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such  platforms, where  equipment is
         typically moved  through tight areas,
         meaning  any  floor  space  and  weight                           C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO. INC.
         we can save the customer adds further
         value to the package.”
           The riser pull-in system was produced
         to a tight timescale with Rigmarine’s            ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE
         manufacturing partner in Spain, and
         with other key suppliers in the UK and                                           Terminal Tuners™
         Netherlands. All goods will then be trans-
         ported 6,000 miles by road before delivery   GREAT VIEW?
         at the end of the year. One shipment will
         include both winches; hydraulic power    DON’T BLOCK IT!
         units; tensiometers, to monitor line pull;
         sheaves, for diverting wires around  the
         deck and outboard; and multiple opera-
         tional, spare and test rope packages.
           The system was extensively tested pri-
         or to shipment in accordance with DNV                                            Stainless Turnbuckles
         2.22 RCLA and all equipment is supplied
         for use in hazardous area classification
         Zone 2. The first port of call will be at
         Rigmarine’s Baku facility, where wire
         spooling and final preparations will take
         place before dispatch to the topside.
         AISI reacts to Global Forum
         launch                                  Are you considering entering the lucrative
           The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  architectural cable railing market? Johnson
         tute (AISI) commended the formation   Architectural Hardware is your source for the highest
                                               quality stainless cable rail fittings.
         of a Global Forum on Steel Excess Ca-
         pacity, which launched its first meeting     High quality Cable Fittings, made in the USA,  have
         recently in Berlin.                   been our specialty for over 50 years. Johnson does
           Thomas J. Gibson, AISI president and   not make cable assemblies — we refer jobs to you!
         CEO, said, “We are pleased that this im-
         portant Global Forum began its work,     Give us a call today to find out how we can make
                                               your business more profitable by providing Wire
         and especially appreciate the leader-  Rope Cable Railings to the commercial and home   Full line of
         ship and commitment of the U.S. gov-  construction trade.                         electro-mechanical and
                                                                                            hydraulics swagers.
         ernment representatives to address the
         global steel overcapacity crisis and the   CABLE RAILING FITTINGS  •  FULL-STRENGTH RIGGING FITTINGS
         market-distorting policies and practices
         that  have  enabled  it.  The  high  levels   FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  •  FIELD INSTALLABLE AND SWAGE
         of unfairly traded steel imports in the   FITTINGS  •  S/S TURNBUCKLES FOR MOST ANY APPLICATION
         U.S., and the massive build-up in steel    ALL 316 STAINLESS  •  1 X 19 STRAND CABLE BY THE SPOOL
         capacity in other countries that fuels it,
         are the most critical issues facing the
         steel industry today. We look forward to   Learn more at
         the Global Forum continuing to engage
         key countries in a cooperative effort to              C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO., INC.
         help level the playing field for the North   East Haddam, Connecticut, USA  •  1.800.874.7455
         American steel industry.”
           The  formation of  the  Global  Forum
         was agreed to by the G20 leaders at
         the Hangzhou Summit in September   ing  statement after  the  launch  of  the   on steelmaking industry and workers
         2016. It brings together more than 30   Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity   in the United States and around the
         economies – all G20 members plus in-  in Berlin, Germany.             world. Building upon the commitment
         terested OECD  members.  Here  is  the   “We welcome the launch of the Global   made by President Obama and other
         U.S. government news release:      Forum on Steel Excess Capacity in Ber-  G20 leaders during the September 2016
           Statement by Secretary of Commerce   lin by the G20 members and other steel   summit in Hangzhou, China, we en-
         Penny Pritzker and U.S. Trade Repre-  producing countries, which represent   courage the Global Forum members to
         sentative Michael Froman following the   90  percent  of  global  steel  production.   move  quickly  to  exchange  information
         Launch  of  the  Global  Forum  on  Steel   By establishing this forum, the United   and take effective steps to deal with the
         Excess Capacity                    States and our trading partners have   root causes of excess capacity, including
           U.S.  Secretary of Commerce Penny   demonstrated  a  resolve  to  address  the   market  distorting  support  measures.
         Pritzker and U.S.  Trade Representa-  systemic issues causing the global steel   Working with the G20 and interested
         tive Michael Froman issued the follow-  crisis and creating a negative impact          continued on page 37

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