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         receiver is flush welded into the center
         of each steel trench plate, eliminat-
         ing any potential trip hazards and al-
         lowing plates to be stacked on top of
         each other for storage. The lifting tool
         is inserted into the receiver plate and
         locked  into  place,  while  a  hook  is  at-
         tached directly through  the elongated
         hole of the lifter. Road plate lifters are
         designed  to  be  lifted straight  up  and
         down in a vertical line.
           Road plates range in shape and size
         but are commonly  28mm to 40mm
         thick. Thacker explained  that when
         using longer plates, it is recommended
         that two tools be used with a spreader
         bar for stability and to minimize stress
         caused by bending of the plate.      One of the new fleet of
           He said: “The plate should be mea-  cranes in the ALL arsenal.
         sured  in  thirds along its longest part
         and a weld-in plate  placed  on each   stiffer road plates, two plates have   ranging from 6 to 35 USt (approxi-
         third division.  In some instances,  for   been installed next to each other. We   mately 5 to 32 mt).
                                            can consult on such matters on a case   The 5-crane package includes the fol-
                                            by case basis.”                    lowing:
                                              Thacker  added: “No added  shackle   • Two  of  the  new  Manitowoc/Potain
                                            is required to attach to it, allowing for   CCS City Tower  Cranes,  model MDT
                                            easy, quick and, most importantly, safe   219 J10 (11 USt/10 mt), with a maxi-
                                            application. As the advantages  of the   mum hook reach of 213 feet (65 m) and
                                            system become  apparent to  more  and   a maximum hook height of 231 feet (70
                                            more  influencers  and  buying  decision   m). Its innovative CCS (Crane Control
                                            makers, we are seeing increasing de-  System) provides fast, time-saving set-
                                            mand for  the  solution.  Many  contrac-  up and outstanding lift performance.
                                            tors will now only employ road plates   One MDT 219  is already in the ALL
                                            fitted with the tooling.”          fleet and ready to work; the second is
                                              Growing popularity of the system has   due to arrive in August.
                                            led to Ranger consulting with end us-  • One  Manitowoc/Potain  Igo  T  130
                                            ers and steel merchants to get the sys-  (8.8 USt/8 mt), the largest self-erecting
                                            tem installed upon manufacture of the   tower crane from Potain, with a maxi-
                                            plates.  This  adds  further  efficiency  to   mum hook reach of 164 feet (50 m) and
                                            applications given that Ranger’s tech-  a maximum hook height of 200 feet (61
                                            nical team currently visit sites to proof   m) when using an elevated jib. The new
                                            load each plate once the tooling has   T 130 — the first one in the ALL tower
         The road plate system consists of a receiver   been welded into place.  fleet  —  has  a  greater  capacity  than
         plate and a lifting tool.            Any vehicle-mounted or other crane   others  in  its  class,  offering  enormous
                                            that has an appropriately rated capac-  flexibility with its multiple jib configu-
                                            ity based on the size and weight of the   rations, variable mast heights, and an
                                            steel plate can lift road plates. Ranger   offsettable jib. The T 130, available im-
                                            commonly supplies 10mm or 13mm     mediately,  will be put into service by
                                            chain  slings  and spreader systems   their Pittsburgh branch.
                                            when there is a requirement.         • Two Terex SK 415-20 hammerhead
                                              Ranger is the sole distributor of this   tower cranes (22 USt/20 mt) feature a
                                            revolutionary system in Australia and   maximum hook reach of 246 feet (75 m)
                                            New Zealand.                       and a maximum hook height of 214 feet
                                                                               (65 m). These workhorses are a popular
                                            ALL purchases package of           staple in the ALL fleet, so the company
                                            five tower cranes                  chose  to add two more that have the
                                            Increased demand for tower crane   longer 263-foot (80 m) jib (versus 246
                                            rental drives fleet expansion      feet/75 m). The SK 415s are due for de-
                                              To meet an increased demand  for   livery in July.
                                            tower crane rental, the ALL Family of   “Tower crane  rental rates continue
                                            Companies  announces  its purchase of   to trend upward,” said Clay Thore-
                                            a package of five (5) new tower cranes.   son, General Manager of ALL’s Tower
                                            ALL’s diverse fleet of towers from Man-  Crane division and 45-year veteran of
                                            itowoc/Potain and Terex now numbers   the tower  crane industry.  “With  the
                                            approximately  100, with capacities                 continued on page 32

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