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         tower,  luffing  jib  or  ringer  configura-
         tion,  then additional provisions  may
         be  necessary  to  gain  access.  Some  ju-
         risdictions  require  that workers  be
         “tied or belted off” when more than six
         feet above the ground to protect people
         from falling hazards. Tie off points can
         become  a  difficult  problem  for  these
         crane  configurations.  Aerial  lifts  or
         man baskets may be necessary to reach
         upper locations of the crane to look at
         the structure, bolts or pin connections.
         This equipment needs to be planned for
         before the inspection starts.
         Allot the right amount of time
           How long does an inspection take?   Figures 4 and 5. All cranes wear out their wire rope, only at different rates and locations!
         The most obvious variable is what type
         of crane is being inspected. It may be   standing by. Figure 3 shows an adjust-  best way to inform someone that this
         a clean hydraulic,  self-propelled, cab   ment being made to the upper boom   appraisal activity is ongoing.
         down crane. But a larger cab up hy-  limit  switch.  This  was  a  deficiency;   Which inspection form is right for
                                            however,  it could be corrected at the   you? When performing scheduled
                                            time of inspection, causing no delay.  preventative maintenance, use the
                                              Repairs that require shutting the   manufacturer’s forms. Use one of the
                                            crane down during work cause delays.   many inspection forms available for
                                            So,  it is  much  better to schedule  the   the OSHA daily, monthly, and annu-
                                            inspections  during  off  time,  when  the   al required inspection. The internet
                                            crane is not working,  avoiding inter-  has examples.
                                            ruptions that might impede  the prog-
                                            ress of earning money!             What is the “best practice” in
                                                                               current crane certification?
                                            What report forms should I use to    As a Third Party, certifying agen-
                                            meet inspection objectives?        cy for USDOL OSHA Maritime, we
                                              OSHA does not require that daily in-  elected to inspect all cranes follow-
                                            spections  be  in  writing,  but  some  em-  ing 1919 Maritime and US Navy
                                            ployers may require this. Monthly and   P-307 regulations. The Construction
                                            annual inspections are required by   1926.1412 has added a few require-
                                            OSHA to be in writing.                              continued on page 30
                                              What is new to some
                                            crane owner employ-                   Figures 6.  The “Outer Bail”  inspection
                                                                                  requires special skill and physical abilities.
                                            ers is that regulation
                                            1926.1412 states that
                                            defects noted during
                                            an inspection and
                                            determined  by the
                                            qualified person (QP)
                                            not to be a safety haz-
         Figure 3. Adjustment being made to the upper   ard (thus allowing
         boom limit switch.                 the crane to continue
                                            working)  must be
         draulic with a lot of attachments, e.g.   documented in some
         two reeved winches,  lattice boom ex-  manner.  This  allows
         tension,  manual boom extension,  jib   the  defect to be re-
         and a load moment indicator (LMI),   viewed at the time of
         may take hours, plus the paper work!  the next inspection
         Determine which people should      and reassessed to de-
         be on site                         termine if the crane
           During the inspection, having main-  is still safe to operate.
         tenance  personal available is  impor-  If this “Deficiency Re-
         tant. Knowing  the crane’s  history is   view List” shows that
         useful  for evaluating and predicting   the defects have been
         the service life of the crane.     repaired, it should be
           During  the inspection,  when  it be-  stated on the form
         comes necessary to make minor repairs   and be available  as
         or adjustments to the crane, less time   a  log  to evaluate for
         is wasted if maintenance personnel are   trends.  This  is  the

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