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continued from page 22             versatile crane, all in a compact design   from a solid and dynamic Italian firm
         nel lifting requirements. With factory-  as well. As an added benefit, Carrydeck   engaged in the design, manufacturing
         designed accessories, workers can be   cranes are designed for both indoor and   and marketing of construction  equip-
         more efficient and productive than ever.   outdoor job sites. These cranes also have   ment. Boscaro management and tech-
         For example, the Shuttlelift Carrydeck   telescoping booms as well as a load deck   nical design team  members keep in
         Industrial Cranes include a line of in-  for material handling.       continual dialog with the construction
         dustrial cranes offering a durable and   The Boscaro crane attachments are   sector to ensure that existing and new
                                                                               Boscaro products meet or exceed their
                                                                               customer’s needs and specific require-
                                                                               ments. Boscaro even does custom engi-
                                                                               neering and manufacturing to specific
                                                                               customer requirements.
                                                                                 Product  development  involves  re-
                                                                               search  using  modern  data-processing
                                                                               systems that guarantee reliable calcula-
                                                                               tions and drawings. Each product then
                                                                               undergoes severe real world testing be-
                                                                               fore it is introduced to the market.
                                                                                 Ever since 1969, when founder
                                                                               John L. Grove invented the first self-
                                                                               propelled boom lift, Sims Cranes has
                                                                               been  working  hard  to  find  ways  to
                                                                               make jobs easier and safer. With such
                                                                               hardware as the  latest development
                                                                               mentioned above, it is easy to see why
                                                                               Sims Cranes has been there for as long
                                                                               as they have, changing the landscape
                                                                               in many ways for those visiting or de-
                                                                               ciding to stay in the Sunshine State.
                                                                               And wire rope in tandem with cranes
                                                                               of all sizes, in the end has made all of
         View from the beach of cranes preparing the job site. Photo © Pete Hildebrandt
                                                                               that possible. WRN
         24     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2017
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