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ects)—but Consul is the largest. While   again. However, what DNV [approv-  er beam manufacturer Modulift—had
         it is primarily engaged in lifting activi-  al] does is verify to end users that our   also endorsed its value in competitive
         ties in  Gdansk  and Gdynia, it is  also   entire operation, from the smelting of   tenders and other situations.
         capable of  open  sea  voyages, making   the aluminium we use to application   The approval complements SP’s com-
         ports elsewhere in  Poland and Lithu-  of product on site, meets the require-  prehensive range of ATEX and IECEx
         ania accessible.                   ments of an organization that serves   products, which meet Zone 0, 1 and 2
                                            to safeguard life, property, and the   hazardous  area  classification.  Ayling
         Offshore Industry Welcomes         environment.”                      noted that in  many cases  both DNV
         Straightpoint’s DNV                  SP  has  been  striving  towards  DNV   and explosion proof status will both be
         Approval                           approval for 18 months, following the   applicable, especially in the oil and gas
           Straightpoint (SP) has received a   results of a questionnaire put to key   market, which is a major consumer of
         DNV GL Type Approval Certificate, ac-  partners  that  revealed  overwhelming   SP’s  force  measurement  technologies.
         knowledging that its equipment meets   support for proceeding with the applica-  Through Kyle Milne, Technical Sales
                                            tion. Additionally, other below-the-hook   Engineer, and Aaron Orsak, Regional
         the rigorous  standards of the global   equipment suppliers—notably, spread-  Business Development Manager, based
         quality assurance  and risk  manage-                                  in  offshore  hotbeds in  Aberdeen and
         ment company for their use offshore.
                                                                               Houston respectively, SP is well placed
           The  certificate  was  issued  in  mid-                             to leverage such accreditations.
         March  and  confirms  that  SP’s  Load-                                 Ayling said: “Kyle and Aaron are
         link plus, Radiolink plus, and Wirelink                               reporting back positively from their
         plus  products  comply with  DNVGL-                                   geographies and we’re now even bet-
         ST-0378, the standard for offshore and                                ter equipped to take the opportunities
         platform lifting appliances. Offshore                                 increased  offshore  activity might cre-
         purchasing decision makers can have                                   ate. As BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMo-
         even  greater  confidence  therefore  in                              bil,  and  others  proceed  with  projects,
         the load cells’ performance on all ves-                               it’s reassuring to have a product range
         sels classed by DNV.                                                  that, first, meets their operational cri-
           David Ayling, director at SP, said:                                 teria and, second, pre-qualifies against
         “We already had 100% faith in our                                     any likely tender specifications.”
         products’  ability  to  perform  even  in   SP’s Radiolink plus (pictured), Loadlink plus,   SP  will  raise  the  profile  of  its  DNV
         the world’s most demanding indus-  and Wirelink plus products comply with   approval at a number of trade events
         tries;  that’s  been  proven  time  and   DNVGL-ST-0378.                            continued on next page

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