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continued from page 18                Workers  prepare rebar for  foundation
         households statewide.                 while cranes are available for heavy lifting
           For  clients  needing  a  flexible  sched-  from above. Photo © Pete Hildebrandt
         ule, Sims Crane also offers special “flex
         time”  rates  for  projects  with  variable
         time windows. Scheduling of a project is
         possible as a second call-out for reduced
         travel minimums – a great way to save.
           Top notch maintenance programs,
         crane operators ahead on certification
         requirements, and 55+ years of finan-
         cial stability, along with reliability are
         valued in all that they do. They also
         continue to invest heavily in providing
         the most modernized and largest fleet
         of readily available cranes and rigging
         equipment in Florida and maintain an
         average age of less than six years across
         a large selection of mobile cranes.
           The company understands the value
         of the time and the quality of service
         necessary  to protect property and as-
         sets. Sims Crane comes prepared with
         the right equipment for the job, main-
         tained and inspected in working condi-
         tion to minimize downtime and maxi-
         mize work-time.
           The  Sims  Crane  team has  spent
         weeks training on the mobilization and
         operation of the new Liebherr  LTM
         1500-8.1 at their headquarters in Tam-
         pa, Florida. The LTM 1500 is a 550 ton
         rate capacity all-terrain mobile crane.
           This equipment features 276 feet of
         main telescoping boom and 190 feet
         of conventional jib. Their heavy lift-
         ing  crane  is  now  available state-wide
         in  Florida, this  availability began on
         March 1, 2017. A video demonstrating
         the attributes can be found on various   critical lift plans and rigging jobs using   on the move, any time and any where.
         social media platforms.            specialized 3D modeling software. This   Partnerships  throughout  the  state
           Other brands represented include   allows  Sims  Crane operators and rig-  with reputable and experienced heavy
         Tadano, Kobelco, Shuttlelift, and JLG.   gers to prepare for the job and provides   haul contractors allow Sims Crane to
         Specialized rigging and machinery   a visual layout of the project. Better   provide hassle-free  point-to-point ma-
         moving with  Sims  HD  Moving Solu-  communication of project related infor-  chinery  and equipment moving ser-
         tions is a service offered for most indus-  mation  results  in  smoother  workflow   vices available in the market. They are
         trial applications. Their certified Mas-  and a safer workplace for your employ-  committed as well, to providing site to
         ter Riggers and team of highly trained   ees and valuable assets.     site, full service, turn-key,  crane,  rig-
         rigging professionals have the skills   Their expert crane and rigging criti-  ging and hauling services backed by a
         and expertise to place the  heaviest   cal lift planners have won the A1A   reliable professional team of experts.
         industrial generators, MRI machines,   Software Lift Plan of the Year Award.   When  it  comes  to the  movement  of
         boilers and even more within the toler-  As NCCCO certified crane operators, a   traffic, Sims assists with any full ser-
         ances of the project specifications.  3D lift planning team brings a special   vice planning involved. That includes
           Specialized rigging crews,  as well,   skill, expertise and knowledge to each   the offering of Yodock barricade rent-
         have experience moving industrial   and every Sims Crane lift plan and   als, road closure permitting and move-
         grade  manufacturing robotics, injec-  critical lifts. Contact us today and find   ment  of  traffic  (MoT)  services  upon
         tion mold  machines and medical  lab   out why more Florida contractors trust   request. Additional fees may apply in
         equipment of all shapes and sizes. Sims   Sims with the most specialized lifting   those circumstances. Through partner-
         also is fine with moving equipment in   projects and critical lift planning.  ships with local providers, they can
         and around confined spaces, with capa-  For heavy hauling a fleet of new mod-  facilitate setup and removal of large
         bilities in excess of 1.2 million pounds.   ernized tractors supports the equip-  quantities of barrier equipment in just
         Challenges, whatever they may be, are   ment fleet and provides short trip haul-  a few days. If questions arise – or be-
         something Sims seems to be up for.   ing services within the state of Florida.   fore they arise – Sims may of course be
           3D Lift Planning can even be accom-  For  more specialized transportation,   contacted for a free site evaluation.
         plished  by  their  specific  project  plan-  Sims employs reputable local transpor-  Sims Crane provides a diverse selec-
         ners – ones who map out complicated   tation experts, capable of keeping you           continued on page 22

         20     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2017
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