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                                                                        EASILY  IDENTIFY  LINE  TWIST
                                                                        WITH  NEW  2-COLOR  ENDURA  12
                                                                        When twist is eliminated from a braided rope,
                                                                        it is stronger and more durable.  Even small
                                                                        amounts of twist can make a significant diffe-
                                                                        rence in strength, performance, and the overall
                                                                        service life of your lines.  But twist is often
                                                                        difficult to spot - until now!
                                                                        Now Endura 12’s 2-Color option makes twist
                                                                        much easier to see because when it comes to
                                                                        twist, what you can’t see can really hurt you.

                                                                           TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope Corporation

         oil  and gas segment. In addition, we   In 2010, Tyler made the move to a cable   10 FIRS sailings  per  year,  which  de-
         are providing wire rope installation for   spooling service business and focused   liver military supplies including hard-
         well servicing and crane rental compa-  solely on the well servicing business.  ware,  food and commercial  freight  to
         nies.” says Craig Hayward, Chief Sales   He used his vast knowledge on the   the Falkland Islands.
         Officer of Mazzella Companies.     spooling and install business to tran-  RSS  has  supplied wire  rope  slings,
           Craig also states, “Our Branch Man-  sition  into the mobile crane  business.   web slings, round slings, shackles, hy-
         ager, Tyler Henley, has over ten years   This new endeavor will further increase   draulics,  chain  slings  and wire rope
         of experience in the rigging and spe-  his product knowledge and experience   to civil engineering and maritime ser-
         cialty rope industry. His professional-  in  the rigging  business,  as well  as,   vice  provider VolkerBrooks,  part of
         ism  and relationships  throughout  the   move Mazzella into  a completely new   VolkerStevin,  which  agreed the £19m
         region offer us a unique perspective   industry and service offering.  upgrade—£180m  will be invested in
         and an opportunity for rapid growth.”                                 the Falklands over the next 10 years—
           Mazzella will maintain an inventory of  Rope and Sling supplies     with  the  Defence  Infrastructure  Or-
         wire rope, specialty ropes, fall protection,   lifting gear for major   ganisation (DIO).
         chain and fittings, synthetic slings, rig-  Falklands project           Alan  Varney,  Depot  Manager  at  RSS
         ging hardware, hoists, hoist parts, pull-  Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has   headquarters  in  Bridgend,  Wales,  said:
         ers and other related rigging products.  supplied lifting and rigging equipment   “The opportunity to supply such a land-
           “This is an exceptional opportunity   for the Mare Harbour upgrade project,   mark and important project represents a
         for me to grow as an individual with   part of a massive modernization of the   great start to 2017 and once again demon-
         an established and successful organi-  military infrastructure on the Falkland   strates our capability to manufacture and
         zation like Mazzella Companies, while   Islands, a British overseas territory off   source lifting equipment for demanding
         continuing to build on my experience in   the coast of Argentina.     applications to a short lead time.”
         the oil and gas market. Mazzella has a   Mare Harbour is a small settlement   RSS received the order on Janu-
         62-year  history  of  being  an  innovator   on East Falkland, on Choiseul Sound,   ary 9th and committed to delivery to
         with vast and growing manufacturing   primarily used as a port facility and   Morecambe in Northwest England two
         and fabrication capabilities.” says Tyler.  depot for RAF Mount Pleasant, located   weeks later. The shipment, which filled
           Tyler graduated from the University   about 15km north. An upgrade is un-  15 pallets, included 35t and 25t capac-
         of  Central  Oklahoma  and  started  with   derway  to make  the  harbour  suitable   ity wire rope slings  manufactured by
         Howard Supply an oilfield supply com-  for  larger  vessels,  namely  the  POINT   RSS in addition to chain slings of vari-
         pany in 2007. He worked in sales; focus-  Class ships, with roll-on roll-off capa-  ous sizes that were also assembled at
         ing on the well servicing market. This ex-  bility of the Falkland Islands Resupply   the South Wales facility.
         perience led into the wire rope industry.   Ship (FIRS). There are approximately    continued on next page

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