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continued from previous page       geographies and marketplaces.        And concluded: “Vietnam has devel-
         and Alhambra, CA - from which  they   Ongoing development of the Viet-  oped with a heavy presence of western
         are well equipped to provide excellent   nam operation, which is located in the   companies  that  influence  procedures,
         service. The new partnership means   Dong Xuyen Industrial Park (since   evident in the way yards, ports and other
         that Petersen  Stainless  Rigging can   2014),  is  focused  on  implementation   sites are managed, whereas South Korea
         continue to develop its global reach to   of a more robust quality management   and Singapore, for example, apply their
         customers. Alps can offer the US lifting   system  coupled  with  a  driven,  long-  own rules and regulations. Vietnam has
         industry  the same quick  and respon-  term training plan. Gaylin will intro-  huge drilling opportunities and I often
         sive service that is so prized by our   duce a much wider range of rental   refer to its similarities with Azerbaijan
         European customers.” said Kevin Bell,   assets locally that includes specialist   or Kazakstan in earlier days.”
         CEO of Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd.  equipment such as load cells, spreader
                                            beams, testing equipment, winch sys-  Muncy Industries Aquires
         Four-Year Plan to Position         tems and spooling capabilities.    Sea-Fit
         Gaylin as Market Leader in           Mike Duncan,  Managing Director    The  Muncy  family of companies,
         Vietnam                            of Gaylin International Pte Ltd, said:   which  includes  The  Upson-Walton
           Singapore-headquartered  Gaylin,  “Gaylin has the potential to be the mar-  Company, Muncy Machine & Tool and
         a specialist supplier of lifting, rigging   ket leader in the region with its abil-  Newco Manufacturing, is proud to an-
         and marine equipment, has  initiated   ity to diversify from  a typical rigging   nounce  the addition of Sea-Fit, effec-
         a plan to reposition its Vietnam facil-  shop to go the extra step and provide   tive December  30, 2016. Sea-Fit was
         ity to address changing  trends  in  the   solutions that similar companies do not   founded by Mike Hall with an ultimate
         local oil and gas, refining and chemical   have the technical support or stock lev-  goal of developing premium products,
         plant sectors.  In essence,  Gaylin  will   els on the ground to cope with.”
         build on more than a decade of experi-  Gaylin Vietnam was established in
         ence supplying slings and shackles to   2001 with only a two-man marketing
         expand  the portfolio, creating rental   team before it evolved in 2007 and set
         and labour-based revenue streams.  up in a facility located at the commer-
           Gaylin  has  five  other  global  hubs  in   cial  port  of  Vũng  Tàu  in  the  heart  of
         the  region—South  Korea,  Singapore,   the Bà Ria province. Prior to that, all
         Malaysia, Indonesia and China—across   lifting and rigging equipment were
         which a dedicated training and compe-  shipped from Gaylin’s headquarters.
         tency program has been rolled out to en-  Today, it has an 11-men strong team
         sure personnel are trained on the latest   that specialises in the manufacture of
         legislation applicable to their respective   wire rope slings and spooling services,
                                            principally to the oil and gas industry.
         Heavy lift slings being mobilised for a   The workshop is equipped with a 2,000t
         short-term rental project from Gaylin’s
         Vietnam facility.                  Wirop hydraulic press that can manu-
                                            facture slings from 40mm to 76mm; a
                                            1,000t press  from  the  same manufac-
                                            turer that can make slings from 3mm
                                            to 52mm diameter (both with ferrule
                                            secured  eyes);  and a  300t horizontal
                                            tensile  testing machine,  again from
                                            Wirop, that complies with verification
                                            and testing requirements of the region.
                                              Duncan  said:  “Typically,  all  slings   designed with end-users’ feedback and
                                            made here at Gaylin Vietnam are with   approvals. Sea-Fit includes the mooring
                                            aluminium ferrule secured eyes, howev-  socket line, which are part of a mooring
                                            er, we have seen more demand for Flem-  system to secure  offshore  semi-sub-
                                            ish eye type terminations, so we are tai-  mersible drilling rigs to the ocean floor.
                                            loring our solutions and responding to   Under Mike Hall’s initiatives, Sea-Fit
                                            these market trends. All types of wire   has performed destructive testing for
                                            rope terminations are manufactured   each size socket to forces exceeding the
                                            in accordance with European specifica-  “strongest rope available”, including 4”
                                            tions, while many of the industry’s lead-  diameter wire rope.
                                            ing global lifting gear manufacturers   Muncy  is  pleased  to  acquire  Sea-Fit,
                                            supply a facility that now offers a com-  as it complements Muncy’s current lines,
                                            prehensive range of equipment.”    including its spelter sockets, swage sock-
                                              He continued: “The current downturn   ets, hawser thimbles, towing thimbles,
                                            in the market has led to contractors and   wire rope edge protectors, to name a few.
                                            operators alike seeking cost-effective   Sea-Fit is also Made In USA, which is
                                            solutions. We are able to relocate heavy   an  important  part  of  Muncy’s  identity.
                                            rigging, plant and machinery from oth-  Muncy intends on growing the Sea-Fit
                                            er locations to Vietnam in order to offer   name along with its products.
                                            rental packages to the client, thus, re-  For more information, please call
                                            ducing their needs for capital expendi-  570-649-5188  or email jasonfetter@
                                            ture on low utilised assets.”

         32     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2017
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