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continued from page 28             sevelt Island Tram has a
         saved. This was the second incident.   wide gauge design, which
         Eight months before, the tram had lost   gives it even more stabil-
         power, leaving about 80 people trapped   ity than a conventional
         for 90 minutes. State  inspectors cited   tram. That allows it to
         the Roosevelt Island Tramway for not   remain in operation in
         having an operational diesel backup, or   rough weather and high-
         motor-generator system.            er winds.
           In 2010, the tramway closed for reno-  “For  instance,  the
         vations  – a $25  million  project to up-  tramway  was  the  first
         grade and modernize the system. With   mass transit system that
         the  help  of  Leitner-Poma,  all  compo-  was back up and running
         nents except the three tower bases   after Hurricane Sandy
         were  replaced. One  key  improvement   struck  the city on Oc-
         is that the new  tram cables and cars   tober 29, 2012,” Mauch
         now operate independently, in a “du-  says.  “There  was  some
         al-haul” system. This ensures ease of   flooding  in  the  stations,
         maintenance and emergency response.   but it was operating
         Also, cabins are now equipped with   within a few hours.”
         blankets, water, food, and a toilet with
         a privacy curtain. And car attendants   Easy way  to visit the
         carry a cell phone with their radios.  island
           Jon Mauch,  Sr.  Sales Manager of   About  14,000  residents
         Leitner-Poma,  emphasizes  the  impor-  live on Manhattan’s two-
         tance of what he calls the tramway’s   mile-long island. Despite
         “built-in redundancies.”           its  diminutive size, Roo-
           “In a ‘dual-haul’ or ‘to and fro’ system,   sevelt Island boasts a
         each unit runs separately so that we can   pleasing choice of  attrac-
         work on one unit at a time, making it   tive restaurants, as well
         much less likely that the whole system   as a large grocery store,
         will need to be shut down,” says Mauch.   emergency  clinic,  and
         “Also, there are two sets of motors and a   nursing home. Construc-  The Roosevelt Island Tramway has two sets of motors and a
         completely separate backup evacuation   tion is underway for the   completely separate backup evacuation bull wheel. In case
                                                                   of emergency, the haul rope can be moved from the primary
         bull wheel. In a matter of minutes, we   technology campus of Cor-  bull wheel to the evacuation bull wheel in minutes.
         can  move  the  haul  rope  from  the  pri-  nell University.  Photo by Barbara Spencer
         mary bull wheel to the evacuation bull   If you want to stay
         wheel. With this system, there is no   awhile  rather  than  hurry  back  to  the   network has installed more than eight
         need for a ground-based rescue.    mainland, it’s fun to walk around – or   thousand transportation systems, in
           “To ensure  safety, the maintenance   even  ride  your  bike  or  scooter.  From   sixty-one countries, safely transporting
         staff does a cursory  inspection every   the tram station, it’s a 10-minute walk   eight million passengers each hour.
         morning, and a detailed  inspection   to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Free-  Leitner was founded by Gabriel Leit-
         once a month,” says Mauch. The tram’s   doms Park (the first memorial dedicat-  ner  in  1888. The  company built the
         6 strand  haul  rope is  tested twice  a   ed to  the  president  in  his  home  state   second reversible ropeway in the world
         year with built-in magnetic wire rope   of New York), located at the southern   (Kohlererbahn) in 1910.
         testing equipment located in the sta-  tip of the island. Nearby are the ruins   POMA came to Colorado in the ear-
         tion. Outside inspectors  test the “z”   of the smallpox hospital. Walk back to   ly 1950s under  the  name of Pomalift,
         lock track strand regularly.       the tram station, and continue walking   Inc., and has maintained a continu-
                                            for another 20 minutes north to see the   ous presence in the United States for
         A better people mover              North  Point  Lighthouse.  If  you’re  not   almost 50 years. From that start, the
           In Manhattan, millions of people de-  in the mood to travel by foot, free shut-  word “Pomalift”  became synonymous
         pend on mass transportation daily. On   tles circle the island frequently.  with platter type surface lifts, a cable
         weekdays, the population swells from   Since  the  island  subway  station   system most often  used  on  beginner
         1.6 million to 4 million during the morn-  opened in 1989, ridership on the tram   ski slopes by skiers and snowboarders
         ing rush. More than 55% of the commut-  has declined. But for many island resi-  where riders remain on the ground as
         ers use public transportation to move   dents and visitors, the choice is easy: for   they are pulled uphill.
         around this 22.96 square-mile borough.   a mere $2.50 they can get a respite from   Leitner-Poma of America, Inc. is
         When disasters strike, getting mass   New York hustle, and take a short, easy   a  North  American  subsidiary  of  Po-
         transit back up and running is key.  flight on the Roosevelt Island Tramway.  magalski S.A., a corporation with
           Because the tramway transports pas-                                 headquarters in Voreppe, France and
         sengers  above the ground, it is often   About Leitner-Poma           Leitner  Technologies,  a  corporation
         the first mass transit system to move   Leitner-Poma of America offers a   with headquarters  in Sterzing, Italy.
         people after  major  catastrophes,  ac-  complete line  of cable transport sys-  Leitner – Poma of America engineers,
         cording to Mauch.                  tems, including  surface  lifts,  chair-  manufactures, installs and services all
           “This  tram  has  alpine  cousins,”  re-  lifts,  gondolas,  MiniMetro®  urban   types  of  ropeway  systems  for  the  ski
         minds Mauch. Trams are designed for   transport, trams, inclined elevators,   industry, amusement parks, and ur-
         tough weather conditions. And the Roo-  industrial trams, etc. Their worldwide   ban transport. WRN

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