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Page 12 - Wire Rope News & Sling Technology
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continued from page 10             men, check for proper seating and
         been completed, the operator should be   alignment, and make sure there are no
         ready to perform the test.         kinks or twists on the test sample. The
                                            test sample should  always  be  in-line
         Recommended Procedures &           with the travel of the ram.
         General Safety Warnings During       • Testing set-ups requiring dif-
         Testing:                           ferent components other than those
           For a complete comprehensive guide,   specified  should  always  be  approved
         contact  AWRF for  their  current  Test   by a supervisor.
         Bed Safety Guideline.                • Make  sure  the  crosshead  pins  are
           • Always make sure  you are famil-  fully seated into the holes with properly
         iar with the Manufacturer’s Operation   sized pin. Never use improper pin size.
         Manual.                              If using a wire rope grip, make sure
           • Make sure that the test bed is func-  you are using the correct size adapt-
         tioning correctly and in calibration.  ers and matched set of liners. Never
           • If the  operator is  uncertain  about   mix and match liners and/or adapters.
         the WLL (Working Load Limit) on    Mismatched liner and adapter sets
         the  machine  or  fixtures,  a  supervisor   can apply extreme forces which can
         should be alerted.                 cause a safety hazard, a serious injury
           • Operator  will  load the  test speci-  or possibly death.

                                                                               Operator at HPU running DataTEST™ Software.
                                                                               Photo courtesy of Rigging Solutions, Alton, IL.
                                                                                 • Never  substitute  a  fixture  not  de-
                                                                               signed for your test bed or force.
                                                                                 • Never perform a pull test with the
                                                                               barrier  guard open. Operator must
                                                                               fully close the barrier guard. The test
                                                                               bed can produce a tremendous amount
                                                                               of force, which  means it is critical to
                                                                               ensure  the  guard is  fully  closed.  This
                                                                               will help prevent fragments from being
                                                                               expelled into the work space.
                                                                                 • Operator should observe the test
                                                                               from a safe location.
                                                                                 • It is the operator’s responsibility to
                                                                               notify and shout “Clear” to anyone in
                                                                               close in proximity to the test specimen
                                                                               that he/she is about to perform a test,
                                                                               so they know to clear the area.
                                                                                 • Operator can now  safely perform
                                                                               the specimen test.
                                                                                 • After the test has been completed,
                                                                               the operator will need to make sure
                                                                               test  bed is  clear,  remove  any  debris,
                                                                               and open the guards.
                                                                                 • Operator  should  perform  a  second
                                                                               visual inspection on the specimen to
                                                                               look for any defects after testing.
                                                                                 • Operator should always print out the
                                                                               test certificate for the product being test-
                                                                               ed to certify whether it passed or failed
                                                                               the test and tag it to the specimen.
                                                                               Why Test?
                                                                                 Testing is used to certify that an as-
                                                                               sembly meets the required proof load or
                                                                               breaking strength. If applicable, testing
         Operator loading the specimen into test bed. Photo courtesy of Rigging Solutions, Alton, IL.  continued on page 14
         12     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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