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Page 38 - Wire Rope News & Sling Technology
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continued from page 36             status in the marketplace.”          He added: “At the top end of any mar-
         Green Pin® chain fittings – under the   Ayling referred to the newly acquired   ket, the best equipment is supported
         new,  premium brand name through   DNV GL Type Approval Certificate, ac-  with  accreditations  and  certifications
         our existing distributor network.  knowledging that its equipment meets   that make buying decisions even eas-
           For more information,  please visit   the rigorous standards of the global   ier.  Many  of  our  customers,  distribu-                  quality  assurance  and  risk  manage-  tors, and end users of SP equipment al-
                                            ment company for their use offshore;   ready know about our load cells’ ability
         Straightpoint Offers Two-          approved exporter status from Her Maj-  to work, say, offshore for much longer
         Year Warranty as Standard          esty’s  Revenue  and  Customs  (HMRC);   than two years—they don’t need DNV
           Straightpoint (SP) is offering a two-year   and expanded ATEX / IECEx approval,   or a warranty certificate to tell them—
         warranty as standard on its full range of   as other examples of fortifying the range   but it can only add further confidence
         load cells and other force measurement   and its supply with endorsements from   and perhaps peace of mind to prospec-
         equipment, effective April 1, 2018.  recognized authorities and bodies.                continued on page 42
           SP  customers  could  previously  ex-
         tend their warranty from one to two
         years if they completed a registration
         form  upon  purchase  of  a product,  but
         the 24-month term is now honored as
         standard across the catalogue of prod-
         ucts,  from the best-selling Radiolink
         plus load cell to its latest innovation,
         CableSafe, designed for  measuring
         synthetic rope tension.
           David Ayling, Director at  SP, said:
         “It represents  continuation  of a chap-
         ter of value-adding  enhancements we
         have made recently. We have combined
         quality of product with evolution and
         diversification of the range over a peri-
         od of time, but extending the warranty
         aligns  with  recent  certifications  and
         accreditations that further cement our   SP equipment is used in some of the most arduous lifting and other applications on earth.

         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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