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continued from page 8              pliance. Best practices include
         able. See the conclusion of this article   operators being trained and
         for complete contact information of the   certified  to  proficiently  oper-
         contributors to this article.      ate  the  testing  machinery.
                                            This can be challenging in the
         Testing Machinery                  business world today with em-
           There  are  many options  when  buy-  ployee turnover and produc-
         ing testing machinery. Chant provides   tion deadlines. This means
         high quality, heavy duty machines that   that continuing education and
         are designed for maximum operator   operator  training  is  more  im-
         safety. Each test bed is designed with   portant than ever. However,
         the test area enclosed to minimize ex-  training often times takes a
         posure  in  case  of  an  unexpected test   back seat to production.
         specimen failure or a destructive test.   “Chant  offers a  comprehen-
         Each test bed has hydraulically oper-  sive training program. Our
         ated safety guards that are interlocked   highly-skilled technicians can
         to  prevent  the  operator  testing  with   quickly train operators how to
         the  guard open.  The  test bed frames,   properly utilize the proof test
         load cells and all other components are   bed safely and guide them on
         designed with very high safety factors   what safety measures should
         for full capacity break testing on a re-  be implemented in their facil-
         petitive basis.  This  ensures  that the   ity. Training is essential as
         day-to-day production proof testing can   businesses  can’t  afford  pro-
         easily be run for multiple shifts with no   duction downtime, especially
         test bed issues that could endanger an   with the employee turnover
         operator. We have also taken advan-  we see in rigging shops today.   Sharon Mathis, Chant Customer Relations Manager in
         tage of our many years of experience to   Chant’s training program can   safety gear. Photo courtesy of Chant.
         manufacture our test beds with unique   rapidly  assist  new  operators
         features and technology to minimize   to get up-to-speed to prevent time lost.   and authorized to run the test bed.
         the operator’s workload.           Chant offers many options worldwide   • Operator should always wear their
                                            to its customers, depending on the   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
         Operator Safety                    situation”,  said  Sharon  Mathis,  Cus-  or safety gear for their own safety. Safe-
           Safety measures  for  testing wire   tomer Relations Manager for Chant   ty  gear  could  include:  safety  googles,
         rope, synthetic rope, chains, hoists and   Engineering.               hard hat, and steel or closed toed shoes.
         other related rigging equipment begin   For every test an operator performs,   Follow the mandatory safety guidelines
         with having the correct test bed in good   they should always follow the best   or rules required by your facility.
         working order and up to all of the cur-  practices for safety. Below are some of   • Before any product can be tested,
         rent safety and calibration standards.   the  essentials  to  consider  before  per-  the operator should always perform a
           The proof test bed operator is next   forming the test on the specimen:  visual inspection of the test specimen.
         in the critical path for safety and com-  • Operator  should  be  fully  trained   • Know  the exact boundaries of the
                                                                               work  zone.  Limits  should  be clearly
                                                                               marked. Boundaries could  be a fence,
                                                                               wall, or painted on the floor.
                                                                                 • Operator should validate wheth-
                                                                               er the space is adequate to perform
                                                                               the test.
                                                                                 • Operator should check area all
                                                                               around the test bed to make sure it is
                                                                               clear. Check for any trip hazards, remove
                                                                               any debris and clean up any slick spots
                                                                               (oil spills) to prevent a potential fall.
                                                                                 • Operator should make sure only
                                                                               authorized personnel are within the
                                                                               designated work zone. Sometimes, if
                                                                               there are guests in-house while testing
                                                                               is going on, they may not understand
                                                                               testing procedures or the dangers that
                                                                               surround  them.  If  an  unauthorized
                                                                               employee or guest enters the work
                                                                               zone, stop the testing and warn them
                                                                               to stay away. Do not allow them to
                                                                               distract. Give them a quick consult to
                                                                               stay clear and make sure they are also
                                                                               wearing proper PPE.
                                                                                 Once  all of the items above have
         Calibration of Proof Test Bed. Photo courtesy of Chant.
                                                                                                continued on page 12
         10     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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