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         products rarely see the light of day.”  different work, including full boom ca-  the  offshore  industry  having  been  re-
           David  Ayling,  Director  at Straight-  pacity tests to 100% WLL [working   cently presented with a DNV GL Type
         point, said: “Mitchell is among an ever-  load limit] of the crane  and also line   Approval Certificate for wire rope off-
         growing number of lifting and rigging   pull tests to 100% WLL winch  capac-  shore lifting sets.
         professionals who have highlighted our   ity. Such load tests need to be accurate   The  certificate,  valid  for  four  years
         products’ suitability for  air  transpor-  and most sites do not have known test   from November 25, 2016,  covers wire
         tation. Fittingly, the Radiolink plus is   weights  so  a load cell  is  critical.  The   rope slings assembled by RSS accord-
         manufactured from high-quality air-  newest 12t load cell is the only wireless   ing to DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers
         craft grade aluminium. The oil and gas   one we have and it has already proved   and acknowledges that it also complies
         industry has pioneered its use, given   its worth in a number of applications.”  with  EN 12079-2 Offshore  containers
         the requirement of the sector to travel   Allplant has  employed the  12t load   and associated lifting  sets  – Part  2:
         to rigs and other offshore locations by   cell  and Wireless  Handheld plus  to   Lifting sets Design,  manufacture and
         helicopter, where every gram counts.”  test the load indicators on two mobile   marking; EN 13414-1 Wire rope slings;
           Once offshore, on a mining site, or in   cranes recently. It was called to a large   and IMO/MSC Circular 860.
         another demanding industrial environ-  gas plant construction site to complete   RSS serves the offshore market from
         ment, safety and performance are par-  inspection of a Tadano GR-800 rough-  two of its five UK facilities, in Grange-
         amount. The Radiolink plus’s advanced   terrain crane, which  was one of over   mouth, Scotland; and Pyle, Wales-based
         internal  design structure  allows  the   250  cranes  in  the  user’s  fleet.  Mean-  headquarters, but only at the latter can
         use of a separate internal sealed enclo-  while, local rental firm Pinjarra Crane   it manufacture to DNV 2.7-1, utilising its
         sure providing the load cell’s electronic   & Access Hire required similar tests on   1,000t Sahm Splice hydraulic press that
         components  with  IP67 environmental   a Liebherr LTM1100 mobile at its de-  enables the company to manufacture
         protection even with the battery cover   pot in Pinjarra.             slings to 55t working load limit (WLL).
         plate missing,  making it suitable for   The  Radiolink  plus  comes  as  stan-  The hydraulic press was purchased pri-
         use in the harshest environments.  dard with a flight carry storage case up   marily with the oil and gas sector in mind
           Allplant uses the Radiolink plus load   to 35t (77,000 lbs.) and a shipping crate   and joined an older unit, made by Talurit,
         cells,  including  its  newest  12t  wireless   for larger capacities.  which is used to manufacture 35t WLL
         version, on a variety of mobile cranes                                slings.  The  Talurit  unit  can  work  with
         ranging in capacity up to 1,250t. It also  Rope and Sling receives DNV   52mm diameter wire rope but the new
         inspects pressure vessels, elevated plat-  Type Approval Certificate  machine can handle rope up to 64mm.
         forms, hoists, concrete boom pumps, tele-  Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has   DNV, a global provider of knowledge
         handlers and other plant equipment.  cemented its status as one of the lead-  for managing risk, ensures that provid-
           White said: “We use the load cells for   ing suppliers of lifting equipment to      continued on next page

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