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         Sims Crane adding four             end of the year.                   Ranger supplies jib cranes
         Liebherr Cranes to                   The 330-ton cranes fill an important   for emergency personnel
         equipment inventory                niche  in  Sims’  equipment line-up,  ac-  lifts on tunnels project
           Sims Crane & Equipment is adding   cording  to Dean  Sims II, Sims  Crane   New South Wales, Australia-based
         four Liebherr cranes to the company’s   Vice President of Marketing.  Ranger  has  installed  five  (with  the  po-
         equipment roster, an investment of more   “The Liebherr 330-ton cranes nicely   tential to become seven) 1.5t working
         than $10 million. The cranes are the first   fill  in  the  space  between  our  275-ton   load limit (WLL) jib cranes for a major
         Liebherr products purchased by Sims.  cranes and our 450-ton cranes. They will   highways infrastructure project that will
           Sims took delivery of the first of   be ideal for projects involving highway   construct a predominantly underground
         three 330-ton Liebherr LR 1300 330-  bridge beams and stadium and hospital   motorway system to the west of Sydney.
         ton  crawler  cranes  in  November,   construction,” Sims explained. “We sent   The WestConnex tunnels will link the
         with two more to be delivered by the   the first Liebherr crane out to a job site   M2, M4 and M5 motorways up with oth-
                                            within a very short time of its arrival.”  er new tunnel systems, providing crucial
                                              Sims Crane also is awaiting deliv-  support for Sydney’s long-term economic
                                            ery of a Liebherr 1500-8.1 550-ton   and population growth. Most of the new
                                            mobile crane.                      WestConnex highways will be in under-
                                              The acquisition of the Liebherr cranes   ground motorway  tunnels  to minimize
                                            is part of a three-year focus on equip-  the need for land acquisitions and re-
                                            ment availability that will see Sims   move through-traffic from local streets.
                                            Crane invest more than $75 million in   The  original  jib  crane  specifications
                                            new equipment. Liebherr, based in Ger-  covered their use for both man riding /
                                            many, is one of the world’s largest man-  evacuation and general lifting. Howev-
                                            ufacturers of construction machinery.  er, upon discussion with lifting, rigging
                                              Sims  Crane  &  Equipment has  12   and safety specialist supplier Ranger, a
                                            locations around the state of Florida   decision was taken to restrict their use
                                            in Daytona Beach, Ft. Myers, Jack-  for man riding / evacuation only. The
                                            sonville,  Miami, Mulberry,  Ocala,   cranes feature 6.5m underslung height
                                            Orlando, Sarasota, Titusville,  West   with 6m reach and offer heights of lift
                                            Palm Beach,  Vero  Beach and  head-  ranging from 26m to 70m.
                                            quarters in Tampa. Call Sims Crane at   Ashley Thacker, General Manager at
                                            888-97-CRANE (888-972-7263) or visit   Ranger,  said:  “WestConnex  needed  a
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