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continued from page 34             ico, Utah and most of Colorado, Idaho   • Mobile Crane Operator Train The
         a single source they can rely on for all   and Wyoming and 3-day service to all   Trainer July 17-21 Orlando, FL
         their  warehousing,  storage and prod-  other points in the western US.  • NCCER Advanced Rigging July 31
         uct handling needs.                  “Due  to  company growth,  we  were   - August 2 Orlando, FL - NEW
           “FHS will add great depth to our com-  presented  with  space  restrictions  at   • NCCER Intermediate Rigging July
         pany’s design, engineering and mechan-  our Plymouth, Mass headquarters   24-26 Pasadena, TX
         ical service offerings,” adds Mazzella.   that would impede additional planned   • Overhead Crane Inspector Train-
         “We are poised to deliver unparalleled   growth of both divisions”, said Patrick   ing July 11-14 Orlando, FL
         resources and expertise to customers   Striebel, President of Suncor Stainless   • Overhead Crane Inspector Train-
         throughout the Southeast U.S. to help   and  Atlantis  Rail, “so it made  sense   ing July 25-28 Kansas City, MO
         them achieve all of their material han-  to grow our manufacturing and ware-  • Overhead Crane Operator July 6-7
         dling objectives. We welcome President   housing facilities where we could pro-  Pasadena, TX
         Todd  Wall,  Vice  President  Joe  Di  Ce-  vide better services to the West Coast.”   • Overhead Crane Operator July 13-
         sare and the entire FHS team, and we   Office  hours  in  the  Plymouth,  MA   14 Atlanta, GA
         look forward to Todd and Joe’s contin-  Headquarters have been changed to   • Overhead Crane Operational Safe-
         ued leadership for years to come.”  accommodate West  Coast inquiries   ty July 10-12 Atlanta, GA (Safety Prof-
           “This merger represents an extremely   and orders up to 3 PM Pacific Standard   fessionals)
         positive, synergistic fit,” says Todd Wall.  Time, 6 PM Eastern Standard  Time.   • Overhead Crane Train The Trainer
           Joe Di Cesare states, “Both  compa-  For  specific  information  regarding  of-  July 24 – 28 Orlando, FL
         nies have long nurtured a family-fo-  fice hours, shipment cut off times and   • Overhead Crane Train The Trainer
         cused culture, even through significant   product availability from Suncor Stain-  July 31 – August 4 Portland, OR
         growth, and each is fully committed to   less  West please contact your Suncor   • Qualified Rigger July 17 – 19 Los
         the safety of customers and employees.   Stainless Account Manager.   Angeles, CA - NEW
         Customers  will  greatly  benefit  from   Suncor  Stainless, Inc. is a lead-  • Qualified Signal Person July 20-21
         our combined expertise and service ca-  ing manufacturer  for stainless  steel   Los Angeles, CA - NEW
         pabilities. We’re excited to serve as an   hardware in the industrial, marine,   Please call or email Laura Korza to
         even stronger resource for them in the   government,  architectural,  OEM  and   get  registered:  Phone  321-710-4151,
         years ahead.”                      commercial industries.  Suncor’s  mod-  email:
                                            ern facilities manufacture the highest
         Suncor Stainless West              quality stainless steel chain, wire rope  Chant Engineering unveils
         announcement                       assemblies  and custom  parts. The  in-  new website
         Introducing Suncor Stainless West   house capabilities include a product de-  It is with great excitement that Chant
         Coast Distribution Center          velopment staff whose tireless efforts,   Engineering Co. Inc. unveils its new cor-
           Suncor Stainless is looking to the fu-  along with valuable input from clients,   porate website. Chant is a leading man-
         ture and looking West to expand their   work to continuously improve and per-  ufacturer of testing machinery, reeling
         servicing capabilities to their customers   fect their ever-expanding product line  machines, test stands and other related
         and partners. They announce the Grand                                 rigging shop accessories. “We are excit-
         Opening of their Suncor Stainless West  July crane safety training    ed to offer a fresh new look with easy-
         facility in Las Vegas, Nevada on May   The North American Crane Bureau   to-use navigation to help our customers
         30, 2017. Stocked with over 1,600 SKU’s   will sponsor and work  in conjunction   quickly find the information they need”,
         their new facility will provide standard   with  The  National Center for  Con-
         FedEx Ground service in 1-day to most   struction  Education and Research  for
         of Southern California, Arizona and Ne-  Accredited programs.
         vada, 2-day service to the remainder of   They offer  and accommodate virtu-
         California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mex-  ally every aspect of Crane Operator,
                                            Signaler, Rigger, Inspector, and “Train
                                            the Trainer” programs, and addition-
                                            ally schedule  regularly set trainings
                                            for various programs. Below is the July
                                            Schedule in which they have added
                                            new locations and new courses.
                                              Call today to get registered. They also
                                            come onsite and train, qualify, and/or
                                            certify your staff on your equipment at
                                            any of your facilities worldwide. Octo-
                                            ber 16-19 is their Professional Develop-
                                            ment Conference, that will be held in
                                            Orlando, Florida. Get registered early
                                            for a discount.                    said Patrick Shire, Vice President of
                                              JULY SCHEDULE                    Sales and Marketing at Chant.
                                              • Advanced Mobile  Crane Operator   Chant’s tagline, “If You Can Imagine
                                            July 17-21 Pasadena, TX            It…We Can  Build  It”, embodies  what
                                              • Crane Assembly & Disassembly Di-  sets Chant apart. “Our tagline reflects
                                            rector July 6-7 Orlando, FL        our passion as a leading industry inno-
                                              • Mobile Crane Operator July 10-14   vator who solves complex problems and
             Suncor’s Las Vegas, NV warehouse.  Pasadena, TX                                    continued on page 38

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