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continued from page 14             the job done daily and perform the test-  low cost “good enough to get by” mindset.
         ment is an integral part  of running   ing safely. Our test bed operators are   As mentioned in the introduction of this
         any business.  Minimizing  this risk   trained using AWRF’s ‘Test Bed Safety   article, litigation is inevitable. How your
         is a daily task. Business  leaders and   Guidelines,’  and Chant  test beds are   company is proactive and whom you
         managers  have  a  standing  obligation   equipped with many unique safety fea-  partner with becomes critical in manag-
         to the company and their employees to   tures that help prevent accidents and   ing potential liability. WRN
         analyze potential areas of risk and es-  reduce our liability risks.
         tablish best practices. Safety is an area   “Following our ISO 9001:2008 pro-  Since 1970,  Chant Engineering has
         that requires constant attention.   cedures  and  safe  testing  procedures,   been a leader in calibration and test-
           “When  top professionals  manage   all items requiring proof testing are   ing machinery.  They offer on-site and
         this process, they need to partner with   automatically entered into our online   remote  worldwide  customer  support,
         a company  that has positioned itself   asset management system called “‘On-  troubleshooting  support,  machine  ser-
         properly to ensure their success,” says   Guard.’” This cloud-based portal allows   vice,  DataTEST™ software  upgrades,
         President Phil Chant. “With almost 50   customers and employees to access the   and operator training.  Utilizing the
         years of industry experience, Chant is   test  certificates,  schedule  periodic  in-  industry’s best practices and following
         committed  to continually improving   spections, and review rigging inventory.   all industry  and  AWRF  Guidelines,
         and  investing  in  people and  equip-  In 2010, Bishop Lifting Products in   they hold these top industry  Accredi-
         ment. Our goal is to offer quality test   Houston completed  construction of a   tations: ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D and
         beds that allow customers to tirelessly   3.3-million-pound Chant proof test bed.   ISO/IEC 17025:2005. They calibrate to
         explore new  technologies,  while  car-  With an overall length of 323’ and nu-  ASTM-E4 and ISO 7500-1 with  certi-
         rying the required accreditations that   merous safety features, this Chant test   fied  ISO  and  ASTM-E74  Standards.
         ultimately equate to the best risk miti-  bed is still state-of-the-art after almost   Chant Engineering offers a free evalua-
         gation practices. That’s the formula top   10 years in operation. “We promote test-  tion of your testing machinery, calibra-
         decision makers count on to minimize   ing, we take it seriously, and it’s what   tion and help setting up best practices.
         corporate liability and manage risk.”   sets us apart and adds value to the   For contact information see below.
                                            slings we fabricate”, says Harold King,
         A Great Example of Best Practices  President of Bishop Lifting Products.  Contributor contact information:
           Bishop Lifting Products  (Houston,                                    1. Chant Engineering Co. Inc., Phil Chant,
         TX), and its subsidiary companies Del-  Minimizing Risk is a Never-ending   Sharon Mathis & Patrick Shire, www.chan-
         ta Rigging, Morgan City Rentals and   Challenge             ,  sales@chantengineering.
         Matex, operate 70 test beds across the   Minimizing risk and protecting compa-  com, 215-230-4260.
         United States ranging from 100,000   nies, employees and end users is never-  2.  AWRF, Jeff Gilbert,,
         lbs. to 3.3 million lbs. “Bishop Lifting’s   ending.  How  companies  and  managers, 248-994-7753.
                                                                                 3. Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P., Brandon
         testing capabilities are paramount be-  choose to incorporate this into their   K. Gutshall,, bgutshall@shb.
         cause  many of our  customers  require   corporate plans can make the difference   com, 816-559-2680.
         proof testing to comply with industry   between high risk exposure and minimal   4. Rigging Solutions (Alton, IL), Jim Evans,
         standards on  certain  types of slings,”   risk  exposure.  While  managing costs, 618-463-0333.
         says Harold King, president. “We rely   there will always be the conflict between   5. Bishop Lifting, Harold King, www.lifting.
         on Chant Engineering Test Beds to get   investment and doing things right or the   com,, 713-674-2266.

           Wire Rope Testing at Bishop Lifting. Photo courtesy of Bishop Lifting.

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