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continued from page 36               Just as important, the website tells   RRS started its journey with LEEA
         data  regarding injury and illness to   the story of Southern Weaving through   as a development member following an
         OSHA, which  would be published on-  moving copy, imagery and productcen-  initial audit two years ago and wasted
         line in a gesture of transparency.   tric videos. Southern Weaving’s mes-  no time in meeting the stringent criteria
           Though the rule included anti-retalia-  sage  is  first  introduced  with  a  simple   for full membership, which is only avail-
         tion provisions, it quickly became a target   headline,  “Uplifting,” placed in  the   able to companies that are ‘engaged for
         of industry groups who argued the provi-  context of the NASA Space Shuttle En-  profit in the verification of lifting equip-
         sions were too weak, and, furthermore,   terprise being lifted by Southern Weav-  ment, and which, in the opinion of the
         the Obama administration had failed to   ing’s industrial-strength webbing. This   [LEEA] directors, is competent and can
         justify the regulation with adequate evi-  is one of the many nationally-cherished   give an adequate service’.
         dence demonstrating unsafe conditions   icons that is safely supported by South-  Paul Barber, Managing Director at
         or inaccurate reporting caused by previ-  ern Weaving’s products.     RRS,  said:  “After  the  first  audit  they
         ous record-keeping policies.         Website visitors can keep abreast of   set us a training matrix to help develop
           New Repeals Task Force           the company’s recent achievements on   our staff. We then had to select a cer-
           A February 24 executive order (EO)   the blog, and easily submit inquiries   tain number of skilled staff in each dis-
         requires OSHA among other agencies,   to get in  touch with  the sales  team   cipline to take LEEA training courses.
         to establish a task force with the goal   through the Support page, which is ar-  We’re proud to have marked successful
         of identifying regulations in need of re-  ranged according to product category.   completion of this rigorous audit process
         peal or modification.                Mobile users  can easily access the   and welcome the association’s [annual]
           The order states, “each Regulatory   website with just as much ease as desk-  follow-up audits to ensure we continue to
         Reform Task Force will evaluate exist-  top users; the entire website has been   meet and exceed these high standards.”
         ing regulations and identify candidates   designed to be mobile-responsive.   Seven RRS employees have taken
         for  repeal  or  modification.  Each  agen-  A Pioneer  in the Textile  Indus-  LEEA training courses in a variety of
         cy’s Task Force will focus on eliminating   try’s Digital Sphere      subject matter over the period. Barber
         costly and unnecessary regulations.”   This updated design is one of the most   lauded the  association’s  comprehen-
           The task force initiative follows anoth-  modern and easy-to-use websites with-  sive programs that cover manufacture,
         er Trump EO requiring the withdrawal   in  the  textile  industry  to-date.  South-  assembly, and testing through to ex-
         of  two  existing  regulations  for  every   ern Weaving looks forward to being a   amination  and  certification  of  lifting
         new regulation submitted, as well as   pioneer in the textile industry’s digital   equipment. Health, safety and legal
         comments from White House strategist   sphere. “As the industry transitions to   requirements are also included, he
         Steve  Bannon prioritizing  the “decon-  online communication, Southern Weav-  pointed out. Advanced programs were
         struction of the administrative state.”  ing will remain at the forefront,” says   recently accredited by City & Guilds,
                                            CEO Ron Mohling. “We aim to be a ful-  which  is backed by a Royal Char-
         Textile manufacturer               ly-engaged resource for our valued part-  ter and has a long history of shaping
         Southern Weaving launches          ners and distributors.” The website was   skilled workforces.
         a new website                      launched by Greenville, SC-based mar-  Barber said: “They aren’t just a ‘turn
           For over 90 years, Southern Weaving   keting  communications  agency  SHIFT   up and pass’ type of course.  A lot of
         has gained a reputation for innovation   (       work  goes  into  getting  the  qualifica-
         by adapting to the textile industry’s   Rapid Response Solutions      tions. The feedback from all our guys
         ever-changing standards. This month,                                  that have taken courses was very posi-
         Southern Weaving launched a newly  becomes full LEEA member           tive; the facilities, course structure and
         designed website, the latest chapter in   Portsmouth, UK-based lifting, trans-  presentation  materials  are  first-class.
         this story of innovation.          port  and storage  specialist  Rapid Re-  The process to gain membership has
           The new website catalogues our vari-  sponse Solutions (RRS) has passed its   thusly been hugely rewarding but the
         ous product offerings  with a simple   final audit and been named a full mem-  exciting  part is  we  can  now  begin  to
         navigation, from industrial webbing to   ber of the Lifting Equipment Engineers   leverage the benefits of illustrious full
         protective sleeves and coated products.   Association (LEEA), established across   member status.”
         This dynamic and comprehensive tool   the globe as the leading representative   He added: “Being a member of LEEA
         makes  it  easier  than  ever  to  explore   body for all those involved in the lifting   gives us  access  to a wealth of lifting
         product offerings and get in touch.  industry worldwide.              know-how,  backed by technical  abil-
                                                                               ity from members with  varying skills
                                                                               across the world. Eventually, I would
                                                                               like to be involved with the technical
                                                                               committees and at some point join the
                                                                               board. I have worked in this industry
                                                                               for almost 30 years now and have a lot
                                                                               of experience to share.”
                                                                                 Over 60% of UK-headquartered
                                                                               LEEA’s global membership is now out-
                                                                               side of the home nations. A major focus
                                                                               of the LEEA team in recent months has
                                                                               been the promotion of the association
                                                                               and  its  members  to  end  user  custom-
                                                                               ers.  LEEA’s endeavours  to this  end
                                                                               and its increasing presence at industry
         Screen capture of Southern Weaving’s new website.                                      continued on page 42

         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2017
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