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continued from page 20             in  their  Baku  Facility.  The  technol-  A 150-ton to 2,000-ton veritical test
         Included in  the service  package was   ogy incorporated in the machines is of   machine now part of their lineup is
         the on-location change out of one of the   European origin and regarded as the   unique in all parameters, including the
         rigs 8 x 3200mtr 76mm anchor wires.  most advanced of its type available   ability to load test offshore units of up
           Previously in 2010 Rigmarine pro-  in the industry today. Computerized   to 40’ long as well as spreader beams
         vided  the Explorer with a piggy  back   data processing allows for test graphs   of 12 meters. The test equipment’s con-
         mooring system in support of a drilling   to be generated and issued as back up   struction also allows for the dynamic
         program for Conoco Philips in the Ka-  for  any  certificate,  both  beds  are  to   testing of power driven winches  and
         zakhstan sector of the Caspian.    have webcams fitted also to allow our   hoists. The base of the bed has been
           Rigmarine, in  recent  years,  has   clients to witness tests on-line from   under strengthened and will  allow
         signed an exclusive distribution and   their own office.              compression testing of up to 2,000 tons
         service agreement with Straightpoint.   A 375-ton to 600-ton horizontal test   to be completed safely.
         Straightpoint (UK) Ltd  is a world   bed features  a calibrated force  of be-  An example of one  of Rigmarine’s
         leader in the design and manufacture   tween those ton amounts with addi-  projects was the removal of a 300 ton
         of a huge range of force measurement,   tional  capabilities using  external  hy-  boom section. They were contracted to
         load monitoring and suspended weigh-  draulic cylinders. The wide carriage is   Caspian Marine Services. The removal
         ing load cells up to 1,000 tons capacity.   designed to allow crane blocks of up to   of the 300 ton boom section of the Gur-
         The above mentioned agreement in the   400-ton to be installed for test. At 12   ban Abbassov crane barge took place
         Caspian Sea saw Rigmarine invest in   meter in length, it can cater for most   in  Baku  Azerbaijan.  The  full  scope  of
         specialist test machinery in order to   applications, attachments on the end   work delivered was comprised of an en-
         service  and  re-calibrate  Straightpoint   allow for wire rope and winch testing.   gineering design and feasibility study,
         equipment locally.                 On installation initial use featured the   removal of wire rope and the boom heel
           Rigmarine, Azerbaijan has installed   destruct testing of 10 x 64 mm anchor   pins. Also taking place was the jacking
         two state of the art testing machines   wire samples for a pipe-lay barge.  up of boom and weighing with compres-
                                                                               sive load cells to establish the center of
                                                                               gravity as well as the design and man-
                                                                               ufacture of the full lifting system and
                                                                               the lift’s execution.
                                                                                 “This is the type of profile that sepa-
                                                                               rates Rigmarine from some other  rig-
                                                                               ging  companies,” says Mike  Duncan,
                                                                               Managing Director. “The ability to suc-
                                                                               cessfully complete a project of this na-
                                                                               ture highlights another unique dimen-
                                                                               sion of our company’s portfolio. The
                                                                               strength of our engineering and design
                                                                               department, experience of our site en-
                                                                               gineers and our active HSE policy un-
                                                                               derpinned this significant and success-
                                                                               ful achievement.”
                                                                                 The latest  investment to our Ka-
                                                                               zakhstan facility is delivered. A custom
                                                                               built tensile testing machine that can
                                                                               provide proof load forces of up to 500t,
                                                                               without doubt the largest of its type in
                                                                               the Caspian and an asset that places
                                                                               our rigging facility into the “world
                                                                               class” bracket.
                                                                                 The machine has a 12m x 1.5m car-
                                                                               riage and built to accept larger  than
                                                                               standard  equipment  such as crane
                                                                               blocks and drilling elevators. It’s high
                                                                               load capacity and additional  compo-
                                                                               nents  such  as a chain  grab and wire
                                                                               capstan give the ability to test a wide
                                                                               range of mooring hardware also.
                                                                                 Rigmarine won a contract to supply,
                                                                               install  and commission  a 4 x 45 ton
                                                                               winch  spread for  a barge being con-
                                                                               tracted to Agip on the Kashagan proj-
                                                                               ect. The winches were supplied with
                                                                               class certification and installed for re-
                                                                               mote operation in the bridge house.
                                                                                 “This is the first time in over 10 years
                       One of four Rigmarine 2,000t GN Wide Body shackles
                       weighing nearly 5t each for a key Middle East client.   working in the region that I have seen
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