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Let’s address the ELEPHANT in the room...

                  THE TRUTH ABOUT US

                    It’s about quality, not price.
                       Quality means safety.

                      That’s what we deliver.

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         continued from page 12             what an issue or concern might be.   lifting and rigging knowledge a casual
         do in order to get the job done. Untrained   When employees use what they were   “here let me show you this” may not be
         workers are often unaware of the dan-  “taught by co-workers”  or just copy   the best policy in the long run.
         gers from performing tasks incorrectly,   what their previous co-workers  did,   Companies need to have documented
         nor do they even know they are doing   they could  be putting their  lives  on   training programs in place that includes
         something wrong. Other times employ-  the  line.  Hand-me-downs  are  fine  for   technical and practical instruction with
         ees simply do not know what to look for,   clothes and toys, but when it comes to   written examinations and performance
                                                                               testing for their operators, service per-
         Tape marks a few of the many areas of crushing and distortion due to issues with the transition   sonnel and inspectors as applicable. But
         between layers on the drum.
                                                                               documented programs are only as good
                                                                               as the operations behind them. They
                                                                               must  have  follow  through  with  oppor-
                                                                               tunities for re-training as needed or fre-
                                                                               quent refresher training.
                                                                                 Ultimately, as Robert Noyce the co-
                                                                               inventor  of  the  first  microchip  stated,
                                                                               “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared
                                                                               is power multiplied.” Companies who
                                                                               proactively take the time to ask “Why?”
                                                                               and fully investigate the circumstances
                                                                               will be empowered to resolve issues as
                                                                               they arise and keep sites safer—a win
                                                                               for all involved. WRN

                                                                                 Crane Tech, LLC is a training and consult-
                                                                               ing provider that has served the material han-
                                                                               dling industry for over 40 years. Among their
                                                                               programs,  Crane  Tech  offers  mobile  crane
                                                                               operator, safety for management and inspec-
                                                                               tor courses. Accident investigation services
                                                                               are also available. Crane Tech can be reached
                                                                               at 813-248-4800 or For
                                                                               more information visit
         14     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2017
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