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International Wire Rope

                Company Finds a Good Fit in

                           Marine Environments

                                                 by Peter Hildebrandt

         “Habit is a rope,” according to Thomas Mann. “Every day we strand a wire and
         eventually we cannot tear it anymore.” That makes a perfect sentiment these
         days for one very busy wire rope company, Rigmarine. Among other locations,
         Rigmarine has, for the past 15 years had a management team that has operated
         in the Caspian Sea. From the first day they opened to the present day, the two
         words the firm likes to sum up their business with are quality and pride.

               igmarine  always  insists  on  the   turers in the lifting, marine and moor-  fied to the highest marine and offshore
               best possible products for clients.   ing industries. As a result of this, clients   industry  standards.  These  suppliers
         RAnd over the years, this has al-  know they strive for quality and have   and their products are of significant im-
         lowed them to establish strong relations   the reassurance that all products have   portance to their daily operations.
         with some of the best quality manufac-  been designed, manufactured and certi-  As with many other companies dis-
                                                                               cussed on these pages, the quality of
                                        Rigmarine rope access team conducting offshore   services  and products delivered to all
                                        crane surveys. All photos courtesy of Rigmarine.  clients  remains  critical.  Regardless of
                                                                               the size of order, the same pride is tak-
                                                                               en by the staff to ensure the delivery of
                                                                               the exact product or service to clients
                                                                               within the delivery time agreed.
                                                                                 Believing in the old adage  “you are
                                                                               only as good as your last job,” Rigma-
                                                                               rine has been able to ensure all their
                                                                               sales, production and quality personnel
                                                                               implement high quality internal proce-
                                                                               dures for every order.
                                                                                 They now have service centers  in
                                                                               such  far-flung  places  as  Azerbaijan,
                                                                               Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emir-
                                                                               ates. All operate to the same standards
                                                                               and offer our clients a broad range of
                                                                               quality  products  and  services  specific
                                                                               to the local industry requirements.
                                                                                 Lifting is one of the key disciplines at
                                                                               Rigmarine; this is where all aspects of
                                                                               the business come together.
                                                                                 Quality products are supplied from
                                                                               the world’s leading manufacturers.
                                                                               Competent and highly trained person-
                                                                               nel - lifting gear is a critical component
                                                                               that must be manufactured and certified
                                                                               to industry standards. When it comes
                                                                               to  service  -  deliveries  must  be  made
                                                                               on time, as Rigmarine knows that the
                                                                               smallest lifting component could be key
                                                                               to the timely completion of one of their
                                                                               client’s multi-million dollar projects.
                                                                                 With safety, there cannot be room for
                                                                               error and the safety of staff and a cli-
                                                                               ent’s personnel and infrastructure are
                                                                               foremost in  their  minds.  That is  im-
                                                                               portant to note in a company with wire
                                                                               rope  sling  manufactures  stretching
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