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                                                                        EASILY  IDENTIFY  LINE  TWIST
                                                                        WITH  NEW  2-COLOR  ENDURA  12
                                                                        When twist is eliminated from a braided rope,
                                                                        it is stronger and more durable.  Even small
                                                                        amounts of twist can make a significant diffe-
                                                                        rence in strength, performance, and the overall
                                                                        service life of your lines.  But twist is often
                                                                        difficult to spot - until now!
                                                                        Now Endura 12’s 2-Color option makes twist
                                                                        much easier to see because when it comes to
                                                                        twist, what you can’t see can really hurt you.

                                                                           TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope Corporation

         continued from page 35             steel in December was 2,069,000, down   were South Korea (3,780,000 NT, down
         OECD  members,  we  look  forward  to   3.0% from the preliminary imports total   22% from the same period in 2015), Tur-
         upcoming meetings in February to find   of 2,132,000 in November. For the full   key (2,435,000 NT, down 14%) and Ja-
         meaningful  and  timely  solutions  that   year of 2016 (including December SIMA   pan (1,817,000 NT, down 20%).
         are required to restore healthy market   permits and November preliminary   * Monthly permit numbers provided  to date
                                                                               may be understated, as entry documentation with
         function in the global steel sector.  data),  total  and  finished  steel  imports   the required import license number may be sub-
           “Here at home, U.S. steel producers   were  32,969,000  NT  and  26,248,000   mitted up to ten days after imports have entered
         and workers have suffered damage as a   NT, down 15.0% and 16.7%, respective-  U.S. commerce.
         result of massive global excess capacity   ly, from the same period in 2015. The   Trump and Puzdner will
         which has stemmed in part from trade-  estimated finished steel import market   focus on deregulation in
         distortive government policies and   share in December was 26% and is 26%   first year
         actions. The U.S. Government remains   year-to-date (YTD).
         committed to a level playing field for our   Finished  steel  imports with  large   Recent coverage  from Bloomberg
         steel industry and supporting nearly   increases  in December permits vs.   BNA reports that labor policy in the
         140,000 steel workers  throughout  the   the November preliminary included   first year of Donald Trump’s presidency
         United States.”                    steel piling (up 410%), standard rails   will likely focus less on a new agenda,
                                            (up 164%), oil country goods (up 36%),   and more on dismantling the programs
         AISI releases December SIMA        tin plate (up 27%), line pipe (up 23%),   of the outgoing President.
         Imports Data; Import Market        sheets and strip galvanized hot dipped   As stated on the SC&RA website,
         Share 26% in December              (up 14%) and sheets and strip all other   neither  President Trump nor  his
                                                                               nominee for Labor Secretary, Andrew
           Based on the Commerce Depart-    metallic coatings (up 10%). Tin plate   Puznder,  have  significant  experience
         ment’s most recent Steel Import Moni-  (up 15%) had a significant increase in   as policy makers,  but there  are  mul-
         toring and Analysis (SIMA) data, the   2016 vs. the prior year.       tiple executive orders from the Obama
         American Iron and Steel Institute    In  December,  the  largest  finished   administration the duo could target
         (AISI) reported that steel import permit   steel import permit applications for off-  immediately. The direction of the new
         applications for the month of December   shore countries were for South Korea   Department of Labor will likely become
         totaled 2,648,000 net tons (NT)*. This   (238,000 NT, down 12% from Novem-  clearer  after  Puzdner’s  confirmation
         was a 9.6% decrease from the 2,930,000   ber preliminary), Turkey (175,000 NT,   hearings begin January 17, though
         permit tons recorded in November and   down 4%), Japan (133,000 NT, up 34%),   the fast-food tycoon has expressed pro-
         a  5.6%  decrease  from  the  November   Taiwan (125,000 NT, up 46%) and Ger-  business views in the past.
         preliminary imports total of 2,804,000   many  (85,000  NT,  down  2%).  For  full   “Mr.  Puzdner  has  made known  his
         NT. Import permit tonnage for finished   year 2016, the largest offshore suppliers
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