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continued from page 36             the East London Line cutting and the   Mullins pointed to highlights that
         chain  block,  5.3t collar chain,  and   new  ticket hall behind the retained   stood out SP in a competitive cate-
         load cell via shackles  to complete the   building fronting on Whitechapel Road.  gory, including delivery of consistent
         test. The Straightpoint (SP) 10t capac-                               growth in sales and profit; successful
         ity wired load cell was utilized with a   Straightpoint Collects      performance over a number of years;
         Handheld plus reader, while a Leica la-  Sustained Business           the establishment of an organisation
         ser-measuring device read beam deflec-  Performance Award             in the U.S.; investment in business
         tions. The first deflection reading was   Straightpoint (SP) received the Sus-  assets, space, and personnel; and a
         taken from the floor to the beam, before   tained Business  Performance  2017   commitment to the coaching process-
         various loads were put on the beam   award at Action  Coach’s  regional  an-
         and subsequent readings recorded.  nual  awards  ceremony,  which  took
           The process was repeated at Level 1.   place at the Royal Maritime Club in
         Upon completion of the tests four elec-  Portsmouth, UK in February.
         tric chain hoists and trolleys, sourced   Action  Coach,  which  helps  entre-
         from RSS, were attached to the beam   preneurs  and owners  overcome the
         for lowering of the escalators.    challenges in maintaining a company,
           Connecting the City, Canary Wharf,   works with the load cell manufacturer
         the West End and Heathrow Airport to   on matters related to business strategy.
         commuter areas east and west of Lon-  This is the second time SP has claimed
         don, Crossrail is a major new rail link   such an award, having won Business of
         project designed to provide a world-  the Year in 2014. David Ayling, Man-
         class,  affordable railway with  high   aging Director, was on hand to collect
         frequency,  convenient and accessible   the prize.
         services across the capital.         Gary  Mullins,  Master  Coach  at Ac-
           BBMV, the joint venture encompass-  tion Coach, who works with SP’s team
         ing Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall and   at its Havant, Hampshire-based head-
         VINCI Construction, will be construct-  quarters, said: “Importantly,  this ac-
         ing  the  project  in  three  distinct  parts   colade is recognition not just for a suc-
         including refurbishment of the existing   cessful 2017 but for sustained growth.
         Whitechapel Station in the Hammer-  Against the criteria by which we judge   Gary Mullins (left), Master Coach  at Action
                                                                               Coach, presented  the Sustained Business
         smith & City and District Line cutting,   businesses for this award, they were   Performance  2017  award to David Ayling,
         the new station bridge concourse above   ahead of our other clients.”  Managing Director at Straightpoint.
         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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