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           Key finished steel products with signif-                     One of ALL's new Liebherr Rough-Terrain Cranes.
         icant import increases in January com-
         pared to December include reinforcing
         bars (up 54%), standard pipe (up 45%),
         cut lengths plates (up 31%), sheets and
         strip all other metallic coatings (up 19%)
         and oil country goods (up 10%).
           In  January,  the  largest volumes  of
         finished  steel  imports  from  offshore
         were from South Korea (311,000  NT,
         up 15% from December final), Turkey
         (306,000 NT, up 98%), Japan (136,000
         NT,  up 19%), Taiwan (110,000 NT,
         down 25%) and Vietnam (103,000 NT,
         up 80%). Below are charts on estimat-
         ed steel import market share in recent
         months  and  on  finished  steel  imports
         from offshore by country.
         AISI says President’s
         Speech to Congress
         “Positive for Steel”
           Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and  ALL pre-orders remarkable        electrically  extendable cab platform,
         CEO of the American Iron and Steel   new Liebherr Rough-              and multiple ladders minimize the risk
         Institute, reacted to the speech to Con-  Terrain Cranes              of fall injuries.  Controls are intuitive
         gress by President Trump on issues im-  Packed with safety features, LRT   and  easy  to  understand.  The  attach-
         pacting the steel industry:        1090-2.1 debuts at CONEXPO         ment of the counterweight and instal-
           “We are pleased that the president’s   Respected German  crane  manu-  lation of the jib are fully monitored by
         speech illustrates  his  continued  com-  facturer  Liebherr  has  re-entered  the   the crane during setup.
         mitment to manufacturing and issues   rough-terrain market. Knowing  their   “Safety will always be our number one
         impacting the steel industry. AISI’s   reputation  for  quality,  and  impressed   priority and these features help the cus-
         public policy agenda reflects a number   by the new  line’s  capabilities and ro-  tomer get the safest and strongest ma-
         of the goals the president referenced   bust safety features,  the ALL Family   chine available in its class,” said Strader.
         this evening - especially with regard to   of Companies has pre-ordered 15 ma-  For  more  information,  contact  ALL
         combatting unfair foreign trade, pro-  chines. The LRT 1090-2.1 is a 100-USt   Erection & Crane Rental at 4700 Acorn
         viding robust infrastructure and ensur-  full power boom crane, set to debut at   Drive, Cleveland, OH 44131.  Phone:
         ing tax reform encourages investment.  the  2017  CONEXPO-CON/AGG  show   216-524-6550. Toll free: 800-232-4100.
           “By focusing  on  aggressive  enforce-  (March 7–11, Las Vegas).    Fax: 216-642-7633. On the Web: www.
         ment of our trade laws, we believe the   The  LRT 1090-2.1 blends the latest
         president’s trade agenda can help to   in  safety with  the  reliability  and  in-
         address some of the global market-dis-  novation for which Liebherr is known.
         torting policies and practices that have   The  manufacturer’s  exclusive  Vari-  reports on two workplace
         resulted in massive global steel over-  oBase® outrigger monitoring system  safety updates
         capacity and significant levels of steel   enables each support to be extended to   Recent coverage from InsideOSHA-
         imports entering into the U.S. In addi-  a different length while automatically continues to track the rapid
         tion, we are pleased that the president   delivering support status information   changes  happening in  federal labor
         has advocated  lowering the corporate   to the operator. It’s ideal for maintain-  and safety regulations under the new
         tax rate,  which  would  help  steel  and   ing  safety  and  flexibility  in  the  tight   Trump administration. Three impor-
         other industries increase competitive-  spaces often encountered in today’s ur-  tant changes are outlined below.
         ness. And, last, we are heartened that   ban and industrial jobsites. It also al-  OSHA and Industry Win Reversal
         the  president committed to making   lows  for  greater  capacity when  lifting   of Record-Keeping Rule
         good on his campaign promise of a ro-  over the supports.               Under  new  leadership,  Occupation-
         bustly-funded infrastructure program,   “With VarioBase, ALL can do what   al Safety and Health Administration
         which  is necessary to transport steel   used to be impossible,” said Hutton   (OSHA),  submitted  a  joint  filing  with
         and steel goods, and is also a steel-in-  Strader, business development special-  industry  plaintiffs  in  order  to reverse
         tensive market. The president’s plan to   ist for ALL. “Imagine having the out-  a motion, filed in the last days of the
         connect private investors with federal,   riggers fully retracted on one side and   Obama  administration, defending the
         state and local governments for fund-  fully extended on the other, while still   agency’s worker injury and illness re-
         ing,  and his  commitment to ensuring   having the crane allow for full capac-  cord-keeping  regulation.  On  February
         that steel made in the U.S.  will con-  ity when it swings to the extended side.   22, a federal judge in Texas granted
         tinue to be used in federally funded in-  The LRT 1090-2.1 can do that.”  the request to reverse OSHA’s stance.
         frastructure projects, will go a long way   The  crane  seamlessly  incorporates   Now on the chopping block, the rule
         toward  revitalizing  our  infrastructure   forward-thinking safety features into a   requires  companies  to  report  onsite
         and rebuilding our roads and bridges.”
                                            sleek, modern package. The flat deck,
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