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Steel Imports Down 5%
         Year-To-Date through
         Finished Import Market Share
         YTD at 25%
           Based  on  preliminary  Census  Bu-
         reau  data,  the  American  Iron  and
         Steel Institute (AISI) reported that
         the U.S. imported a total of 2,363,000
         net  tons  (NT)  of  steel  in  February
         2018,  including  1,923,000  net  tons
         (NT) of finished steel (down 18.0% and
         17.6%, respectively, vs. January final
         data). Year-todate (YTD) through
         two  months  of  2018,  total  and  fin-
         ished steel imports are 5,245,000 and
         4,257,000  net  tons  (NT),  down  5.3%
         and 3.5%, respectively, vs. the same
         period in 2017. Annualized total and
         finished steel imports in 2018 would
         be 31.5 and 25.5 million NT, down
         17.5% and 13.6%, respectively, vs.
         2017. Finished steel import market
         share was an estimated 24% in Feb-
         ruary and is estimated at 25% YTD.
           Key  finished  steel  products  with
         significant  import  increases  in  Feb-
         ruary compared to January include
         heavy structural shapes (up 60%) and
         wire rods (up 37%). Major products
         with  significant  year-to-date  (YTD)
         increases vs. the same period in 2017   Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
         include  oil  country  goods  (up  57%),
         hot rolled sheets (up 33%), line pipe   cent increase  from the 7,328,247 net   for increased, long-term funding to en-
         (up 30%), hot rolled bars (up 27%),   tons  shipped in  the previous  month,   sure the solvency of the Highway Trust
         mechanical tubing (up 17%) and     December 2017, and a 0.9 percent de-  Fund.  The steel industry appreciates
         plates in coils (up 16%).          crease from the 7,708,416  net tons   the president’s commitment to enhanc-
           In February,  the largest volumes  of   shipped in January 2017.    ing American manufacturing and pre-
         finished  steel  imports  from  offshore   A comparison of January shipments   serving steel industry jobs, and we look
         were from South Korea (277,000  NT,   to the previous  month of December   forward to working  with  him on this
         down  18%  from  January  final),  Ger-  shows  the following  changes:  hot   critical issue.”
         many (116,000 NT, up 28%), Japan   dipped galvanized sheet and strip, up   Steel Companies Ask
         (90,000 NT, down 37%), Taiwan (75,000   11 percent, cold rolled sheets, up 9 per-
         NT, down 36%) and China (60,000 NT,   cent and hot rolled sheets, up 3 percent.  President for Trade Relief
         down  16%).  For  the  first  two  months   AISI Comments on Infra-     At end of February, 25 American
         of  2018, the  largest  offshore  suppli-                             steel and steel-related companies
         ers were South Korea (616,000 NT, up  structure Principles            and associations,  representing  nearly
         8% vs. the same period in 2017), Ja-  Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and   75,000 employees, wrote  to President
         pan (232,000 NT, down 5%), Germany   CEO of the American Iron and Steel   Trump encouraging  immediate  action
         (206,000 NT, up 54%), Turkey (195,000   Institute (AISI), issued  the  following   under Section 232 of the Trade Expan-
         NT,  down  61%)  and Taiwan  (192,000   statement, on February 12, in response   sion Act of 1962.
         NT,  down  10%). Below  are  charts  on   to President Trump’s announcement of   The Secretary of Commerce formally
         estimated steel  import market  share   infrastructure principles:    submitted his report to the president
         in recent months and on finished steel   “We welcome the president’s frame-  on the Section  232 investigation into
         imports from offshore by country.  work  for rebuilding infrastructure  in   the impact of steel imports on national
                                            America.  Transportation  infrastruc-  security on January 11th.
         January Steel Shipments            ture facilitates broad economic growth   “Now  is  the  time  for  Presidential
         Down 0.9 Percent From              and directly impacts the competitive-  action to prevent excess steel capac-
         January 2017                       ness of the domestic steel industry. We   ity and surging steel  imports  from
           The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  strongly support the streamlining of   undermining our national security
         tute (AISI) reported that for the month   permits for new infrastructure projects   and the viability of the U.S. steel in-
         of January 2018, U.S.  steel mills   as a key tenet of the plan. We also re-  dustry,”  the  companies  stated.  “We
         shipped 7,636,321 net tons, a 4.2 per-  iterate our call that Congress provide         continued on page 34
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