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continued from previous page       egy is driven by Harrington’s President   and 12t winches, in addition to key com-
         ties  Inflation  Adjustment  Act,  OSHA   & CEO, Carlo Lonardi, and is intended   ponents such as hydraulic power units,
         and other regulatory departments are   to streamline delivery of quality prod-  tensiometers and multiple sheave as-
         entitled  to  an  annual  inflation  adjust-  ucts and enhance the customer experi-  semblies. The winches will be used in-
         ment which allows them to adjust penal-  ence throughout all Americas divisions.   termittently over a five-year period for
         ties and fees based upon the Consumer   “It is an honor to be a part of a business   riser and cable pull-in activities.
         Price Index. On January 18, OSHA pub-  that has such a long, rich history”, said   They will be fixed onto an offshore plat-
         lished their annual adjustment for 2017,   Lonardi, “As we enter our 150th year   form upon delivery but can be relocated
         which is marginally over one percent.  in business, we are proud to continue   in line with the requirements of the proj-
           The 2017 maximum penalties are   the  tradition  of  manufacturing  quality   ect. It will be possible to operate both at
         as follows:                        products  that  our  customers  can  trust   the same time but, more likely, each will
                 Other-than-Serious: $12,675  and delivering the service they deserve.   be selected depending on the pulling de-
                 Serious: $12,675           We look forward to a bright future fo-  mands of applications as they arise.
                 Repeat: $126,749           cused on providing revolutionary prod-  Regular, planned maintenance will be
                 Willful: $126,749          ucts for global lifting solutions.”   provided by manpower based at Rigma-
           OSHA also released a statement     The  company  is  planning  a  series  of   rine’s Azerbaijan facility, situated on the
         discussing  unified  action  in  response   events and activities to celebrate this 150   west coast of the Caspian Sea, from where
         to disputes between federal and state   year milestone and is thankful for their   the company services an abundance of
         labor agencies. “All State  Plans must   loyal customers, community support,   installed equipment on and around the
         increase their maximum and minimum   strong leadership and dedicated staff.   largest inland body of water on the plan-
         penalty levels,” OSHA stated. “OSHA   Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a market   et, located in between Europe and Asia.
         will  assist State Plans  to make these   leader of hoists, cranes, below-the-hook   Garry Nicoll, international business
         necessary changes occur.”          and material handling  equipment in   development manager at Rigmarine,
           Read full coverage online at www.os-  the US,  Mexico  and South  America.   said: “It was a rewarding order to com-, and you can download   The company is headquartered in   plete as the scope of work included full
         the full text of the rule here: www.osha.  Manheim, PA, with manufacturing lo-  bespoke design and delivery of a package
         gov/FedReg_osha_pdf/FED20170118.pdf  cations in Elizabethtown, PA, Corona,   tailored  to  meet  the  specific—and  de-
                                            CA, and South Holland, IL.         manding—requirements of the project.”
         Harrington Hoists, Inc.                                                 Nicoll explained that the winch pack-
         Celebrates 150 Years in            Rigmarine provides custom          age is a lightweight system, categorised
         Business                           winch package for Caspian          as such because of its high power (pull)
           Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  proud  of  Sea topside               to weight ratio. In this case, he said, Rig-
         their long history and is excited to be cel-  Lifting and marine product specialist   marine has provided the capability for up
         ebrating 150 years in the hoist business.   Rigmarine has recently supplied a be-  to 70t of pull with only 8t gross weight.
            The company was established in 1867   spoke winch system for a multi-nation-  He added: “The winch units are very
         by Edwin Harrington, a machinist and   al oil and gas company, a key customer   compact, suiting them to installation
         inventor, when he  started a  machine   in the Caspian Sea region.    on the topside where space is at a pre-
         shop and hoist business in Philadelphia,   The riser pull-in system comprises 38t   mium. We are familiar with supplying
         PA. His company thrived as a result of   Rigmarine custom winch package. The riser pull-in system comprises 38t and 12t winches.
         his innovative ideas and continual im-
         provements  to  the  design  and  produc-
         tion of hoists. Throughout his lifetime,

         Harrington obtained several patents
         and was best known for developing one
         of the first electric hoists in 1896.
            In the years that followed, Har-
         rington Hoists, Inc. continued to focus
         on the research and development of top
         quality products to create solutions to
         their changing customer needs. The
         company became a wholly owned sub-
         sidiary of KITO CORPORATION in
         1990 which  allowed  them  to  become
         the  sole  source  for  Harrington/Kito
         hoist and crane products in the USA.
            Most recently, Harrington and KITO
         CORPORATION have combined efforts
         to unify the four Kito Americas Compa-
         nies including: Harrington Hoists, Inc.,
         Peerless Industrial Group, Kito Cana-
         da, Inc. and Kito Do Brasil. This strat-
         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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