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continued from page 32             load cells available for rent in Europe   used in the shackles. “This way we en-
         need strong action that meaningfully   with a pair of 500t products.  sure that calibration conditions are as
         adjusts imports and restores healthy   Agreed at last year’s LiftEx trade   close as possible to real-world use with
         levels of capacity utilization and prof-  show in Telford, UK, the order also   the safety and accuracy benefits associ-
         itability to the domestic industry to   comprises  pairs of load cells  in  100t,   ated with that,” he said.
         ensure we can continue to produce the   200t, and 300t capacities. Delivery  of   LGH has reacted to demand to stock
         steel needed for our national security   the wireless  tension  load cells  swells   the largest Radiolink plus load cells
         and critical infrastructure.”      LGH’s fleet of force measurement tech-  on the European rental market. Smith
           The steel industry states that foreign   nologies to over 200 units. The Radio-  said: “We’ve received regular enqui-
         steel imports were  up 15 percent in   link plus, capable of both weighing and   ries for this capacity load cell over the
         2017 compared to 2016, capturing 27   dynamic load monitoring, is SP’s most   past six months, so rather than re-hire,
         percent of market share. Approximate-  popular product.               we’ve committed to making the invest-
         ly one quarter of our domestic steel   Phil Smith, Commercial Manager at   ment. Despite being a highly  special-
         capacity today is  not being utilized.   LGH, said: “We prefer to deal with spe-  ised company focusing on lifting equip-
         And, since  the 232 investigation was   cialist companies and given our  long-  ment rental, we’re always looking  for
         announced in April 2017, imports have   standing knowledge of the SP range,   niche  products that give us  an edge
         continued  to  surge.  In  June  of  2017,   we didn’t see any reason to look beyond   over competition and the 500t load
         steel imports hit their highest monthly   what is a proven product. We conduct-  cells meet that criteria.”
         total in more than two years by captur-  ed a complete review of historical data,   Mullard will lead training at LGH
         ing 30% of the U.S. market.        including won and lost quotes, which   branches that will stock the new load
           “Excess  steel  capacity is  the  main   enabled us to arrive at what we believe   cells.  He  said  the  specifics  of  those
         cause of the sustained surge in im-  is our optimised range.”         sessions  will  include  wireless  centre
         ports….efforts to address global excess   LGH has also invested heavily in a   of gravity software, particularly  use-
         capacity through international organi-  range of Green Pin wide body shackles   ful for planning heavy lifts and to ob-
         zations have to date failed to produce   to accessorise the new SP units. Smith   tain  the  exact  center  of  gravity  loca-
         an effective solution, and the U.S. in-  added: “We actually ended up with   tion of an item as part of a lift plan;
         dustry continues  to suffer the conse-  wide body shackles throughout. While   the Clamp On Line Tensionmeter (or
         quences of surging steel imports. This   this is a preference for our customers   COLT), for measuring tension on stat-
         is why a remedy under Section 232 is   on the larger sizes—we already elected   ic lines; and the new ATEX / IECEX-
         necessary,” they concluded.        to commence the improved range of   approved range of load cells for use in
           Link to the full letter can be found at   shackles  at 55t capacity—we thought   hazardous areas.                      it beneficial to achieve consistency.”  Smith concluded:  “Training  on  safe
                                              The wide body versions use a specific   use, features, and benefits of the equip-
         LGH Expands Load Cell              pin diameter that is different to the   ment is a vital component in success-
         Fleet with SP Products             standard pins SP typically use for cali-  fully launching any new products. We
           Lifting  Gear  Hire  (LGH)  has  added   bration. David Mullard, Business  De-  hope to create the need for further
         to its fleet of load cells with a landmark   velopment Manager  at SP,  explained   units, but our next phase will most
         order for Straightpoint (SP) Radiolink   that to resolve this and to ensure opti-  likely see some activity in the compres-
         plus  units,  ranging  in  capacity from   mum accuracy, it has adapted its cali-  sion range.”
         5t to 500t. LGH will now be able to of-  bration rig fittings so load cells can be
         fer the highest capacity Radiolink plus   calibrated with the same pin diameter  AISI Comments on Section
                                                                               232 Signing
                                                                                 Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and
                                                                               CEO of the American Iron and Steel
                                                                               Institute (AISI), issued  the  following
                                                                               statement regarding the president’s
                                                                               signing of the proclamation to address
                                                                               the surge of unfair foreign imports:
                                                                                 “The president’s action is  key in
                                                                               stemming the tide of unfair foreign im-
                                                                               ports and putting steel workers  back
                                                                               to work.  The president’s commitment
                                                                               to addressing the steel crisis is already
                                                                               producing benefits in Granite City, IL
                                                                               where U.S. Steel will be restarting one
                                                                               of the blast furnaces that has been idle
                                                                               since December 2015 due to global ex-
                                                                               cess steel capacity and unfairly traded
                                                                               steel imports. With the signing today,
                                                                               the steel industry can be on track to
                                                                               maintain our essential contributions
                                                                               to national security  and critical  in-
                                                                               frastructure  like transportation, pub-
                                                                               lic  health and safety, energy and the
         LGH’s Phil Smith (left),  commercial  manager, and Colin Naylor (right),  managing  director,   power grid– all of which rely heavily
         either side of David Ayling, managing director, Straightpoint, at LiftEx 2017.         continued on page 36
         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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