over  50%  of   relative to its size and sector, and steep
                                            sales came from overseas in the latest   year-on-year growth (without dips) in
                                            financial year.                    overseas sales over three years. All
                                              Nick  Battersby,  Managing  Direc-  applicants must also be prepared to
                                            tor at Reid, said: “The widely coveted   provide written  responses  to targeted
                                            award is recognition from the highest   questions  and  share  financial  data.  A
                                            authority in the land for our achieve-  review and independent audit by an ac-
                                            ments that are only possible because   countancy firm places that information
                                            of the commitment and endeavour of   under close scrutiny, Battersby said.
                                            staff, partners, and suppliers, plus the   Emphatically, Reid submitted support-
                                            contribution of end users who challenge   ing evidence of three years of consistent
                                            our  engineering  expertise  through   growth in exports, with 66% growth over
                                            their varied lifting applications.”  the last two years, while in the same pe-
         SP’s Alfie Lee (left),  operations director,
         presents  Gavin Arnell,  product technician,   The Queen’s Awards cover a number   riod total turnover grew by 34% to £5.1
         with a LEEA certificate.           of categories, including  international   million. Further, exports represented
         ules covering a range of subjects from
         standards and codes of practice to wire
         rope and types of cranes; it is a prerequi-
         site for studying at advanced level. The
         advanced course offers hands-on prac-
         tical training to complement essential
         theory sessions. Content is based on lift-
         ing  accessories  and  includes  thorough
         examination procedures and criteria for
         continued periods of service.
           Alfie Lee, Operations Director at SP,
         said: “We are grateful for the guidance,
         support, and thoroughness of our con-
         tact at LEEA, Bernie Winter [technical
         officer], who took us through the pro-
         cess. We look forward to hosting Ber-
         nie and other representatives of the
         association as they conduct subsequent
         audits and hold us to their industry
         benchmark standards.”
           Ayling  concluded:  “Alfie  and  Gavin
         have played key roles in achieving this
         widely sought after status within LEEA,
         but it is recognition that the entire SP
         operation adheres to its protocols and we
         look forward to leveraging the commer-
         cial and other opportunities full mem-
         bership creates in the myriad of market-
         places that apply lifting equipment.”
         Reid Lifting Wins Fourth
         Queen’s Award for
         International Trade
           Chepstow, Wales-based Reid Lifting,
         a  manufacturer  of  lightweight  gan-  Reid’s Porta-Gantry system is designed for easy transport, rapid assembly, and safe use. This
         try and davit cranes,  has claimed its   2,000kg working load limit (WLL) gantry, with integrated hoist / trolley, lifted the EJ200 jet
         fourth Queen’s Awards for Enterprise,   engine prior to being mounted in the Bloodhound SSC, which is being developed to break the
         this time for outstanding achievement   world land speed record and will potentially reach 1,000mph.
         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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