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         throughout the year, starting with the
         Norwegian Society of Lifting Technol-
         ogy (NSLT) and Offshore Mechani-
         cal  Handling Equipment Committee
         (OMHEC)’s 23rd  International Off-
         shore  Cranes  &  Lifting  Conference,
         which takes place in Milne’s hometown
         next month (April). There, new display
         banners and literature will be part of
         a product centric exhibit showcasing
         a myriad of  relevant technologies,  in-
         cluding the Loadlink plus, Radiolink
         plus and Wirelink plus.
         Steel Executives Bring
         Trade and Jobs Focus to
         Capitol Hill                       CEOs testifying before Congressional Steel Caucus hearing on March 21, 2018
           Chief  executives  from  four  of  the   erations at Granite City Works, calling   Steelworkers (USW), the Steel Manu-
         leading steel companies in the U.S told   back workers, and continuing to support   facturers  Association (SMA) and the
         over a dozen members of the Congres-  our customers with the high-quality   Committee on Pipe and Tube Imports
         sional Steel Caucus that they were   products they have come to expect from   (CPTI) also testified.
         grateful  for  the  president’s  support   our company for more than a century.”  Copies of the remarks and the audio
         for the steel industry, and emphasized   Newport said, “In the case of a natu-  broadcast of the hearing can be found
         the challenges the industry faces from   ral disaster or a cyber- or physical at-  at,  and www.facebook.
         surges of unfairly traded steel imports   tack on the country’s electrical grid,   com/AISISteel.
         and global steel overcapacity.     the United States’ national security
           As directors of the American Iron and   cannot  be put in  jeopardy as  a  result  LGH Recognised by LEEA,
         Steel Institute (AISI),  John Ferriola,   of the absence of a domestic supply   ISO
         Chairman, CEO and President of Nu-  chain  supporting the key  components   Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) has become
         cor Corporation and Chairman of AISI;   of the electrical grid. A stable domes-  a  full  member of  LEEA and received
         David Burritt, President and CEO,   tic  manufacturing  base  for  cores  and   ISO  9001 accreditation,  just  weeks
         United States Steel Corporation; Roger   transformers,  built  from  domestically   after marking  a year back in the UK
         Newport; CEO of AK Steel Corpora-  produced electrical steel, is vital to the   marketplace.
         tion and incoming Chairman of AISI;   national security interests of the Unit-  Recognition from the Lifting Equip-
         and, John Brett, President and CEO of   ed States. But that capability is also at   ment  Engineers  Association,  the
         ArcelorMittal  USA,  this  morning  pro-  risk as there are only a few remaining   world’s leading representative body
         vided testimony on  the  impact of  for-  U.S. producers of these important elec-  for all those involved in the industry,
         eign imports on national security and   trical infrastructure products.”  and the International Organization for
         the Section 232 tariffs, and a number   Brett said, “As China dumps its steel   Standardization, is  a double endorse-
         indicated that as a result  of the Sec-  in other markets, those producers suf-  ment of LGH’s ever-growing stature in
         tion 232 remedy they would be looking   fer  and  look  for  alternatives—often   the industry.
         at additional investment opportunities   in the United States. China’s largest   LEEA offers four categories of mem-
         and creating jobs.                 export market is South Korea. One of   bership—provisional, associate, devel-
           Ferriola  said, “By imposing tariffs   South Korea’s largest export markets   opment, and full. LGH initially became
         on imported steel, President Trump is   is the United States. That’s the way the   a development member, which essen-
         sending a strong message that dump-  steel  flows.  The  industry  has  aggres-  tially served as an application for full
         ing steel into our market will no lon-  sively used the trade remedy tools the   status, which was granted upon comple-
         ger  be tolerated. The  President’s  ac-  Congress has provided. But they aren’t   tion of 12 months of trading and a strin-
         tion will allow us to realize a return on   fully  doing the job.  With our  country   gent audit. Membership is only award-
         our investments, and will help get the   by country remedies, we are playing   ed to companies that, in the opinion of
         industry on a more sustainable path   ‘Whack-A-Mole’  with  global imports,   the association’s directors, is competent
         long-term. The President’s decisive   and the mole is winning.”       and can give an adequate service.
         trade action and congressional leader-  Representatives from the United   Phil Smith, Commercial Manager at
         ship in enacting tax reform will ensure
         that the best days of the American
         steel industry are still to come.”
           Burritt stated, “President Trump’s
         Section 232 action recognizes that, for
         too long, the status quo approaches to
         steel imports were failing our country’s
         security. America cannot afford to out-
         source an industry as vital to security
         as steel. At United States Steel Corpo-
         ration, we’re already working to do our
         part. We’re restarting steelmaking op-
         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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