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continued from previous page       of the industry to introduce the Sahm   mitment  to  deliver  more  products  to
         ers of lifting sets are audited at regular   Splice to our manufacturing setup and   our customers faster.”
         intervals to give end users assurances   ensure we were DNV GL Type Approv-  For  over  75 years,  Renfroe,  a lead-
         that sourced and manufactured equip-  al Certified before it bounces back next   ing  international  manufacturer  of  in-
         ment  from  suppliers  complies  with   year and beyond.”             dustrial lifting products, has built a
         relevant standards and guidance. The                                  reputation for manufacturing the most
         certificate lists the world-class compo-  Renfroe grows its           reliable,  durable plate clamps on  the
         nent manufacturers that RSS sources   manufacturing capabilities      market. Other than the production lo-
         from to complete its comprehensive off-  by expanding production to   cation, nothing will  change with the
         shore below-the-hook portfolio.                                       Renfroe product lines.
           Steve Hutin, managing director at  Rockford, IL                       “Caldwell’s investment in plant and
         RSS, said: “Receiving the type approval   With  an increased demand for  its   equipment provides us with the latest
         certificate  was  a  landmark  moment  in   products  and a desire  to consistently   manufacturing technology as well as a
         our company’s history and we are excited   provide customers with a faster deliv-  new but established ERP system. With
         about leveraging our elevated status in   ery process, the manufacturing opera-  a modern  production  facility and pro-
         the industry as the offshore oil and gas   tions for J.C. Renfroe is moving to the   cesses, as well as a geographical region
         market shows signs of global recovery.”  expanded  and modernized facilities   better suited to support our manufac-
           Notably, RSS took delivery of the   at  its parent company, The Caldwell   turing supply chain, it just made sense
         new press a year ago as the lifting and   Group, in Rockford, Illinois, announced   to support the Renfroe  production  in
         rigging equipment specialist continued   Caldwell President Doug Stitt.  Rockford,” reported Stitt.
         to serve the offshore sector, as well as   While shifting production to Rock-  The Caldwell Group, founded in
         more buoyant markets, during the re-  ford, Renfroe’s customer service, engi-  1954 and  headquartered in  Rockford,
         cent downturn. Testament to that were   neering, training and local warehouse   designs, produces and markets an ex-
         significant  orders  from  oil  and  gas   will  remain  in  Jacksonville,  Florida.   tensive line of material handling equip-
         projects in  Portugal, Cyprus, Nigeria,   “The Renfroe brand for years has   ment for industrial and construction
         Egypt and Singapore placed in 2016.  represented a high quality, and very   applications. Items ranging from stan-
           Hutin added: “We’ve taken a consul-  proven product,” Stitt continued. “So   dard products to custom engineered
         tative approach to the offshore oil and   we plan to keep our folks who design,   lifting solutions.
         gas market, working closely with cus-  enhance and service the quality of the   For more information on J.C. Renfroe
         tomers as the sector slowed down. At   clamp  line  in  Jacksonville.  The  only   & Sons, visit and for The
         the same time, we used the calmness   real difference is an even greater com-  Caldwell Group, visit

                                 Company Spotlight

                                   Let us design and manufacture the
                               sheaves and pulleys for your equipment.

               We have designed sheaves that are in service in
             outer space, on the ocean floor, working on offshore
             oil rigs, on marine vessels, and cranes around the
             world, in a wide range of severe and high tech,
             precision environments.

               Our expertise is based on decades of supplying
             leading manufacturers, from the simplest
             applications to the most demanding.
               We are an engineering firm that can take your
             technical requirements for sheaves and translate
             them into cost effective solutions without           Call to speak to one of our engineers today.
             compromising the performance of your application.
                                                            We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.
               Don’t spend your valuable time designing sheaves           195 Leonard Drive, Unit 5
             and pulleys. Leave that to us! It’s what we do best             Groton, Ct, 06340
             and what we do all day, every day. We respond to our   Telephone: 866 344 6774 • Fax: 888 544 0168
             customers immediately with technical answers and            Email:
             practical solutions.                              

                   To find out how you can have your company in the spotlight, contact us at

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