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         munications,  electrical  power,  water
         and compressed  air  to support bridge
         operations, unlike the earlier bridge.
           TZC fabricated each of these enor-
         mous assemblies at the project’s Port
         of Coeymans facility in Albany Coun-
         ty. The 16-acre facility provides direct
         access to the Hudson River, allowing
         TZC to transport the girder assemblies
         to the project site in less than a day.
         The  assemblies  were  then  installed
         at  the  bridge  site  with  the  I  Lift  NY
         super crane, the only machine on the
         project capable of raising the massive
           The super crane will now perform
         various lifts for the eastbound bridge
         in Rockland. After undergoing mainte-
         nance, the super crane next year will
         assist with the demolition of the exist-
         ing bridge and completion of the east-
         bound span.
           Area boaters are  being  strongly
         urged to use the center 600 feet of the
         main channel when available to navi-
         gate in a north-south  direction with
         no  wake  at  a  maximum  speed  of  five
         knots. There will be periodic closures
         of the main channel  due to on-going
         construction activities. Boaters are en-
         couraged to avoid the project site dur-
         ing these closures.
           The  U.S.  Coast Guard  has  estab-
         lished a Safety Zone surrounding 16
         construction  barge  mooring  locations
         at the project site. No unauthorized
         vessels are allowed in the Safety Zone.
         The U.S. Coast Guard also has estab-
         lished  a safety zone  encompassing  all
         navigable waters within a 200-yard ra-
         dius of the largest machine on the proj-
         ect, the I Lift NY super crane, legally
         registered  with  the  U.S.  Coast Guard
         as the Left Coast Lifter.
           In addition, marine law enforcement
         will  be enforcing the  rules  of  the  ex-  The iconic main span towers continue to rise with the assistance of the project’s blue jump
         panded Regulated Navigation Areas   forms and red tower cranes. Photo taken on July 22, 2016.
         (RNAs) east  and west  of  the  Safety   piers and abutments are protected by a   their midst, the sight is awe-inspiring;
         Zone.  The  RNAs stretch  500 yards   25-yard security zone.          here is a relic of the past, with its erec-
         north and 500 yards south of the exist-  Additional temporary navigational   tor set sillouette overhead continues to
         ing bridge. The Eastern RNA will be   lights have been installed on the exist-  literally vanish in our rearview mirrors
         extremely active and vessels  transi-  ing bridge to further define the 600-foot   while the latest in construction, elec-
         tioning to and from the eastern shore-  navigation channel  under  the main   tronic and communications technology
         line at Tarrytown should approach and   span. Permanent elements of the new   rises just to the north.
         depart to the north. The Western RNA   bridge are lit per U.S. Coast Guard per-  The old bridge, ground-breaking at
         will be impassable at times and mari-  mit requirements, as are all moorings,   the time and all its subsequent stress-
         ners should stay clear of the area.  barges and other equipment. All mari-  inducing, time-sapping traffic jams will
           Mariners also should be aware that   ners  should consult the latest USCG   soon fade into the fog of transportation
         TZC  will  continue  work  in  the  vicin-  Local Notice to Mariners  before tran-  history. The next generations of travel-
         ity of the side channels under the ex-  siting this area.             ers will no doubt lose track of the fact
         isting  bridge. Mariners  are advised   The old Tappan Zee Bridge, of course   that there ever was an old bridge at the
         to stay clear of all overhead work and   continues to function, providing an ar-  Tappan Zee crossing. But the beauty of
         maintain a safe distance of 1,000 feet   tery – even if often clogged and narrow –   those wide bends of the historic Hud-
         from  all  construction  equipment and   for travelers until April, 2018. For those   son will remain in place for some time
         support vessels. In addition, all bridge   able to enjoy the scenary and work in   to come. WRN

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