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continued from page 34             bringing  in  more  people  and  machines
         8,299,418  net tons, a 10.3  percent in-  to increase our domestic manufacturing,
         crease from the 7,525,590  net tons   which in turn, will require more space,
         shipped in the previous month, Febru-  leading  to  our  decision  to  add  35,000
         ary  2018, and a 7.9 percent  increase   square feet to our warehouse.”
         from the 7,692,434 net tons shipped in   Most recently, 2 new machines have
         March 2017.  Shipments year-to-date   joined Suncor’s line-up of both Manual
         in 2018 are 23,461,349 net tons, a 3.7   and CNC Machine Tools. They’ve add-
         percent increase vs. 2017 shipments of   ed a Track Model #TRL 1630SX CNC
         22,633,191 net tons for three months.  Lathe and a Trak model #DPM3 CNC
           A comparison of March  shipments   Bed Mill. Both machines offer conver-
         to the previous month of February   sational controls  which  allow  more
         shows the following changes: hot rolled   flexibility  and  programming  options
         sheets, up 12 percent, hot dipped galva-  than some traditional machines, mak-
         nized sheets and strip, up 11 percent,   ing them well suited for prototyping
         and cold rolled sheets, up 10 percent.  and for short-run production of milled
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and   and turned parts.
         Steel Institute,      Suncor  Stainless, Inc. is a lead-
                                            ing manufacturer  for stainless  steel
         Suncor Stainless Expands           hardware in the industrial, marine,
         Suncor Stainless Continues to      government,  architectural,  OEM  and
         Grow and Bring in New Additions    commercial industries.  Suncor’s  mod-  Excel® and Green Pin® from Van Beest.
           Suncor  Stainless  is  looking  towards   ern facilities manufacture the highest
         growth to increase production and ser-  quality stainless steel chain, wire rope   – Green Pin® – for all below-the-hook
         vice to customers. Continuing to move   assemblies  and custom  parts. The  in-  fittings.  Van  Beest  will  continue  to
         forward  after  their  recent  opening  of   house capabilities include a product de-  manufacture Green Pin® (formerly Ex-
         their new facility in Las Vegas, NV in   velopment staff whose tireless efforts,   cel®) chain fittings at its current pro-
         May of 2017, Suncor is adding new ma-  along with valuable input from clients,   duction location in France.  Evert van
         chines, a box truck, new personnel and   work to continuously improve and per-  Beuzekom,  Vice  President  Sales  and
         35,000 square feet of production space   fect their ever-expanding product line.  Procurement at the Van Beest Group
         in their facility in Plymouth, MA. They   For more information, please visit   reflects:  “Excel®,  Tycan®  and  Green
         have already begun by adding positions      Pin®  all represent  premium quality
         to customer service, sales and their                                  products  and  thus  have  a  natural  fit
         warehouse to keep up with the ever-  Excel® and Tycan® to             with  one  another.  In  merging  them
         expanding  demand.  The  completion  of  Integrate with Green Pin®    under one Green Pin® brand, we fur-
         this project in 2019 will allow Suncor   Van Beest – manufacturer of Tycan®   ther support our mission of providing
         to increase production of domestic prod-  fibre  chain,  Excel®  chain  fittings  and   customers with high quality below-the-
         ucts, boost inventory levels, offer faster   Green Pin® rope fittings – announces   hook  fittings  combined  with  efficient
         delivery times, and reduce backorders.  that it will merge the brands Tycan®   service and high stock availability.”
           “We started our expansion a few years   and Excel® into Green Pin® as of to-  Excel® is a premium quality brand
         ago when we reconfigured the warehouse   day. As a result of this decision, Ex-  for  chain  fittings,  manufactured  in
         in Plymouth to accommodate more stock   cel®  will  cease  to exist as a separate   France since the mid-1960’s. Van Beest
         and last year when we opened the Las   brand and Tycan® will be used under   acquired the Excel® brand and produc-
         Vegas  warehouse”  says  David  Morgan,   the Green Pin® umbrella as the name   tion  facilities  in  2007. The  transition
         Vice President of Sales and Marketing   for  all  products  related  to  fibre  tech-  period  of  replacing  Excel®  markings
         for  Suncor  Stainless.  “We’re  now  tak-  nology. In merging these brands, Van   and logo’s  on  physical  products  will
         ing  additional  steps  to  grow  Suncor  by   Beest creates  one  big premium brand   take several  years.  After this  transi-
                                                                               tion period the Excel® name and brand
                                                                               will cease to exist completely.
                                                                                 Tycan®  is  a  premium  quality,  fibre
                                                                               link chain that has all the performance
                                                                               and flexibility of steel chain but is a frac-
                                                                               tion of the weight. Van Beest obtained
                                                                               the Tycan® brand through the acquisi-
                                                                               tion of the  Norwegian  company  Load
                                                                               Solutions in September 2017. Due to the
                                                                               novelty of Tycan®’s product range, Ty-
                                                                               can® will continue to exist as a special
                                                                               sub-brand within the scope of the Green
                                                                               Pin® brand. All Green Pin® products
                                                                               related to fibre technology will therefore
                                                                               be known as Green Pin Tycan®.
                                                                                 Van Beest will continue  to sell the
                                                                               full  product  range  –  Tycan®  fibre
                                                                               chain,  Green  Pin®  rope  fittings  and
                                                                                                continued on page 38

         36     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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