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         is also performed to meet the customers
         required specifications of the specimen.
         In addition, end user safety is critical
         which  is why testing should  be  at  the
         forefront  of  every  rigging  shop  proce-
         dures. Testing your finished product is
         one of your business’ most important
         services. However, you may not know
         that your testing is meaningless unless
         testing machinery is correctly calibrat-
         ed and in compliance with the ASTM-
         E4, ISO7500, and by association ASTM-
         E74 and ISO17025 Standards traceable
         back to NIST. Along with meeting the
         standards, test data collection and re-
         trieval is critical to protecting your
         business. It’s almost a given in today’s
         world of litigation that any product fail-
         ure results in a lawsuit. When that hap-
         pens, the company that calibrates your
         testing machinery becomes your part-
         ner and will need to demonstrate their
         accreditations,  certifications,  data  re-
         trieval and storage, best practices, etc.
         Select your calibration and test equip-
         ment supplier with this in mind.
         Protect Your Testing Machinery
         with Precise Calibration Using
         Industry Standards                 3.3M Lb Test Bed. Photo courtesy of Bishop Lifting.
           Calibrating testing machinery en-  The ASTM-E4 Standard requires    for every test run on the testing ma-
         sures that product testing is accurate   calibration based on usage, but no lon-  chine and ensure full traceability to
         and the specimen is safe to use in the   ger than 18 months. If it is a heavily   Government standards, minimizing
         field. Standards are created for safety,   used machine then internal corporate   potential liability exposure. Chant
         consistency and best practices. Correct   procedures may require more frequent   Engineering  has  a  complete  compre-
         calibration  will  minimize  errors  and   calibrations to keep in compliance.   hensive Calibration Guideline to help
         can increase productivity. The calibra-  Current calibration keeps machines   companies fully understand all as-
         tion of your equipment should be per-  in  compliance  with  the  standards   pects of calibration, contact Chant for
         formed using the applicable standards,   and insures the machinery is in good   a free copy via email at information@
         calibration methods and procedures.   working order. Protect your business
         Using incorrectly calibrated machines   by having accurate calibration records
         can give wide test variations, cause in-  and having up-to-date data acquisi-  Safeguard Your Business with
         valid readings and increase liability.   tion  software.  This  will  store  records   Accurate Testing Certificates
                                                                                 This  article has  discussed having a
                                                                               good,  solid  safety  procedure  plan  for
                                                                               your facility to ensure operators and
                                                                               staff are properly trained on the test-
                                                                               ing machinery. Proper safety gear must
                                                                               be  worn  for  protection  and  operators
                                                                               should  clearly  understand  the  safety
                                                                               and testing procedures they must fol-
                                                                               low to successfully perform a specimen
                                                                               test. Also, to avoid liability and risk, it is
                                                                               vitally important that you use a vendor
                                                                               who understands your business and can
                                                                               correctly calibrate your testing machin-
                                                                               ery to the industry standards. Chant
                                                                               has invested in its people and equip-
                                                                               ment and we currently have the largest
                                                                               calibration team and calibration gear in
                                                                               the lifting and rigging industry.
                                                                               Liability and Risk Management
                                                                                 Corporate liability and risk manage-
                                                                                                continued on page 16

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