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continued from page 37                Gantry cranes offer material handling coverage across
         strong anti-regulatory views, he’s criti-  Gaylin’s new facility in Busan, South Korea.
         cized the overtime regulation, he has
         generally been an advocate for smaller
         government, less intervention in labor
         markets,” said Seth Harris, Deputy La-
         bor Secretary and Acting Labor Secre-
         tary from 2009-2014.
           The  corporate community  has  ex-
         pressed  cautious  optimism that the
         new  presidency will  help lift regula-
         tions they see as stifling to job creation.
           “I would hope that the next Depart-
         ment of Labor will recognize  how of-
         tentimes employers, particularly small
         employers that don’t have inside labor
         or  employment counsel,  struggle  with
         the vagaries of the law,” Daniel Yager,   ly over the past three years despite the   on mobile cranes, often located at mines
         President and Chief Executive Officer   industry downturn.  This  underlines   across the sprawling Golden State that
         of the HR Policy Association.      the  focus  and drive  of  our  manage-  covers almost a million square miles.
           The SC&RA web news item goes on to   ment team and our passion to become   Covering such distance would be impos-
         say: The performance of the new Labor   a global force in our sector. We remain   sible  without  air  travel,  where  weight
         Department will  play an  essential   in a phase of growth, but already cover   has to be kept to a minimum.
         role in fulfilling the many promises of   a larger footprint and offer greater di-  Allplant has five load cells in its inven-
         economic  reinvigoration  that helped   versity of product lines than any other   tory, including a 25t and two 12t Radio-
         Trump win  over working  class voters   business of our kind.”        link plus units from Straightpoint, which
         during his campaign.                 The  facility is  Gaylin’s  sixth global   can be employed close to the coastal,
                                            hub—others are in Singapore, Malay-  Silver  Sands  company  headquarters  or
                                            sia,  Indonesia, Vietnam and China—  over 2,000 miles away in a remote min-
         Gaylin Opens Facility in           but, inclusive of Rigmarine sites, it is   ing town, which are commonplace in the
         South Korea                        a landmark 10th in the group. A com-  state’s northern region. Allplant is also a
           Singapore-headquartered  Gaylin,  monality is the core customer base in   regular visitor to numerous construction
         a specialist supplier of lifting, rigging   offshore  oil  and gas, renewables,  con-  sites in the geography.
         and marine equipment primarily to the   struction,  break  bulk,  shipping  and   Mitchell White, Classified Plant Inspec-
         oil and gas industry, has opened a new   marine industries.           tor, said: “The Straightpoint load cells’
         facility in Busan, South Korea.      Gaylin  will  manufacture  wire  rope   light weight, accuracy and ability to re-
           Gaylin will co-locate at a purpose-built,   slings up to 128mm diameter in Busan,   main in calibration are standout features.
         3,967 square metre site with Phoenix   where overhead cranes offer complete   The low weight is hugely advantageous
         Offshore Co. Ltd, a Gaylin-owned ship   material handling coverage across the   given how frequently they have to be
         chandler supply business. The new facil-  site, which  also boasts a 2,000t hori-  transported by plane. We have five load
         ity will stock a full range of equipment,   zontal test machine and a smaller 600t   cells  in  total  but  the  non-Straightpoint
         including a vast range of lifting equip-  unit.  Eventually,  Gaylin  will  use  the
         ment,  marine  mooring  systems,  winch   location to supply more specialist offer-
         packages and associated services.  ings, such as crane examination, light
           The site, strategically positioned with-  engineering and spooling services.
         in close proximity of a number of major   Teo concluded: “The facility is in the
         seaports,  comprises  a  three-story  office   heart of the southeast economic zone
         and a sprawling workshop over two lev-  and on the doorstep of the machinery,
         els. It is the cornerstone of a multi-mil-  steel, shipbuilding and marine indus-
         lion pound expansion investment plan.  tries. The oil and gas sector has been
           Desmond Teo, CEO of the Gaylin   hit hard in Korea, similarly to other
         Group, said: “We intend to invest fur-  global hotbeds, but it will bounce back
         ther into the local economy and build   and when it does we’ll be ready.”
         an industry competent national work-
         force with the aid of Rigmarine’s [an-  Radiolink plus chosen
         other  business  in  the  Gaylin  Group]  for air transportation to
         development programmes. These  pro-  remote, demanding jobsites
         grams have a global track record  of   The strength to weight ratio of force
         building world-class workforces in the   measurement,  load monitoring  and
         oil and gas sector, capable of delivering   suspended weighing  load cell  equip-
         the highest standards of quality in ad-  ment is  particularly  important when
         dition to health and safety compliance.”  there is a requirement to transport
           Teo added: “The opening of the   products by air, as a Western Austra-
         Busan  facility  marks  another  signifi-  lia-based end user explained.
         cant milestone for the Gaylin Group of   Allplant Inspections uses load cells to   Allplant Inspections uses a 12t wireless load
         companies. We have grown significant-  complete annual and other inspections   cell to load test a Pinjarra Crane & Access
                                                                               Hire Liebherr LTM1100.
         40     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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