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continued from page 38             bound for Kazakhstan at AV Dawson’s   similar units for the project and the only
         events across  the world further align   North  Sea  supply base in  Middles-  one for which Bertling had to procure
         with strategy at RRS.              brough, UK.                        lifting equipment.
           Barber explained: “We carry  out   The module, measuring 37m long     Mike Hetherington, Technical Direc-
         projects globally so having an inter-  by 9.3m wide and 6.2m high, was con-  tor at Bertling, said: “We regularly ad-
         nationally-recognised  accreditation is   structed by Mech-Tool Engineering at   vise clients on best practice lifting gear
         a benefit. If international clients have   Dawsons  Wharf on the River Tees in   design as part  of turnkey transporta-
         projects in the UK it also helps them   the UK’s  northeast.  AV Dawson  pro-  tion projects. In this case, the client
         recognise companies who are suitably   vided  port services,  including rigging   had purchased the substation module
                                            and stevedoring support,  while  its   without lifting equipment and asked
           Paul Barber, managing director, Rapid   in-house  shipping  agency,  Cockfield   Bertling to come up with a proposal.”
           Response Solutions, welcomes a Hydra-  Knight, helped to get the ship in and   Bertling consulted extensively with
           Slide unit to Portsmouth, UK headquarters.
                                            out of the port.                   below-the-hook  equipment manufac-
                                              The Modulift one-over-two configura-  turer Modulift, which provided a com-
                                            tion comprised of a MOD 400 spreader   plete, custom fabricated solution to ca-
                                            beam at the top and two MOD 110SH   ter for the dimensions of the load. The
                                            spreader beams below. However, to tai-  module featured a bolted  lifting lug
                                            lor the rig to the module and its centre   arrangement for the lift using shackles
                                            of  gravity the  top beam was  rated to   and slings, also provided by Modulift.
                                            350t capacity and the other two rated   Chris Schwab, Sales Manager at
                                            to 200t. Custom length  struts  were   Modulift, said: “The module had a slight
                                            fabricated so the spreaders were at the   offset centre of gravity and needed to
                                            exact length required by Bertling. The   have a vertical sling connection to avoid
                                            total arrangement height was approxi-  any potential forces being applied to the
                                            mately 34.5m.                      structure. A one-over-two configuration
                                              Bertling, also a tenant on AV Daw-  was the only viable solution.”
                                            son’s site, accepted a scope of work to
                                            lift  the  module  from  stillages  in  Mid-  Mazzella Lifting
                                            dlesbrough and install it on founda-  Technologies opens branch
         qualified. LEEA has the task of unify-  tions  at its  end destination.  Sixty ax-  in Oklahoma City
         ing  legislation  between  countries  and   les  of  self-propelled Kamag K2400ST   Mazzella  Lifting  Technologies  (a
         bringing all countries into line from a   trailers and a Terex CC2800-1 crawler   member of Mazzella Companies), a
         health and safety standpoint, which is   crane were employed on the dockside.   manufacturer and distributor of lifting
         something that interests me greatly.   The Modulift equipment travelled with   and rigging gear, opened a new branch
         Put simply, if each country  worked   the module, where it was used beneath   at 301 South Eagle Street in Oklahoma
         to the  same regulations  the industry   the hook of another Terex crawler,   City, OK. This location is centrally lo-
         would become a safer place to work.”  model CC6800, in Kazakhstan.    cated to provide products to oil and gas
           RRS offers a range of products and   The logistics phase of the project rep-  operations, crane rental companies and
         services, many of which are not lifting-  resented a further collaboration between   general construction.
         centric, yet Barber said LEEA member-  Bertling; Sarens, who supplied the cranes   “Our  expansion  into  the  Oklahoma
         ship will be noted across the board as it   to Bertling in the UK and Kazakhstan;   market provides further diversification
         demonstrates the  company’s commit-  and ALE who undertook the 710km land   of our customer base, increases our ser-
         ment to training its staff to the highest   transport to the site in Kazakhstan. This   vices and capabilities and strengthens
         level and exposes working practices to   substation module was the largest of five   our  experience  and knowledge  of the
         audit by industry leaders. “Additional-
         ly,” he added, “we are unique as such a
         multifaceted business in gaining LEEA
         membership, which elevates our status
         above competing solution providers.”
           LEEA also organizes an annual trade
         show, LiftEx, where RRS, as it did in
         2016, will raise its profile as the only
         international sales partner of the Ca-
         nadian manufacturer  of hydraulic
         skidding systems, Hydra-Slide, this
         November. A range  of  turntables  and
         climbing jacks will be presented to the
         Telford audience.

         Modulift one-over-two rig
         lifts substation module
           Modulift supplied spreader beams
         and rigging equipment to international
         freight  forwarder  FH Bertling Logis-  Sixty axles of self-propelled Kamag K2400ST trailers were used, from which the Terex
         tics Aberdeen (Bertling), which  lifted   CC2800-1 lifted the substation module and lowered it onto the vessel.
         a 282t substation module onto a vessel
         42     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017
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