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Preliminary steel imports
         decrease 4.3% in December
         Finished import market share at
         26% for 2016
           Based on preliminary Census Bureau
         data, the American Iron and Steel Insti-
         tute (AISI) reported that the U.S. im-
         ported a total of 2,686,000 net tons (NT)
         of steel in December 2016, including
         2,146,000 net tons (NT) of finished steel
         (down 4.3% and up 0.6%, respectively,
         vs.  November  final  data).  For  the  full
         year 2016, total and finished steel im-
         ports are 33,009,000 and 26,327,000 net
         tons (NT), down 14.9% and 16.4%, re-
         spectively, compared to full year 2015.
         Finished steel import market share was
         an estimated 26% in December and is
         estimated at 26% for full year 2016.
           Key finished steel products with sig-
         nificant  import  increases  in  Decem-
         ber compared to November include oil
         country  goods (up  55%),  line  pipe (up
         38%), sheets and strip all other metal-
         lic coated (up 27%), tin plate (up 24%),
         sheets and strip hot dipped galvanized
         (up 14%) and hot rolled bars (up 11%).
         Tin plate (up 15%) had a significant in-
         crease in 2016 vs. the prior year.
           In  December,  the  largest  volumes
         of finished steel imports from offshore
         were from South Korea (264,000  NT,
         down  3%  from  November  final),  Tur-
         key (154,000  NT, down 17%), Taiwan
         (147,000 NT, up 71%), Japan (115,000   “We commend the President for his  Alps Wire Rope appointed
         NT, up 15%) and Germany (86,000 NT,   swift  and decisive  executive actions   as Distributor of Petersen
         down 0.4%). For full year 2016, the   taken.  It is important the Keystone   Stainless Rigging
         largest offshore  suppliers were  South   XL  and Dakota  Access  pipelines  be
         Korea (3,805,000 NT, down 22% vs. the   approved and  completed soon.  These   Chicago, IL based Alps Wire Rope
         same period in 2015), Turkey (2,415,000   pipelines will help ensure that reliable   Corporation has been appointed as a
         NT, down 14%), Japan (1,798,000 NT,   and plentiful domestic energy sources   distributor for UK-based stainless steel
         down 20%), Germany (1,192,000  NT,   are fully utilized.              shackle  and  wire  rope  fitting  manufac-
         down 21%), Taiwan (1,083,000  NT,    “The President’s actions recognize   turer Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd.
         down 10%), Vietnam (960,000 NT, up   the essential nature of the domestic   Stock is currently being held for immedi-
         332%) and China (862,000 NT, down   steel  industry  to  producing  American   ate delivery from Alps’ Houston location
         64%). Below are charts on estimated   energy resources  and getting them to   of Petersen’s high-strength ‘PH’ stain-
         steel import market share  in recent   customers.  They will  expand markets   less steel lifting shackles. All Petersen
         months  and  on  finished  steel  imports   for high-value steel products that are   stainless lifting shackles are proof-load
         from offshore by country.                                             tested, marked and certified as standard
                                            essential for oil, natural gas and elec-  meaning they are ready to be installed
         AISI applauds Presidential         tricity  production  and transmission.   the minute you receive them.
         action to move forward             Exploring ways to reduce regulatory   Alps provides products  that are  top
                                            burdens for our manufacturing opera-
         on energy projects,                tions is sorely needed.            quality and deliver reliable service,
         infrastructure, and                  “Taken together, building these pipe-  which pairs well with Petersen Stain-
         domestic manufacturing             lines, ensuring key markets for domestic   less  Steel  Rigging.  We  have  set  the
                                                                               standards high for quality rigging and
           Thomas J. Gibson,  President and   steel and pipe products, and lowering   look forward to shaping America’s in-
         CEO of the American Iron and Steel   the burdens to manufacturing in the   frastructures and rigs with Petersen’s
         Institute (AISI), applauded  the Presi-  U.S., will help ensure that our industry   well engineered, dependable products.
         dent’s executive actions to expedite key   remains highly productive and interna-  “We are thrilled to be working with
         energy projects,  facilitate American   tionally competitive. The steel industry is   Alps. They have four strategically
         steel contributions to future energy in-  grateful for the President’s commitment   placed locations in the USA - Houston,
         frastructure, and lower regulatory bur-  to enhancing American manufacturing   TX; Saint Charles, IL; Harrisburg, PA
         dens for domestic manufacturing:   and preserving steel industry jobs.”               continued on next page

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