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continued from previous page       tems.  By  incorporating  high-efficiency   stresses on the dragline while improv-
           Varney added: “Our 1,000t Sahm   termination technology designed to miti-  ing  its  efficiency.  We  remain  commit-
         Splice hydraulic press enables us to man-  gate bend fatigue in extreme conditions   ted to supporting the mining commu-
         ufacture slings up to 55t working load   with  the  latest  high  performance  fiber   nity, and together with them, explore
         limit (WLL), which is a capability that is   technology from DSM Dyneema we were   possibilities  of  improving  profitability
         generating significant and ongoing inter-  able to design a solution that offers con-  and safety in their operations.” (Edwin
         est from industry. We have adapted our   siderable weight savings and dampens   Grootendorst – Global Segment Direc-
                                            the dynamic forces versus traditional   tor, DSM Dyneema)
                                            steel pendants. This results in increased   Applied Fiber designs, manufactures,
                                            payload with dramatically reduced boom   and  tests  the  completed  Dragline  and
                                            compression cycling – providing the   Shovel Pendants. The termination and
                                            mine  owner  numerous  economic  ben-  rope system was specifically engineered
                                            efits. In today’s environment, more than   for the demanding pendant applica-
                                            ever, the mining industry is looking for   tions. The rope was produced by Lank-
                                            ways to improve performance and reduce   horst Ropes, a WireCo WorldGroup
                                            overall  costs.  This  new  synthetic  cable   brand, who designed and manufactured
                                            pendant does just that. We are excited   the  rope  to  give  specific  performance
                                            to be working with WireCo and DSM   characteristics  using  the  latest  ad-
                                            Dyneema, as together we can best bring   vancement  in  synthetic  fiber  “DM20”
                                            this  product to the global mining mar-  manufactured by DSM Dyneema.
                                            ket.” (Jim Pumphrey – Applied Fiber VP   The Dragline  and Shovel Pendant
                                            of Industrial Products)            products will be available through Ap-
                                              “The  development of  our  Lankhorst   plied Fiber and WireCo WorldGroup’s
         RSS  uses its 1,000t Sahm  Splice hydraulic
         press to fulfill orders for major projects such   synthetic rope for this demanding ap-  distribution network.
         as the Mare Harbour upgrade.       plication will have a very positive im-  See  a  video  of  these  fiber  pendants
                                            pact on our mining customers.  The   operating  at:
         manufacturing processes to enable us to   product is  lighter,  easier  to handle   draglinevideo.
         meet this demand within the stringent   during  installation  and provides in-
         time constraints often associated with   creased service life over conventional  Straightpoint Load Cells
         orders for such equipment.”        technology.  This  is  a  significant  inno-  test mooring equipment at
           VolkerBrooks  (formerly Humby and   vation for shovel and dragline boom   huge port project
         Brooks), acquired by VolkerStevin in   pendants.” (Blake Chandler – Senior   Straightpoint force measurement tech-
         1937, placed the order with RSS, which   Vice President Global Mining, WireCo   nology has been used to test mooring
         already supplies, hires  and inspects   WorldGroup)                   equipment at Pier IV of the monumental
         lifting equipment for the specialist ser-  “The design and installation of the   Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal
         vice provider. VolkerBrooks is commit-  world’s  first  fiber  dragline  main  pen-  (TMPM), in Maranhão, Brazil. The port
         ted to maintaining the highest stan-  dant has been an impressive engineer-  is part of the S11D mining project that
         dards of workmanship supported by its   ing feat. DSM Dyneema worked closely   has been designed to accommodate Vale-
         suppliers, systems and facilities to pro-  with Applied Fiber and WireCo to turn   max  ships,  a  fleet  of  large  ore  carriers
         vide an efficient and effective service.  an innovative idea into reality. The   that carry up to 400,000 metric tons and
           Rob  Coupe,  Managing  Director  at   Dyneema® DM20 XBO fiber was criti-  are 362m long by 65m wide.
         VolkerStevin, said: “As a specialist in   cal enabling technology,  ensuring  the   Vigo, Spain-based Ibercisa Deck Ma-
         marine  construction  works,  we look   main boom pendant was able to reduce   chinery  was  contracted by the  S11D
         forward to working on this design and
         build project for the roll-on roll-off facili-
         ty upgrade. We’re pleased to be working
         as part of this investment to modernise
         military infrastructure on the Islands
         and look forward to starting.”
         Applied Fiber, WireCo
         WorldGroup, and DSM
         Dyneema join forces to deliver
         Synthetic Fiber Dragline &
         Rope Shovel Pendants to the
         Global Mining Industry
           This announcement comes after Ap-
         plied Fiber successfully  installed the
         mining  industry’s  first  synthetic  fiber
         main pendant cables on a Marion 8200
         dragline for Cloud Peak Energy.
           “Following thousands of tests and
         years of development, we are excited to
         introduce a suite of advanced solutions
         that address the historical challenges of   Straightpoint load testing: The winches and fairleads are on square structures to the right of
         terminating large and critical rope sys-  the offshore port.

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017
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