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continued from page 26             ple time to enjoy the views of the East   the East  River for seven hours,  trap-
           The Roosevelt Island aerial tramway   River below, the East Side of Midtown   ping 69 people. Travelers were rescued
         was the first used for mass transit in   Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.  by  baskets  which  could  hold  up  to  15
         the U.S. It opened to the public in May,   Although there are no worries  of   people. Each rescue  took 20 minutes.
         1976, when Roosevelt Island was expe-  breakdowns  on  this  sunny  afternoon,   The baskets also carried supplies such
         riencing a rebirth. Throughout the 19th   during a spring evening ten years ago,   as blankets,  baby formula and food
         and early 20th centuries,  the island   that happened. On April 18, 2006 at   for the passengers still waiting to be
         had been a receptacle for society’s cast-  about 5pm, the two trams stalled over       continued on page 30
         offs. At various times, it had housed a
         penitentiary, a lunatic asylum, a work-
         house and a small pox hospital. In the
         1970s the city saw a promising future
         for the island, with the construction of
         new businesses and residences.
           The plan was to use it until the F
         train subway station could be built on
         the  island.  The  tramway  would  then
         be used only as a tourist attraction.
         But the station wasn’t completed un-
         til 1989, and by then the tram had
         become  a  New  York  City  institution.
         Today it is still used by many to com-
         mute between the island and Manhat-
         tan, as well as by tourists.

         Leitner-Poma modernizes tram
           With a slight bump, the carrier trans-
         ports its riders smoothly skyward to its
         maximum height  of  250 feet.  Travel-
         ling less than 20 miles per hour along
         a route  that follows  the  north  side  of   The track rope spool. The tram travels along two stationary track ropes, which are attached at
         the Queensboro Bridge, they have am-  one terminal and tensioned by counterweights at the other. Photo courtesy Leitner-Poma

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