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expertise and an  incomparably com-  their specific needs.              The Lifting Equipment Engineers As-
         plete product range, including Caldwell   The remaining business divisions for   sociation is the world’s leading repre-
         lifting equipment, Renfroe clamps and   RUD US will be transferred to and in-  sentative body for all those involved in
         RUD lifting and material handling so-  tegrated into the Caldwell in Rockford,   the industry. To become a full member,
         lutions, all from a single source.   Illinois, by May 2018. Beginning May   a company must be engaged for profit in
           In  addition  to  this  wide  range  of   1st, you will find all of your contact per-  the verification of lifting equipment and,
         products, the joint expertise of the two   sons  for Caldwell lifting means,  Ren-  in the opinion of the directors, is compe-
         partners  also  promises  to  extend our   froe clamps and RUD material han-  tent and can give an adequate service.
         leadership further with regard to qual-  dling and lifting devices at Caldwell.   David Ayling, Director at  SP, said:
         ity and, by leveraging the sales and   We will inform you promptly of any ad-  “We see ourselves as a lifting equip-
         service teams, to considerably intensify   ditions to the list of contact persons for   ment  company  first,  not  just  a  load
         and improve the level of support pro-  the products or regions.       cell business, thus, it was natural for
         vided for our customers. By combining   Against the backdrop of these far-  us to covet full LEEA membership. Its
         the competencies for material handling   reaching  improvement measures,  we   tagline is ‘lifting standards worldwide’,
         solutions, the development cooperation   look forward to being able to assist you   while  we  define  our  purpose  as  ‘mak-
         will also ensure that products and solu-  even more intensively and proficiently   ing the lifting industry a safer place’, so
         tions are optimally adapted to specific   in the future.              without placing undue emphasis on the
         market needs in the US and Europe.                                    synergy, we are kindred spirits.”
           For RUD, at  the Hiawatha  site  in  Straightpoint Awarded Full       SP was previously a development
         Iowa, the former RUD US will con-  Member Status by LEEA              member, which is a precursor  to  full
         centrate  specifically  on  tire  chain   Straightpoint (SP) has been granted   membership but one that is not tran-
         products and their corresponding   full membership in LEEA, reaffirming   scended as a formality. Companies
         product  groups.  This  specialization   its status as a lifting equipment busi-  must pass a rigorous audit and meet the
         will allow RUD to draw closer to cus-  ness  versus  a load cell  manufacturer   highest standards of the association, the
         tomers in this area and to respond to   that has diversified into the sector.  respected and authoritative representa-
                                                                               tive body for members who work in ev-
                                                                               ery aspect of the industry, from design,
                                                                               manufacture, refurbishment and re-
                                                                               pair, through to the hire, maintenance
                                                                               and use of lifting equipment.
                                                                                 Further, full members must have a
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