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         from 1.5mm in diameter all the way to   A qualified technician at Rigmarine Azerbaijan
                                              conducts  annual  full  service on  Globestock
         102mm. In addition to wire rope, Rig-  G-Stop retractable fall arrest unit.
         marine has rigging hardware, as well
         as a specialties in  heavy lift rigging,
         subsea rigging, and rigging lofts.
           To support all the lifting equipment
         products, offered are a range of specific
         lifting services such as lift planning and
         management, qualified rigging teams,
         site-competent personnel and technical
         authority, LOLER (Lifting Operations
         and Lifting Equipment  Regulations),
         periodic surveys, technical and compli-
         ance audits, and installation service.
           For mooring and marine applications
         via their Caspian Sea and UAE service
         centers they offer clients a significant
         range of marine products available on
         a sale or rental basis, all of which can
         be installed,  refurbished  and re-certi-
         fied  by  highly  trained  technicians.  In
         recent years, Rigmarine has provided
         several deep water mooring and chaser
         systems to operators in  the Caspian
         and Middle East regions.           for  subsea deployment;  compact  32   lifting equipment and lifting operations,
           Rigmarine also has a number of sup-  ton hydraulic lifting winches with   the company can ensure both their own
         ply and service contracts with several   planetary gear boxes, 35 ton tempo-  and their client employees meet the de-
         AHTS and Tug owners  and operators   rary barge mooring winches for quay   sired competency levels. In addition, of-
         resulting in a variety of stock to meet   side  load  out; 10 ton  back-tensioned   fered is a full range of health and safety
         client  operational demands. The  need   wire spooling machine for crane wire   management programs, underpinned
         for equipment and supplies involved   installation; 18 ton and 25 ton barge   by industry recognized authorities such
         with mooring, towing and miscella-  mooring winches for offshore construc-  as NEBOSH and IOSH.
         neous marine equipment is a daily oc-  tion projects; and a 200 ton back ten-  With  the opening  of a new  custom
         currence at Rigmarine, therefore, their   sion spooling unit for complete heavy   built facility in the Caspian, which in-
         product lines include – but not limited   lift crane barge commissioning.   cludes over 10 modern learning rooms
         to – anchors of a variety of types, chain,   Rigmarine remains  committed to   and external practical rigging areas,
         buoys, deck equipment, fendering – ex-  delivering  an unrivaled range  of ma-  they’ve demonstrated commitment to
         truded D section, pneumatic and foam   rine  and lifting  services  to clients   employees, clients and to the Industry
         filled, mooring components, wire rope,   throughout  every year.  Investment in   itself. Such courses as rigging and lift-
         and synthetic rope.                personnel  and plant is  a continuous   ing, banksman slinger, crane operator,
           Winches  and power  lifting  at Rig-  process and service centers are all fully   LOLER, appointed person, rigging loft
         marine include hydraulic and electric   equipped to meet customers’ operation-  management, wire rope socketing, and
         powered winch  building capabilities,   al needs. Services are included among   wire rope examination.
         something  that  remains  at the  fore-  those needs. Those may sound familiar,   Health  and  Safety Management is
         front  of industry  requirements.  Their   such work as load testing and certifica-  critical in this industry. Areas of study
         facility – some 4,000 square meters in   tion, wire rope installations and spool-  for H and S management include con-
         size,  or  12,000  square  feet  –  is  filled   ing services up to 250  ton capacity,   fined  space  entry,  COSHH  assessor,
         with 150 state of the art machining and   wire rope lubrication and NDT (non-  energy isolation, area authority, IOSH
         CNC machines.                      destructive testing), and water bag and   managing safely, NEBOSH, and IGC.
           In research and development, over 50   loadcell rentals, NDT services, rigging   As of February,  2017 Rigmarine
         specialist engineers keep up by cover-  loft provision  and management, mod-  noted potential in Kazakhstan Mines
         ing every aspect of winching  technol-  ule weighing and CoG surveys, moor-  and Power Stations. They in turned
         ogy. Quality is also something greatly   ing system design and analysis, and   observed synergies between inland and
         valued at the firm through its operat-  wire rope socketing.          offshore industries as a lifting and ma-
         ing to a full ISO 9001-2000 QMS with   In addition to the investment in   rine product specialist looking to meet
         accreditations from all major Class so-  their  supply and service  disciplines   increasing  demand  from the mining
         cieties inc DNV, ABS and LROS.     Rigmarine has made a significant com-  and power industries  via its Aktau,
           The  range and quality of products   mitment to training both our own em-  Kazakhstan facility.
         has so far been of service to clients in   ployees and those of our  clients.  The   Through the firm’s four global loca-
         oil and gas, engineering, marine, ship-  knowledge and experience of the lifting   tions, in Baku, Azerbaijan; Sharjah,
         building,  subsea,  telecommunications,   sector has provided a unique ability to   UAE;  and  Aberdeen,  Scotland  this
         lifting, and mining.               deliver  comprehensive  and  effective   strategic  positioning  serves  offshore
           Some projects they’ve completed   training courses to the industry.   oil and gas, renewables, construction,
         have included work on 40 ton hydrau-  With more than 50 accredited and in-  break bulk, shipping and marine in-
         lic constant tension lifting winches   dividually tailored courses in the field of     continued on page 20

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