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         They produced some 27 million pounds
         of anchor chain.
           Upon the death of Mr. St. Pierre in
         1966, St. Pierre Manufacturing Corpo-
         ration was formed by his sons, Henry
         and Edward, to carry on the family tra-
         dition. Their sister Nanette and broth-
         er Richard later joined the business in
         management capacities. Today, broth-
         er Ed has his sons, Peter and Michael
         that help run the business. “And most
         days I have my two Golden Retrievers
         in the office with me,” adds St. Pierre.
           St. Pierre is still the largest manu-
         facturer of pitching horseshoes in the
         United States. Conveyor hooks line
         up in an assembly line that clearly
         show blue to be the hue of horseshoe
         that is currently being painted. The
         electrostatic paint line has a positive
         charge while the horseshoes are nega-                         A newly forged 2300° horseshoe prior to being trimmed.
         tive, then the heating furnace works
         to apply the paint. Unlike the old ex-  organizations.                for more ringers, a ringer breaker to ro-
         pression in which close only counts in   The American horseshoe  was de-  tate the shoe and lock in ringers, and a
         horseshoes and hand grenades, there   signed by a World Champion horseshoe   finger guide to help hold the shoe like
         is  no  doubt  on  whether  or  not  this   pitcher. Its unique shape and exclusive   the pros.  Ideal for leagues,  clubs  and
         paint will stay in place.          trademark design  make it  superior   serious players. It is approved for pro-
           The horseshoe product line includes   to other  horseshoes.  The  American is   fessional and tournament play by the
         the “American” horseshoe, a NHPA ap-  made  from solid steel and has more   National  Horseshoe  Pitchers  Associa-
         proved professional  shoe,  the “Royal”,   weight forged into the tips for maxi-  tion (NHPA).
         an all-purpose shoe for backyard play-  mum balance and control.        Horseshoe  retailers that St. Pierre
         ers, and the all-new “Eagle”, a tourna-  The true horseshoe enthusiast should   has found to carry their products in-
         ment  shoe  with  larger  1″  hooks  and   enjoy the Eagle Tournament horseshoe   clude Dick’s  Sporting Good, Academy
         more weight in the tips for more con-  outfit  from  St.  Pierre.  This  outfit  fea-  Sports, Home Hardware, Benny’s, Ace
         trolled throwing.                  tures their premier horseshoe, the Ea-  Hardware, Dunham Sports, Walpole
           The Royal is their most popular   gle, in a premium heavy duty bag. Oth-  Woodworkers,  Lehman’s,  and a num-
         seller, considered America’s favor-  er features include  a tapered leading   ber of horseshoe online-only retailers.
         ite backyard horseshoe. It’s ideal for   edge that allows the shoe to slide onto   Along with horseshoes and tire chains,
         family and backyard fun, parks, and   the stake, longer tips to grab the stake   St.  Pierre  also  manufactures  and  dis-
                                                                               tributes industrial chain and slings at
                                                                               its facility on 317 East Mountain Street
                                                                               in Worcester, Massachusetts.
                                                                                 It is a long way from 1988, when the
                                                                               building we now see rose from the ash-
                                                                               es of a fire that burned everything to
                                                                               the ground. That fire did not affect the
                                                                               rigging shop over in a separate build-
                                                                               ing. In the rigging shop, George,  born
                                                                               in Albania, is the production manag-
                                                                               er  for  all  the  firm’s  wire  rope  slings,
                                                                               chain slings, and hoist. They repair a
                                                                               lot of hoists.
                                                                                 “When you repair a hoist, it does
                                                                               have to be proof-tested,” says St.
                                                                               Pierre. “Our hoist tester is a dynamic
                                                                               tester and can handle electric hoists
                                                                               as well – and is better than most rig-
                                                                               ging shops. Plus, this hoist tester does
                                                                               a great job for us.”
                                                                                 Although tire chains on cars is no lon-
                                                                               ger something that is done very much
                                                                               anymore, they still do a fair amount
                                                                               of tire chain business, according to St.
                                                                               Pierre.  This  enterprise  involves  chain
          Preparing wire rope to be swaged.                                                     continued on page 30

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