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         Famous Bridge Refurbish-           across  to an inhabited island  in  the   The load values can be seen on a wire-
         ment uses DLM Load Cell            middle of the river adjacent to Hamp-  less hand held display up to 200m from
           Hampshire Rigging Services  used a   ton Court Palace where  Henry VIII   the load cell allowing the operator to be
         DLM load cell to measure tension on a   once lived. The once wooden bridge   mobile while still monitoring tension.
         historical suspension bridge wire rope   first opened in 1753 and had a toll col-  Martin Halford, Managing Director
         during refurbishment  in Thames Dit-  lected by a bridge-keeper. It has since   at Dynamic Load Monitoring comment-
         ton last month.                    been replaced three times to the exist-  ed : ‘Using a Tensile Link Load Cell to
           Hampshire Rigging who regularly use   ing suspension bridge we see today.   measure the tension in a wire rope is
         DLM Load cells due to their great cus-  Due  to general  wear  of  the bridge it   something  our  load cells  have been
         tomer service and rapid response on hire   was decided that the wire ropes would   used for many times, but it is fantastic
         items contacted the firm in need of a 12t   be replaced and the bridge would be   to see one of our TL-2.0 Tensile Links
         telemetry tensile link in order to measure   refurbished. One of DLM’s TL-2.0 12t   in use on such a structure steeped in
         the tension on the steel wire rope of an old   Telemetry Tensile Links will be rigged   history. The refurbishment work being
         bridge in Thames Ditton, Hampshire.  in line at the base of the bridge and will   undertaken by Hampshire Rigging is
           The beautiful 1939 suspension bridge   be used to measure the applied tension   very innovative in its approach and has
         located on the River Thames, leads   during replacement of the wire rope.   allowed for the bridge to remain open
                                                                               to the public through the work, a testa-
                                                                               ment to their expertise’.
                                                                                 If you are interested in one of their ten-
                                                                               sile links or would like a quote from DLM,
                                                                               please contact or go to
                                                                               their website at
                                                                               OSHA announces penalty
                                                                               increases for 2017
                                                                                 According to a January 18 report
                                                                               from OSHA Law Blog, the Occupation-
                                                                               al Safety and Health Administration
                                                                               (OSHA) has announced its annual pen-
                                                                               alty increases for 2017.
                                                                                 Under the 2015 Federal Civil Penal-
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