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continued from page 28             ery year and in an increasingly global   sands of businesses each year resulting
         mentioned at the start, of Burma and   marketplace, being an outlier is more   in millions of dollars of lost revenue.
         Liberia.  China,  Russia,  Canada,  and   than an inconvenience, it’s a liability.   And those are just the run-of-the-milli-
         Mexico all use the metric system. The   Any company that imports or  exports   meter conversion errors. Every once in a
         wealthiest  nations  on  earth:  Qatar,   products, that  uses foreign parts or   while catastrophic losses occur.
         Luxemburg, Singapore – and the poor-  components, or interacts with weights   Tokyo  Disney’s  Space  Mountain  had
         est nations on earth as well, Somalia,   and measures in virtually any capacity   to be shut down because an axle on one
         Burundi, Central African Republic. Any   is forced to deal with conversions  be-  of the roller coasters snapped. The cause
         groups planning on attacking us will no   tween the metric and the old Imperial   simply was a conversion error. A Cana-
         doubt use the metric system. When the   systems continually.          dian passenger plane ran out of fuel due
         European Space Agency lands a probe   Conversion errors occur frequently   to not one but two conversion errors.
         on a comet they use the metric system.  and catastrophically. Despite copious   As already mentioned above, NASA’s
           Metric conversion errors cost the   due diligence, errors are made. Money is   Mars Orbiter spacecraft crashed in 1999
         United States millions of dollars ev-  lost. This reality is multiplied by thou-  because one team of engineers used the
                                                                               old system we’ve had since we were
                                                                               ruled by King George III, while the rest
                                                                               – along with the rest of NASA – used
                                       C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO. INC.             metric. This resulted in $125 million
                                                                               taxpayer dollars burned up in the Mar-
                                                                               tian atmosphere. Not NASA, but out-
                                                                               dated, outmoded, American policy is to
                       ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE                                  blame in that it forces people to switch
                                                                               between two systems in the first place.
                                                       Terminal Tuners™          Every time Americans interact with
                 GREAT VIEW?                                                   the metric system they are forced to
                                                                               make a choice. They can either take time
               DON’T BLOCK IT!                                                 to convert from the anachronous system,
                                                                               or scratch their head in befuddlement.
                                                                                 In a world where seconds or millisec-
                                                                               onds matter in world events, why risk
                                                                               being minutes behind?
                                                                                 Metric conversion errors can be haz-
                                                                               ardous to more than just space probes. In
                                                      Stainless Turnbuckles    February 2016, the CDC revised a report
                                                                               on unsafe levels of formaldehyde found
                                                                               in  Lumber  Liquidators  flooring  lami-
                                                                               nates sourced from China. The problem
                                                                               came when the CDC’s original report
                                                                               improperly used meters (as the Chinese
                                                                               suppliers did) in its calculations instead
                                                                               of feet (the system used in American con-
                                                                               struction) in calculating ceiling heights.
              Are you considering entering the lucrative                       This downplayed the risks associated
            architectural cable railing market? Johnson                        with the formaldehyde levels.
            Architectural Hardware is your source for the highest                The  revised report,  which  corrected
            quality stainless cable rail fittings.                             the conversions,  places the risks  3
              High quality Cable Fittings, made in the USA,  have              times  higher  than  the  original  esti-
            been our specialty for over 50 years. Johnson does                 mates.  In  other  words,  because  the
            not make cable assemblies — we refer jobs to you!                  United States uses  a different mea-
                                                                               surement system than the rest of the
              Give us a call today to find out how we can make                 world,  a  government  agency  nearly
            your business more profitable by providing Wire   Full line of
            Rope Cable Railings to the commercial and home   electro-mechanical and   assembled a faulty report which could
            construction trade.                          hydraulics swagers.   have resulted in cancer for as many as
                                                                               30 people per data set, as opposed to
             CABLE RAILING FITTINGS  •  FULL-STRENGTH RIGGING FITTINGS         the 9 as originally reported.
                                                                                 An understandable knee-jerk re-
              FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  •  FIELD INSTALLABLE AND SWAGE            sponse  might be to blame the CDC
               FITTINGS  •  S/S TURNBUCKLES FOR MOST ANY APPLICATION           for  its  incompetence  in  this  case.  But
                ALL 316 STAINLESS  •  1 X 19 STRAND CABLE BY THE SPOOL         the point remains, however, that if we
                                                                               were  a  fully  metricated country,  this,
                                                                               and similar conversion problems would
               Learn more at                                 never have occurred.
                                                                                 We already measure our soft drinks
                            C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO., INC.                       in liters and our engines and our wines.
                  East Haddam, Connecticut, USA  •  1.800.874.7455             Our athletes swim and run 100 meters,
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