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         year process as a result of being
         placed on a “fast track” for ap-
         proval by the current presiden-
         tial administration. December,
         2012, saw New York state offi-
         cials abandoning their proposal
         for a 45 percent increase on the
         Thruway’s toll for trucks, while
         advancing this $3.14  billion
         project to replace the bridge.
           Construction of the new Tap-
         pan Zee Bridge has  been at
         the  hands  of  Tappan Zee  Con-
         structors,  a design-build LLC
         composed of Fluor Corporation,
         American   Bridge  Company,
         Granit  Construction  Northeast
         and Traylor Brothers. Though                                     I Lift NY’s rigging system supports
         the bridge is not a suspension                                   a 290-foot girder assembly.
         bridge using wire rope cables
         as in  the  George  Washington  Bridge,   crane assembled by Shanghai Zhenhua   neering awards, 2010 Award of Excel-
         Brooklyn Bridge or Verrazano Narrows   Port Machinery Co., Ltd. Ferrying of the   lence for Special-Use Structures, from
         to the south, this new cable stay bridge   completed lift rig to the U.S. on a semi-  the  Structural  Engineers  Association
         still  has  relied  on  wire  rope cable for   submersible heavy-lift ship cost roughly   of Northern California; 2010 Award of
         the countless lifts done to complete all   $50,000,000; in 2015 the number would   Merit for Special-Use Structures, from
         the years of work.                 be closer to $55,150,000 in 2015.  the  Structural  Engineers  Association
           The Left Coast Lifter has been used   While transporting the sheerleg, or   of California;  and 2011 Outstanding
         used to install groups of pre-assembled   floating  crane,  the  heel  pin  support   Project,  from the National Council  of
         girders  one  full  span at a time.  This   may be moved towards the bow of the   Structural Engineers Association.
         huge piece of equipment was used in   barge in order to lower the boom and   Now nicknamed “I Lift NY,” the
         the Bay area to do some bridge work on   the  overall  profile  of  the  barge,  facili-  barge  is  still  officially  registered  with
         the self-anchored suspension  eastern   tating transport.             the U.S. Coast Guard as the Left Coast
         span replacement on the San Francis-  Liftech Consultants assisted with   Lifter.  The  crane  departed San  Fran-
         co–Oakland Bay Bridge.             design review for the crane, including   cisco Bay under tow in December 2013,
           The barge employed in supporting   developing the technical specifications.   transited the Panama Canal in Janu-
         the lift was built in Portland, Oregon   sent to ZPMC.                ary 2014, and arrived at Jersey City at
         by U.S. Barge, LLC before being ferried   The  configuration  actually  received   the end of January. There it was refit-
         to Shanghai for fitting with a shear-leg   three Excellence in Structural  Engi-       continued on page 12

         Here, on January 4, 2017, the main span is illuminated with
         temporary lighting as crews continue operations.

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