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         continued from page 28             crane record file. This includes evalu-  This file is referred to as the “Histor-
         ments that we now have incorporated   ating if the manufacturer’s  recom-  ic Crane File” and every crane should
         into our inspection method as well.   mended PMs  are being performed,   have one in a folder as a hard copy
         Some of these additions are the De-  major repairs are recorded, new rope   for review. What amazes me is the
         ficiency Review List and the pressure   is installed with certificates and modi-  amount of records kept that never get
         relief valves level checks.        fications  meet  Professional  Engineers   reviewed. One might ask, “why spend
           The OSHA and US Navy standards   approval. Also, any accidents during   so much money to collect records that
         require  us  to start by reviewing  the   the last period are recorded.  no one looks at to determine trends?”
                                                                               The answer is that we should be re-
                                                                               viewing these documents more often.
                                                                               The  erection/operation  manuals  are
                                                                               reviewed to verify they are accurate
                                                                               for  the  crane’s  configuration.  The
                                                                               physical inspection starts after a thor-
                                                                               ough record review.
                                                                               The “system approach” inspection
                                                                                 When the physical inspection starts,
                                                                               we use the “system approach” that
                                                                               logically  follows  the  crane’s  configu-
                                                                               rations  to  perform  the  inspection  in
                                                                               the most efficient manner possible. As
                                                                               stated above, we first find a spot away
                                                                               from hazards where the boom can be
                                                                               laid down and the luffing ropes slack-
                                                                               ened  (if  it’s  a  conventional  crane).
                                                                               Now, we start at ground level and
                                                                               progress upward.
                                                                                 After  visual  inspection  of  the  crane
                                                                               has been concluded and notes taken,
                                                                               the  “functional  no  load” examination
                                                                               begins. You operate the crane to check
               Figures 7. The ropes must be relaxed to check the sheaves.
                                                                                                continued on page 32
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