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         ted with  an  upgraded control  system
         before arriving  at the job site in  Oc-
         tober 2014. Left Coast Lifter made its
         first lift on the new Tappan Zee bridge
         in  April 2015, a steel-reinforced con-
         crete pile cap which  will  form part of
         the bridge’s foundation.
           The massive crane is being used for
         heavy lifts of large bridge sections.
         After  building  the  new  bridge,  Lifter
         will also be used for heavy lifts during
         the disassembly of the old structure at
         that location.
           Dimensions  for  the  equipment in-
         clude the shear-leg crane on the Left
         Coast Lifter  with  it  its  328 foot  long
         boom, weighing 992 short tons, this
         with an 1,873 short ton lift capacity.   Progress continues on the new bridge’s main span
           Cited as being the largest crane ever   in this photo taken on September 27, 2016.
         used  on  the  west  coast  of  the  United
         States, Capable of lifting nearly 2,000   “Constructing the new bridge amid   bridge would begin in February 2017.
         tons — or about 12 Statutes of Liberty   crashing waves and windy conditions is   That timeline has since  been amend-
         — in one motion  and then  setting its   difficult, so the quicker workers can get   ed. The old bridge will be in service
         load down in just a few hours, the crane   onto steady ground the easier it is for   through “spring or summer” of 2017,
         has rightfully gained an amazing noto-  them to erect the bridge’s superstruc-  when traffic will shift over to one of the
         riety with bridge builders.        ture. In bridge construction, you’re goal   spans  of  the  new  structure.  However
           The inaugural lift of the first of many   is to get out of the water.”  the  bridge’s  completion  date of  April
         steel-reinforced  concrete  pile caps   Pile caps, which are lowered onto   2018 remains unchanged.
         planned for the project even had mem-  steel piles that have been driven into   When  completed, the  new  Tappan
         bers of the media out on the water to   the bedrock under the river, will not   Zee Bridge will be one of the widest
         witnessing the event.              only provide a foundation for the bridge,   bridges on the planet and among one
           “This saves you time, it saves you   but also a steady platform on which   of the longest cable-stayed spans in the
         money, it makes you safer,” says Ted   workers can build the rest of the super-  nation.  We’ve come a long way since
         Zoli, national chief bridge engineer for   structure. Of course, lowering a 650-ton   construction  of the Brooklyn  Bridge,
         HNTB, Kansas City, MO, overseer for   cap, coated with a ice-resisting polymer   with  its  crippling  and deadly caisson
         much construction on this new Tappan   referred to as “humpty wumpty” on top   work  below  the  surface  of  the  East
         Zee project.                       of the piles is akin to threading a needle   River as well as accidents in handling
                                            while standing on choppy waters. Enter   newly-formed wire rope cables. Wash-
         Tower cranes  rise 490  feet above the river
         to assist with the construction  of the new   the “I Lift NY” supercrane.   ington  Roebling, John  A. Roebling’s
         bridge’s iconic towers.              “This  has  changed  the  game,” adds   son, became disabled with the “bends”
                                            Zoli. “It’s not just the pile caps that are   as  a result  of  his  supervision  on  the
                                            going to be placed that way. This type   below water work. His wife, Emily, in
                                            of crane allows the setting of an entire   turned handled much  of the work  of
                                            span of superstructure at once. In fact,   supervising the engineering and con-
                                            the new Tappan Zee Bridge and all of   struction of the structure.
                                            its components were designed entirely   But this new bridge work, however,
                                            around the crane.”                 has had its misshaps. July 19, 2016,
                                              The crane will be worked as hard as   saw a crane used for construction  of
                                            possible for the life of the job, according   the bridge collapse onto the existing
                                            to Zoli. “Such equipment, in erecting as   older bridge. Five people were injured,
                                            much of the bridge and its components   including three drivers and two bridge
                                            as possible with this crane is what tru-  workers; thankfully no one was killed
                                            ly creates efficiencies.”          or critically injured.
                                              The lifter will be returned to the Bay   Tappan Zee  Constructors,  LLC  in-
                                            Area when work is completed.       stalled the final steel girder assembly
                                               By the end of 2013, General Electric   for the new westbound span. More than
                                            had completed four seasons of dredging   100  similar girder assemblies have
                                            to remove contaminants from the riv-  been installed on the new approach
                                            er bottom. Approximately  70 percent   spans, with many sections weighing
                                            of the sediments targeted for dredg-  more  than  700  tons.  These  massive
                                            ing were removed, totaling more than   assemblies  rest  atop the new  bridge’s
                                            1,900,000 cubic yards of sediment. The   concrete piers, and in turn support the
                                            project  timeline  originally  indicated   new  road  deck.  The  assemblies  also
                                            that the old bridge would be closed in   include  infrastructure  to  carry  com-
                                            2016 and that the demolition of the old             continued on page 14

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