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continued from page 36             battery cover plate missing. Boasting a   and review. Together the Quality Man-
         maintenance manual that is  supplied   range of 700m / 2,300 ft., the load shack-  agement System and the Environmental
         standard with every crane system.  les are supplied with an update rate of   Management System is at the core of the
           Nathan Heatley, who managed  the   3Hz and can be easily configured to run   company’s philosophy for an effective,
         project for HES, said: “We utilized a   at what Straightpoint believes is indus-  cost  efficient  and  high  performing  Inte-
         proprietary  surface-mounted test rail   try-leading speeds of up to 200Hz.  grated Management System.
         that was rigged up using synthetic   Heatley  concluded:  “HES  and     Mike   Uhrenbacher/President   of
         slings to achieve our rated capacity for   Straightpoint go hand-in-hand because   pewag  Chain  Inc.  stated,  “We  are  ex-
         the proof load test. The  load shackle   of the respective quality of our product   tremely proud of our team and their
         provided the  perfect  solution  to  this   ranges that are known  in the indus-  efforts to attain the ISO 9001:2015 and
         limited headroom application.”     try—in Straightpoint’s case, globally. It   ISO 14001:2015 Certification. It means
           These  purpose-built cranes are   is generally accepted that it manufac-  that quality and our control impact on
         manufactured according to Australian   tures the best load monitoring equip-  our environment is not just a concept,
         Standard AS 2550.3 – 2005. The hoists,   ment, while we also operate at the top   but a reality.  Our policies and proce-
         meanwhile, are the OzBlok brand for   end of the marketplace. It makes sense   dures  document that,  but  our  people
         which  HES  is  the  principal  supplier,   for us to combine engineering expertise   show it in how they work – and particu-
         as specified by Trio Construct. The Oz-  with  quality of  product and service.   larly in how they engage with our cus-
         Blok S Series chosen for this project of-  Further,  customers  appreciate atten-  tomers and the environment. ISO certi-
         fered the close-coupled chain block and   tion  to  detail throughout  a  sales,  de-  fication provides evidence to customers,
         geared trolley  combination.  The  hoist   sign, installation, commissioning and   suppliers,  employees,  and  the  commu-
         and trolley systems are certified in ac-  after-sales process.”       nity of our commitment to producing
         cordance with AS 1418.2-1997.                                         premium quality product and providing
           Dean Nelson, Managing Director of  pewag Pueblo Colorado            superior customer satisfaction, while re-
         HES, said: “By slowly bringing all rel-  Manufacturing Plant Earns    specting the environment.”.
         evant processes, like load testing and   Newest ISO Certifications
         commissioning, in-house we are not only   On  March  22,  2017; pewag Trac-  Mazzella Companies merges
         able to offer customers a more competi-  tion Chain, Inc. was awarded the ISO  with FHS Incorporated
         tive  price,  but  we  gain  greater  control   9001:2015 Management System Certi-  Transaction expands company’s
         over the quality of service and workman-  fication and the ISO 14001:2015 Envi-  presence throughout entire
         ship. Combining HES and Straightpoint   ronmental  Management System Cer-  Southeast U.S.
         equipment, for example, will become   tification  by  Advanced  International   Mazzella Companies is pleased to an-
         more commonplace accordingly.”     Registrar for the Manufacture of Trac-  nounce it has merged with FHS Incor-
           Every Straightpoint Wireless Load-  tion Chains.                    porated (Florida Handling  Systems),
         shackle is proof tested and equipped   ISO certification is based on quality and   the leading full-line material handling
         with a hard anodised aluminium elec-  environmental  management  principles   distributor in the Southeast U.S. This
         tronics enclosure, within which is a new   including strong customer focus, motiva-  merger will expand  Mazzella Compa-
         internal chassis, providing IP67/NEMA6   tion, environmental focus, the process   nies’ North American footprint and en-
         environmental protection even with the   approach, and continual improvement   hance its material handling expertise.
                                                                                 FHS Inc. is one of the largest single-
                                                                               source providers of crane service, over-
                                                                               head crane systems, hoists, conveyors,
                                                                               warehouse solutions,  storage racking
                                                                               systems and fall restraint systems in
                                                                               the Southeast U.S. They are based in
                                                                               Bartow, Florida, with locations in Gon-
                                                                               zales, Louisiana, Duluth, Georgia and
                                                                               Theodore, Alabama.  Their overhead
                                                                               crane,  hoist,  conveyor and warehouse
                                                                               systems are designed and engineered
                                                                               to meet specialized customer  needs,
                                                                               and the company’s highly trained crane
                                                                               service  technicians  specialize  in  solv-
                                                                               ing complex problems in emergency
                                                                               situations.  Moving  forward,  FHS  Inc.
                                                                               will  operate as FHS  Inc.,  a Mazzella
                                                                               Company. Terms of the transaction are
                                                                               not being disclosed.
                                                                                 “FHS’ track record of facilitating ma-
                                                                               terial handling  needs  of  all sizes  and
                                                                               scopes across the Southeast U.S. is un-
                                                                               rivaled,” says Tony Mazzella, Chief Ex-
                                                                               ecutive Officer of Mazzella Companies.
                                                                               “From concept and design to delivery,
                                                                               installation  and  aftermarket  service
                                                                               support,  customers  benefit  by  having
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