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tening to your own voice is important.
                                                                                 “We work for a man who doesn’t run
                                                                               with the pack,” adds this spokesperson.
                                                                               “He is  a lone  wolf  and follows  his  in-
                                                                               stincts. And there is a deeper connota-
                                                                               tion to each of those facets.”
                                                                                 The bottom line is that there is also a
                                                                               lot to be said for being independent and
                                                                               not having to count on tariffs to help you.
                                                                                 Paul Wiseman reminds us that we
                                                                               have  already  aggressively  defended
                                                                               American steel producers. “As of
                                                                               mid-2017, the government was im-
                                                                               posing 149 different restrictions on
                                                                               steel imports.”
                                                                                 Steelmakers don’t just face competi-
                                                                               tion from foreign producers. They also
                                                                               vie against lighter materials – plastics
                                                                               and composites – increasingly used in
                                                                               building  construction  and  auto  pro-
                                                                               duction, according to Hill. Most econo-
         Cargo ship is sailing out of the harbor and into the sunset. Photo  © Tapui /
                                                                               mists oppose Trump’s steel tariffs, as
         continued from page 14             term. There are exclusions for Canada   well as his call for a 10 percent duty on
         aware  of  his  firm’s  long  history.  The   and Mexico. If you have a rule or policy   imported aluminum.
         price of metals has a definite effect on   and then make all these exclusions  –   “Taxing imported  steel would help
         their bottom line. “I think this proposed   and don’t really know what that does   domestic steel producers,  economists
         tariff will definitely cause steel prices   – the good country, bad country narra-  admit,” adds Wiseman. “But this would
         to go up,” says St. Pierre. “Nucor has   tive can get a bit confusing.”  also drive up steel prices and pressure
         subsequently had a price increase. But   Trying to forecast the future is prob-  on  the  far  more numerous  companies
         I am truly hoping they will hold the   lematic  in  itself,  according  to  this   consuming steel, among these, auto
         price for us. This has already impacted   spokesperson.  You don’t raise  prices   and aircraft makers.”
         many of our suppliers as WIRECO an-  unless  you really  need to raise  them.   My college  friend,  circa  1975, lived
         nounced monthly surcharges.”       “We went for one long stretch without   with the certainty that summers spent
           One domestic manufacturer in Ohio   raising  prices  for  10 years.  It took us   working  in his hometown steel mill
         has a spokesperson who feels that   that many years before we did  raise   easily paid for at the least entire year
         overall, no matter what they think,   our  prices and it was not a big hike.   of his college studies. Today’s world of-
         things will come to pass as they will.   But even  then,  people squawked.  But   fers no such certainty, except perhaps
         “How much influence can small busi-  the ones who understood the increase   that change,  economic  or  otherwise,
         nesses really have?” asks the spokes-  did not blink an eye.”         does remain  constant.  Rigging shops
         person. “The only way they can be    However, when a business has to ex-  and all those in the wire rope and sling
         represented is through their congres-  plain to its customers that it’s been ten   technology business may realize as well
         sional representatives.            years since there’s been an increase it’s   that there’s still a solid need for their
           “In an effort to ‘level the playing field’   easy to see how challenging things can   services – whether or not steel and alu-
         I think these tariffs will really do some   be. The key is to realize there is always   minum  tariffs  are  in  effect.  Somehow
         damage to some businesses in the long   dissonance in the voices around you; lis-  we will survive. WRN

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