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         second point of evacuation from each of
         their shafts in the case of an emergency
         where workers needed to be stretchered
         out. The shafts range from 26m to 70m
         deep, hence the varying heights of lift. If
         the cranes were also used for goods lifting
         there was potential for rescue operations
         to be delayed, which is why it was sug-
         gested in consultation to limit their use.”
           All jib cranes will be commissioned
         by the end of March and will remain
         onsite until project completion, sched-
         uled for 2020. Regardless of what will
         be limited or zero duty, the cranes
         will be checked for full operation
         daily as a part of the site’s pre-start
           Ranger chose 3t electric chain    Steve Hutin,
         hoists from Swiss manufacturer GIS   managing director at RSS
         that were downgraded to 1.5t capac-
         ity to facilitate man-riding. All were   dressed during  the  planning  stages.   Steve Hutin, Managing Director at
         fitting  with  overload  protection,  a   Further, he said, the environment was   RSS,  said:  “We’re  frequent  visitors  to
         load cell with read out, pendant and   also  challenging  in  that the tempera-  LiftEx and we have seen the show grow
         remote controls.                   ture reached 37 degrees Celsius during   alongside our own business to the point
           Thacker said: “Given the high profile   installation of one of the cranes.  where it makes sense to have a pres-
         nature of the site we only sourced from
                                              Upon successful installation, Rang-  ence  with  our  own  exhibit.  We  want
                                            er conducted load testing with water   to make a strong statement and have
                                            bags and completed training sessions   taken a stand [D12] in the centre of the
                                            with WestConnex personnel. It is also   floorspace.”
                                            committed  to  providing  monthly  in-  RSS  recently  opened  its  fifth  facil-
                                            spection and maintenance for the du-  ity in Hayes, near Heathrow Airport,
                                            ration of the project.             in  addition  to  headquarters  in  Brid-
                                                                               gend, Wales; and sites in Aylesford,
                                            Rope and Sling to Debut at         Kent; Templeborough, Rotherham;
                                            LiftEx 2017                        and  Grangemouth,  Scotland.  Plans
                                                                               are already afoot to open another
                                              Lifting and rigging equipment sup-  depot  in  northwestern  England  next
                                            plier Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd.   year,  as  Hutin  targets  10  facilities
                                            (RSS) will exhibit for the first time at   across the UK.
                                            next year’s LiftEx trade show, which   He said: “As the company has grown
                                            takes place at the International Cen-  and we continue to expand our regional
                                            tre, Telford on November 29-30, 2017.  footprints to create a truly national
                                              LiftEx is an annual event hosted by   below-the-hook  equipment  service,  in-
                                            trade association, the Lifting Equip-  creased  emphasis  has  been  placed on
                                            ment Engineers Association (LEEA).   branding  and promotion  of  the  busi-
         Ranger chose 3t electric chain hoists from Swiss   RSS  was  among  visitors  to  the  12th   ness name. Over the past 12 months or
         manufacturer GIS that were downgraded to   staging of the show last month (Novem-  so, we have more readily engaged with
         1.5t capacity to facilitate man-riding.  ber) when it drew an international audi-  our  target audiences  through  content
                                            ence to exhibition aisles and a co-located   marketing, for example, and taking an
         the best manufacturers in each compo-  conference at the Aberdeen Exhibition   exhibition stand at the most relevant
         nent area. Even then, the hoists needed   & Conference Centre in Scotland.  trade event to the industry gives more
         to be enhanced to comply with Austra-
         lian standards for man-riding. We only
         worked with suppliers who not only ex-
         cel in manufacturing, but support that
         with professional paperwork, top qual-
         ity  engineering  drawings  and  flexibil-
         ity to work within the most stringent
         project-specific requirements.”
           Thacker  explained that lifting the
         columns  from horizontal  to vertical
         presented challenges as there were no
         dedicated lifting points, while working
         near  open  shafts  came  with  inherent
         safety issues  that needed to  be  ad-

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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