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continued from page 34             mechanical  and welded chain  slings.
         on steel. We thank the president for his   Authorized Rigging Service Centers
         continued recognition of the nearly one   can repair mechanical  chain  slings
         million jobs supported by the domestic   only. Additionally, the ability to per-
         steel industry.”                   form work  on  manual hoists  is  avail-
                                            able on  a center-by-center  basis.  The
         Columbus McKinnon                  repair work done by these centers car-
         Announces New CM                   ries the full factory warranty provided
         Authorized Rigging Centers         by CMCO.
         Exclusive network of rigging         To  find  the  nearest  CM  Authorized
         product and service experts        Rigging Center, visit our  website
         certified by Columbus McKinnon     (
           Columbus McKinnon  Corporation,   vcCtrResults.aspx). To learn  more
         a leading designer, manufacturer and   about CM rigging products,  or  any of
         marketer of material handling prod-  our products, call Columbus McKinnon
         ucts, systems and services, is making it   Channel Services at  800-888-0985  or
         easier than ever for customers to pur-  visit
         chase,  service and repair CM rigging   RSS Tests Lifting Beams at
         products with its new CM Authorized
         Rigging Centers.                   Crossrail
           CM Authorized Rigging Centers are   Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS)
         part of an exclusive network of rigging   has completed proof tests on three run-
         product and service experts certified by   way beams at the Durward Street shaft
         Columbus McKinnon to:              site, part of Contract C512, a main sta-
           • Build, service and repair mechani-  tion contract worth £110m,  awarded
         cal  and/or  welded  chain  slings  on  be-  as part of Crossrail,  Europe’s largest
         half of Columbus McKinnon          infrastructure scheme.
           • Perform warranty and repair work   RSS accepted a scope of work to test
         on all CM rigging products, including   newly installed, temporary beams at   RSS  performed a 4t proof load test on a
         chain,  mechanical chain  slings  and   two locations—Levels 1 and 3—that   3.2t  working load limit (WLL) beam. Upon
         forged rigging attachments         will  be  used  to  lower  parts  for  esca-  completion of the tests at Level 1, four electric
                                                                               chain hoists and trolleys were attached to the
           • Perform warranty and repair work   lator installations. This part of the   beam for lowering of the escalators.
         on manual hoists  manufactured by   project principally covers the imple-
         CMCO, like CM, Coffing, Little Mule,   mentation of internal and external   six-monthly inspections for the dura-
         Yale, Chester and Budgit           walls alongside new staircases, esca-  tion of the project. The gantry system
           • Supply and distribute CMCO rig-  lators, and lifts for passengers to get   at Level 1 is used at an incline for mov-
         ging and manual hoist products     to and from platforms.             ing escalators into place.
           All CM Authorized Rigging Centers   At Level 3, RSS performed a 4t proof   Graham Dawson,  RSS Depot Man-
         must adhere to strict procedures set   load test on a 3.2t working load limit   ager, explained  that  the beams were
         by CMCO, ASTM, ASME and OSHA       (WLL) beam, while the assignment at   all the same depth and width but dif-
         requirements in order to maintain   Level 1 involved a gantry system com-  ferent lengths. The beam on Level 3
         the highest levels of product quality   prising two beams that provide a total   was a 5.25m x 457 x 152 beam; at Level
         and safety.                        lifting  capacity of  8t.  Each  beam had   1, the first beam was 13m x 457 x 152
           There  are  two types of CM Autho-  a proof load of 5t applied for the tests,   and the second was 10.85m x 457 x 152.
         rized  Rigging  Centers.  The  first,  Au-  which were covered by Lifting Opera-  To conduct the tests, the Level 3 beam
         thorized Rigging Weld and Service   tions and Lifting Equipment  Regula-  was fixed via bolts to a concrete floor,
         Centers, have the ability to repair both   tions (LOLER) and will be subject to   whereas  brackets and strong backs
                                                                               combined at the other location, Daw-
                                                                               son said.
                                                                                 He added: “We had already spec’d
                                                                               the job two days earlier; we were on-
                                                                               site over a three-week period to con-
                                                                               duct six-monthly LOLER tests on the
                                                                               project’s lifting gear.  Ian [Thompson,
                                                                               RSS  engineer  /  surveyor]  and  I  were
                                                                               asked to complete the work at Level
                                                                               3 first, as the pulling plate had been
                                                                               installed  onto  the  floor  in  advance.
                                                                               The  plate  was  used  on  three  beams;
                                                                               we took measurements of the beam for
                                                                               the  deflection  readings,  and  checked
                                                                               the fixings to make sure they were cor-
                                                                               rectly installed.”
                                                                                 Once an exclusion zone was in place
                                                                               the RSS team installed a trolley, 5t
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         36     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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